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Mare, This is certainly a warm place, isn't it? Insomnia is a bugger! Have you talked to your Dr? For menopause stuff, I've heard cohosh and soy are supposed to help--esp with hot flashes. and what a bummer to have to frog!

Violet, it sounds like you got treated well! My kids aren't so generous. I got a bottle of hand lotion. That's IT! What really irks me is one parent COMPLAINED that I didn't give anything to the kid for HALLOWEEN! But did the parent get me anything? NO! and I've been the kid's only teacher for two years! Oh well. They spent it all on two brand new TVs! Not that I need anything from them, but the fact that they complained.....good grief!

Christine, your neighbors never cease to amaze me with their lack of humanity! The nerve of some people! Stay warm, my friend!

Chris or Steve or anyone else with input....I just ordered more memory for my computer (haven't received it yet) and now the monitor goes dark on me. I'll be on here (nothing open except Mozilla and maybe Outlook) and all of a sudden, the screen goes dark. If I hibernate and then wake up the computer, it comes back, but it happens a lot! Any ideas what's going on?
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Lady Violet
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Speaking of bottles, did I mention the Chianti?
"You can start going to the tanning bed now so you'll look all spiffy in your dress." - my brother

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Mare - Sorry you had to frog your projects. Not sleeping is a pain, I would make sure you get out during the day and get lots of fresh air and go to bed with a good (but not to good) book. I always fall asleep within a few pages when reading in book. Make sure you ask your Dr for advise. Idon't know your age but if it is menopausal, your Dr or Woman health clinic should have some advice for you. Hope body sorts itself out soon and you can get back to enjoying your knitting. Let us know how you get on.

Violet - I am not a drinker but Apple Pie Yummy. Gotta love kids like that. Good luck with the book, what is it going to be about?

Gina - 78 degrees that is like summer at its best in the UK, Yesterday was my kids last day of school. Go back on the 6th of Jan. yesterday was also Ron's last day at work until the 5th of Jan. Got to love a company that closes down over the holidays. BTW the same company took the staff to a Christmas party in Paris, they went Thursday and came back Friday. They went out in Tux for a dinner and a show. Moulin Rouge. is that spelled right.

Christine - Sorry your neighbour is such an ***. Would it help to grit/salt the drive to stop the snow settling. or is it too cold there for that to work. I spelt the A word like a donkey they still blanked it out. Thought I would get away with it.

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Christine, counting sheep, too cute. My problem I never can fall back to sleep.
Violet, I think I may try that pattern, I have some manos, that should work. I like simple and relaxing.
Chris, music and knitting, sound heavenly.
Gina, yep I am trying cohosh now, I want a natural treatment. Just have to find the right one. In the mean time I feel like I am aging fast!
Karina, I try to walk the dogs everyday after work. And with the cold temps we have been having that isn't easy. I try not to fall asleep early, but sometimes I think, well, at least I am getting some sleep.
Thanks for listening, I am sure this sleep thing will pass, I just hope it is soon. At 53, I think it may be awhile though! But please keep chatting and knitting.
Today I want to make some sort of molasses cookies, orange marmalade jam, do some shopping, start that scarf and get a good nights sleep. Sounds like a plan to me. Christmas is too close.
Happy Saturday
Knit your troubles away, You will feel better.
I am gonna catch up, really
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Gina: according to our weather reports we got 15cm of snow yesterday. When I went to bed at 12:40 this morning the jerk was still upstairs and all the lights were turned off. When I got up at 6:30 he was gone. He had not bothered to pick up a snow shovel and you can't even see his stairs for the snow drift. I phoned the landlord and told him what was going on and he said not to bother shovelling their part but to make sure my car was parked at the end of the driveway so the jerk could not take our spot again.

Well Santa's helper is going to go have a shower now and get ready. We have to be there at 10 a.m. Santa is still snoring!
I love to give homemade gifts... which one of my kids do you want?

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sue in canada
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Good Morning to All.

Christine: Sorry to hear the problems again with the neighbor. What an idiot (using a polite word). I hope your day goes well today for you and Santa. Great picture.

Ann: I don’t envy you working in retail at Christmas time. Today the stores will be crazy after the big storm yesterday.

Karina: That slipper pattern is cute.

Gina: Hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy your 2 weeks away from work.

Mare-nitt. Sorry you had to frog. Insomnia will cause you to make mistakes for sure. I went through that for a while. You are so tired and just can’t sleep, seems crazy. Hope you find something to help you soon.

Lady Violet: Good lick with the book.

Dustina: Did you manage to get the sock patterns from Knitting Daily?

We certainly did get a lot of snow yesterday and more expected tomorrow. I think we will be having a white Christmas. I have the wrapping to do and I am still trying to finish cards I am making for a friend. I must get to it today. I finished a neck warmer but must find some buttons for it.

Have a great day.
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Only time for a quick note, but here it goes...

Sue: The storm was terrible yesterday and I thought the mall would be dead. I opened in the morning and cancelled a couple of shifts and delayed a couple of other girls, but it turned out to be a but it turned out to be a busy day! The morning was very busy, but I think it got a little slower once I left at 5. Today will be awful, but I'm trying to stay positive!

Christine- Have fun being Ms. Kandy Kane today!

Lady Violet- I must have missed it, or forgotten, but what are you doing to follow your dream?

Gina- Yay for two weeks off! Have fun and knit knit knit!

Mare- Have fun with your Christmas prep! It's nice to get in the spirit, isn't it?

That's all the time I have for now. I just looked out the window and there is about a foot of snow on the table and chairs out there. Tomorrow it's supposed to be "snowmageddon" says the weather network!

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gina - right of hand no idea why you are rebooting. When was the last time that you reformated and rebuilt your system (after complete backup of course).

I'll let my mind think about it today and get back to you.

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Karina, 78 is not the normal temp here for this time of year. It's supposed to get really cold tomorrow. Highs of 40 F. For us, that's cold. We're going to Michigan on Christmas...That will be REALLY cold! We're not used to it, so we'll feel frozen the whole time we're there!

Mare, have fun baking and cooking today! Sounds like a good day to me!

Christine, Have fun as Santa's helper today!

Sue, don't do all your wrapping at once. That can hurt! I'd love to see your neck warmer!

Ann, stay warm during snowmagedden! Sounds really ominous!

Chris, I just called my friend at Sugar Land PC and he says I need a new laptop. He says the backlight is going out on it. So much for my new memory! He said it will be useless on the newer computers. It shipped from NewEgg, but I haven't gotten it yet. Think they'll take it back?
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Gina~ They will...we have had to send things back to them...JD uses newegg for everything, they are usually helpful...when you get the box it will tell you what to do to return on the shipping slip

I just read your post so now I'm off to catch with you guys...

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