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Knitting the Flap
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Cast on multiple of 4 sts plus 2
1) row one, Knit 2 purl 2 & repeat all the way across End K2.
2) row two, Purl 2 knit 2 & repeat all the way across End P2.
3) row three, KNIT 2 PURL 1 y/O PURL 1 & repeat all the way across End K2.
3.1 row four: Purl 2, knit 3 all the way across, end P2
3.2 row five: K2, Purl 3, pass 1st P st over last 2 P sts, repeat across, end K2 (thought: could you maybe knit the 3rd P st - then knit the first and 2nd? Is that what "cross-over" means?)
3.3 row six: P2, K2 and repeat across, end P2

Omit this row4) row four, KNIT 3 PURL 2 & repeat all the way across
Omit this row5) row five, PURL 3 KNIT 2 and cross on 3rd & repeat all the way across "

This is how I knitted a swatch that perfectly matched your photo.
Hope this helps,

My words sell the Magic of a Dream

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Turning the Heel
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I'd agree with DorothyDot on the "pass stitch over".

I'm just not sure if there is a row 6 (which would be ribbed) or if the pattern reverses every other row of puffs. If there ARE only the five rows then your rib should reverse every five rows, and it doesn't.
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Knitting the Flap
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I would look at the grecian plait stitch which is used on a sweater shown in the Spring 03 issue of Knitty. There is a good picture and a detailed explanation of how to do it. I made the sweater for my dd and she just loves it.
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Casting On
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Thank-you Dorothy Dot & Ellieblue!!!!
Thank-you both SOOOOO much.!!!! That IS the stitch. I'm half Mexican and have to talk in spanish with my Mom so trying to translate her instructions to something that Knitting folk could understand was a challenge...LOL!! By "crossover" I meant that a stitch crosses over the rest of the stiches in the bubble therefore forming a baseline between bubbles yet leaveing the 2 purled stitches by themselves in order to form a good ribbing. I've followed your directions to the letter and although the bubbles are forming, the crossover is on the wrong side....LOL!! Leave it only to me to make a mess of simple directions....LOL!! I'll figure it out though...LOL!! So far, I've managed to keep my swatch at 30 stitches (no more extra stitches...YAY!!) and there's regular ribbing on one side and the bubbles on the other...YAY!!! Thank-you all so much for the WONDERFUL help you've provided me. You'll NEVER know how much this help means to me. Thank-you!!!
Sincerely and respectfully,
Always a friend,
nancy aka sunshine98
Always a friend,
Nancy aka sunshine98
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Knitting the Flap
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You are most welcome, I'm sure. It's a stitch I did years ago and liked - but haven't seen it since.

Here's a thought: since this lovely bubble is done over 2 knitted sts - why not work a second bubble on the opposite side?? You know, where the purls are knitted?

Just hope that you don't get ... [yes, she's going to say it! Hold your ears, folks!!] Double Bubble Trouble!

Enjoy. Again, I'm glad to have helped.


PS - If taking the first stitch and passing it over the next 2 is the wrong direction, then maybe you could try for the crossover row: where you have 2 sts and the middle knitted yarn-over, knit all 3 of the stitches, then put those 3 right back on the left-hand needle and pass the THIRD stitch, the one on the left edge of the k3 group, over the other two. This is a bit more tedious, but then you would get the crossover/pass st. over going in the other direction.

But I am very happy to help.

Knitting really truly IS far more than just stitches and needles, isn't it?

My words sell the Magic of a Dream

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