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Please Help (!) with Path of the Heart
I'm relatively new to knitting and have been struggling with this "Path of the Heart" pattern. Below each "complicated" row is what I thought I needed to do for the reversal based on internet searches. However, I don't even know how close I've gotten since after about 10 rows I always end up short a stitch. If anyone has an idea of what I'm doing wrong, I would GREATLY appreciate the help! Thanks. :-)

*Purl all wrong-side rows

CO 30
R1: k30 / p30
R2: k30 / p30
R3: k30 / p30
R4: k30 / p30
R5: k30 / p30

Repeat 10 Times:
R1: k10, [yo,k2tog]2, k3, [ssk, yo]2, k9
p10, [yo, p2tog]2, p3, [p2togb, yo]2, p9
R2: k30 / p30
R3: k8, ssk, yo, k1, [yo, k2tog]2, k4, [yo, k2tog]2, k7
p8, p2togb, yo, p1, [yo, p2tog]2, p4, [yo, p2tog]2, p7
R4: k30 / p30
R5: k7, [ssk, yo]2, k1, [yo, k2tog]2, k4, [yo, k2tog]2, k6
p7, [p2togb, yo]2, p1, [yo, p2tog]2, p4, [yo, p2tog]2, p6
R6: k30 / p30
R7: k6, [ssk, yo]2, k3, [yo, k2tog]2, k4, [yo, k2tog]2, k5
p6, [p2togb, yo]2, p3, [yo, p2tog]2, p4, [yo, p2tog]2, p5
R8: k30 / p30
R9: k5, [ssk, yo]2, k5, [yo, k2tog]2, k1, [ssk, yo]2, k7
p5, [p2togb, yo]2, p5, [yo, p2tog]2, p1, [p2togb, yo]2, p7
R10: k30 / p30
R11: k7, [yo, k2tog]2, k4, yo, k2tog, yo, s2, k1, p2sso, yo, ssk, yo, k8
p7, [yo, p2tog]2, p4, yo, p2tog, yo, s2, p1, p2sso, yo, p2togb, yo, p8
R12: k30 / p30
R13: k8, [yo, k2tog]2, k4, yo, s2, k1, p2sso, yo, ssk, yo, k9
p8, [yo, p2tog]2, p4, yo, s2, p1, p2sso, yo, p2togb, yo, p9
R14: k30 / p30
R15: k9, [yo, k2tog]2, k3, [ssk, yo]2, k10
p9, [yo, p2tog]2, p3, [p2togb, yo]2, p10
R16: k30 / p30
R17: k7, [ssk, yo]2, k4, [ssk, yo]2, k1, yo, k2tog, k8
p7, [p2togb, yo]2, p4, [p2togb, yo]2, p1, yo, p2tog, p8
R18: k30 / p30
R19: k6, [ssk, yo]2, k4, [ssk, yo]2, k1, [yo, k2tog]2, k7
p6, [p2togb, yo]2, p4, [p2togb, yo]2, p1, [yo, p2tog]2, p7
R20: k30 / p30
R21: k5, [ssk, yo]2, k4, [ssk, yo]2, k3, [yo, k2tog]2, k6
p5, [p2togb, yo]2, p4, [p2togb, yo]2, p3, [yo, p2tog]2, p6
R22: k30 / p30
R23: k7, [yo, k2tog]2, k1, [ssk, yo]2, k5, [yo, k2tog]2, k5
p7, [yo, p2tog]2, p1, [p2togb, yo]2, p5, [yo, p2tog]2, p5
R24: k30 / p30
R25: k8, yo, k2tog, yo, k3tog, yo, ssk, yo, k4, [ssk, yo]2, k7
p8, yo, p2tog, yo, p3tog, yo, p2togb, yo, p4, [p2togb, yo]2, p7
R26: k30 / p30
R27: k9, yo, k2tog, yo, k3tog, yo, k4, [ssk, yo]2, k8
p9, yo, p2tog, yo, p3tog, yo, p4, [p2togb, yo]2, p8
R28: k30 / p30

R1: k30 / p30
R2: k30 / p30
R3: k30 / p30
R4: k30 / p30
R5: k30 / p30

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