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Helped a little girl tonight, feel bad that I did it...Not feeling so bad anymore :)
So DH and I are out walking our dog tonight as we do every night and we have a system that DH runs around the block one way and I go the opposite and we meet in the middle and walk the rest of the way home. We usually meet up at this certain street and head home, only tonight he didn't go the usual way he goes so we ended up meeting a block sooner than normal. Now we sometimes take this block but only once in a blue moon. So he meets up with us and we head down the street.

We almost get the end of the block when we hear this little voice calling for her dad to let her in the house. Odd, quite odd. So, being a woman, I of course stop and listen again. She's banging on the door and calling for her dad to open up the door. Now we can't see her as the house is a 3 family and the back porches are enclosed. She keeps banging and we keep waiting for the door to open, it doesn't. So we sit and wait for about a minute and a half and then my 'instincts' kick in and I start to wonder if she's got a coat on. She didn't.

So I hand the dog off to my DH and head up the steps, calling out to her if she was okay and needed any help. She was up on the 2nd floor and I start walking up the stairs and she peeks down and tells me she's okay but her dad doesn't hear her. So I get up to her, she's not even 7 years old, it's 30 degrees out, wind blowing and she's standing there banging on the door in her sock-footed feet and just a bath robe on over her jammies.

Oy, my goodness I almost took my coat off and wrapped her in it. So I ask her again if she's okay and she says yes, that her Dad was in another room on the computer. So I open the screen door and bang quite hard on the storm, which opens immediately as it wasn't closed to begin with. She just couldn't open the screen door. I think height was an issue. So the door opens and I scoot her inside and the dog greets me with a tail wag and I panic thinking it's going to bite me, then.....her Dad walks into the kitchen.

He looks at me like I'm a criminal. So I quickly explain that we were walking our dog and we heard her calling for him to open the door and waited and that's why I'm standing there on his porch. He doesn't believe me. I explain again and he looks at his daughter and says "Kayla, are you serious"? He was in shock which I totally understand. So I say my goodbye's and we continue on our walk.

Here's where I feel bad, I feel like I did something wrong. I keep telling myself that I did the right thing, but at the same time there's this nagging feeling that I shouldn't have done it. But we couldn't just walk away and let a little girl cry for her Dad in the cold. I knew he knew I wasn't lying when he looked at her face when he asked if she was really on the porch. That's why I left. I get the whole "OMG there's a total stranger in my open doorway claiming my daughter was out on the porch in the dark", but if I were a 'bad person' would I have knocked as loudly as I did? He was there in like 3 seconds.

Did I do the right thing? If DH hadn't changed his route we never would have gone down that street. I hate that I feel this way. I did something good and I feel bad. Did I do the right thing?
Some days are curlier than others.

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