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LadyFirelyght I agree with you, at least knitting is more of a challenge that playing a video game, anyone can do that.
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I'm not so great at video games, maybe because I have little interest in them, and don't know how to work the controls. But I've been knitting since I was about 14 (a really long time ago) and still learn new things about it all the time.
sue- knitting heretic

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Just think of every person that says something nasty to you as one less person to knit for.

Seriously, I love seeing other young knitters (though I admit to having the old lady stereotype myself before I learned 2 years ago). And you're a baseball fan too? Awesome! Dodgers, huh... do you hope they re-sign Manny?
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When I was quilting all the time, I did a couple of stints at Expo'86 where I did quilting demonstrations all day long.
That means that for most of the 13 or so days that I was there I was sitting at a frame quilting my little heart out.
Here's what I found... a lot of the people standing around watching me quilt said -'Oh, I could never have the patience to do that... to which I often replied... Oh, I bet there's something that you do that I would never be able to do... and you know, it was true.
I remember one lady saying that and then telling me that her hobby was petit point... petit point? And she thinks she wouldn't have the patience to quilt...?
What I am saying here is - knitting is your special thing... it grounds you and gives you something in return... perhaps the people that have been talking to you have either, not come to grips with what is for them or... they are already doing something that means as much to them as knitting means to you.
Best thing to do is to find out... don't take it personal... take the opportunity that's been presented to you and find out more about the person... what they are doing to fulfill themselves.
You might be surprised...!

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question....
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dodgerfan, ignore them. I got teased a lot as a kid for constantly having my nose in a book - I'm sure you did too.

Knitting is *useful*. I joke that if the apocalypse comes and we all get knocked back to subsistence-level living, I'll be doing better than most, because I know how to garden and cook, can, dry, freeze, and store food, and take care of livestock. I bet I could make soap if I had to. I understand the principles of carding and spinning fibers, and crocheting and knitting are just extensions of taking something from a raw material to something useful.

And I'm not a little old lady either - I'll be 34 in a couple weeks. I just grew up in dairy country on 27 acres, and the grocery store was 20 miles away, so we stockpiled a lot - and home grown is cheaper. Being out in the country, we didn't have more than one TV channel either, so I never developed the habit.

What use are video games or TV? You don't get anything out of them. Distraction maybe, but a lot of times it's a tension-making distraction, rather than the soothing one of knitting. And at the end, you have socks, or a sweater, or a gift for a loved one, and a sense of accomplishment.

Knit on, girl, and be proud of yourself.
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If you were painting a picture, people would Oooh and Aaah over it.
Tell them you're a fiber artist and move on.
People are always telling me that they don't have the patience to knit. I tell them that knitting gives me an infinite amount of patience. I can sit and wait for appointments with no stress; I can sit at Little League games or Kung Fu lessons without feeling put out; I can listen to presenters at meetings without wondering what I'm going to make for dinner.
I also tell them that I don't have the patience to just sit and watch a movie or TV. That gets them thinking.
"Trust the pattern!"

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What you're doing is special...

I am always so happy to see young people take an interest in fiber arts. I've been crocheting for many years and a couple of years ago I got into knitting and am hooked! In the larger scheme of living, it's wonderful for me to know that there are generations out there who will carry the wonderful skills of the needle arts forward into the future.

Everyone creates something. Not all of it's good. But take heart in the fact that you're creating something that will give you peace and pleasure, will harm no one and your projects will brighten the lives of those around you, and your own life as well.

And remember that not everyone gets it, poor things, and will never know the pride or sense of accomplishment that you'll find every day in your knitting. Pity them! And if they're really mean about it, deck 'em!!! (Just kidding....sort of).

So keep on keeping on with your art form and eventually they'll all probably be hounding you for knitted pieces!

Happy knitting!

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what everyone else said. Keep knitting and the heck with them. Once they see what cool things you can make, they will be jealous.
OTN: Not a thing. I'm supposed to be studying.....

future plans: Afghan, baby blanket and a cabled...something ;hats and mittens to follow for kids.

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I think a lot of us have been in that boat at some point or another. Even my DH did that to me quite a bit whenI first started knitting. He doesn't anymore though - he finally got used to it. My advice would be to get a thicker skin and don't let their ignorance bother you. (I know some times that's easier said than done - especially on PMS days! LOL) I just smile now and say, "It's my therapy and way cheaper than a shrink!"

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Ha. I'm a gamer, reader and a knitter. As much as I love the first two, the last one is a marketable skill. (To be fair, the first two could be, but I couldn't be in business for myself and those jobs are scarce in a lot of places. :P)

Tell them that you're learning a marketable skill and that it gives you more joy to finish a scarf for a friend than to finish a game and have no one to share that joy with.

Or you could shut them up by saying "I'm knitting items for charity" and make up a big story about how you're saving children's lives. XD I bet they'd shut up then.
OTN: Basic knit scarf for my mother-in-law
Red scarf that I'm making up as I go along

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