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Man, I sure hope caffeine isn't what's causing this, I HAVE to have my coffee in the night I was really trying to think about how often this happens and I know for the past few months, when I've had my period, I get a lot of headaches. This past week has been the worst I've felt from it, and, (TMI? lol) I started my period yesterday.

So far today my head isn't hurting too bad, it just kind of feels like leftovers, if that makes any migraines also cause a lot of sweating? I woke up this morning, drenched with sweat, but, I never had a least not while I was awake.

I just want to figure out what this is so I know what to do. For a while I was starting to get really worried because of the recurring dull achy pain on the right side of my head. I was thinking I had like a brain tumor or something. By the end of the night last night, the pain eventually evened out and I felt it on both sides of the back of my head.

Thank you all for sharing the migraine info, as I said, I've been so misinformed, and I don't personally know anyone who gets migraines so I don't have anyone (here at home) to talk to about it.
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My migraines definitely cause a 'fog' the next day or at least the rest of the day, and I will start sweating, just from the pain and nausea. The important thing is to find out exactly what is going on (of course), and then what works for you (as far as medicines, otc and otherwise) how and when to take it, and if possible, triggers. Caffeine (thank goodness) is not a trigger for me. If it were... I don't know where I would be. It actually makes mine go away quicker if I take the aspirin with a caffeine beverage. Thank goodness... sometimes red wine will trigger one in me, sometimes not. For me, there are various factors, and not always will one thing always be a trigger, so take that into consideration. A trigger for me is not getting enough sleep, but sometimes I can get away with it without a migraine, and other times I cannot.
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I have had migraine...for a long while now...I am slowly starting to understand what triggers them....

I often get an aura first, which looks like someone took a pen and started drawing with TV fuzz, that starts in the middle of my right eye and moves to envelop my vision and slowly migrates to the corner...the whole process usually takes about half an I can take something, and head it off at the pass....then sometimes it comes out of the blue....sometimes I get nausea with it...sometimes I do not...

I find that certain lighting and caffine trigger mine, as well as red as soon as I recognized that...I could eliminate the latter two...unfortunatly with the lighting, it is hit and miss...sometimes the bright light reflecting off of something shiny will trigger an aura migraine... (unavoidable) and while I was working at the theatre, I was getting them on a weekly basis, simply because of the lighting in our office, which was dim and poorly lit...but I didn't figure that one out until we had a long lay off and I could tell the difference....

I take T1s....(tylonol with codine) to cope....and so far that has been good enough....I know some ppl who have to take immetrix and it still doesn't work...I consider myself lucky...for now....*smiles*
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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post
I often get an aura first, which looks like someone took a pen and started drawing with TV fuzz, that starts in the middle of my right eye and moves to envelop my vision and slowly migrates to the corner.

I know some ppl who have to take immetrix and it still doesn't work...I consider myself lucky...for now....*smiles*
That's a good way to explain it, tv fuzz.
A friend has the migrating auras and hers work into a ring. When the ring connects her headache starts.

Another friend took Imitrex, the pills didn't work. I guess they also have one time use shots and those did work.
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Have you tried another Doctor?
Ask for a second opinion! It is your right and even a good family doctor can't be a specialist in every field of medicine.

Allergy or Migraine? I have both, and the first can lead to the second but must pass through sinus congestion first! If you don't have other allergy symptoms, just try treating sinus congestion. Decongestant and drink more water.

You can have sinus congestion without a stuffy nose. Sore throat? That's a sign of post-nasal drip (Post as in posterior, back, or behind). But your congestion may be to thick to drip...

The headache could be from something else. I know chiropractic has helped me with some daily migraines I was suffering. A slight mis-alignment of the vetibra can cause pressure on the nerves emerging from your pine. The pressure is felt as pain but also disrupts regular nerve function like static noise on a phone call.

An ostiopathic doctor is a regular medical doctor that speciallizes in skeletal medicine. A doctor of chiropractic medicine also specializes in nerve location and function.

Sinus congestion could be from allergy, cold, infection, etc. but the allergy medicine probably doesn't clear the congestion (unless it has the "D" appended like Claritine-D or Coracetin-D etc).

I used Claritine before it became OTC and it work well until that time. I didn't like Allegra so tried other OTC allergy meds like Benadryl and Chlortimetron (generic forms are good). I switch between these OTC to prevent sinus congestion.

For the congestion try Pseudophed (or generic) even though you have to go to the pharmacy window for this OTC it is worth the trouble. Other "PE" decongestants don't work as well. IMHO.

Important note!
Both Allergy med and decongestant will dehydrate you. Dehydration will make your congestion thicker and harder to drain.

1) Drink more water. Avoid sugary drinks and go with water. A Brita or similar pitcher styel water filter is a great investment if you don't have a filter on your kitchen faucet.

2) Try a decongestant you'll know in as little as 20 minutes if this is helping.

Google Neti pot for sinus health, strange as it may seem you can comfortably rinse your sinus cavities with a mild salt-water solution. Messy but satifying!

Unlike nose sprays, salt-water are not habbit forming (chemically). You may like the "clear" feeling enought to endure the icky messy process daily, or just as needed. Salt is healing too

If there is any buring with the mild salt-water solution, get to the Dr and tell her/him so! That would be a sure sign of infection and possible need for antibiotic Rx.

Good luck.

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Migraine/Sinus Connection?
For those of you with migraine and/or sinus issues, please check out how much moldy/fungus-y stuff you are eating!

Cheese, bread, beer, wine, chocolate, and anything else that has mold or fungus issues (dried beans, peanuts/peanut butter, corn, wheat). Or feeds fungus (sugar, dairy fat)

Try eliminating these for around 30 days and see if you feel better!

PS, if you are having deep pain inward from the ear region - get off the cellphone for a while and see if that helps. (Microwaving your brain never has sounded like a good idea to me.)

Hope you feel better, everybody!
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A friend of mine just took her DD to the Dr. for migraines. They are trying a migraine free diet for 3 months. Some of the items were what Moni Dew said. Others I remember are raspberries, bananas, all processed meat and MSG (that was one they clearly said to avoid) I will ask her what else they said. She had been doing this for about 3 weeks and has not had a migraine in this time.
Another friend found her triggers were garlic, wine and caffeine. I hope you find something that works for you.
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Migraines are awful. I have had them for 15 years and they are still going strong. It cost me 3500.00 and the loss of all the tips off the roots of my upper teeth on one side of my mouth, before a friend said, I bet you are having a migraine.
My teeth use to hurt so bad, I thought they would pop out of my mouth, so the dentist thought the roots of my teeth were too deep into my sinus area, so he went in and removed the tips of them. It was awful, and I still had the problem afterwards.
It turns out they were migraines, and they are hormonal migraines, I get them every month for 2-3 days and they start with terrible pain at my left temple and move to my teeth and then it is a migraine, the only thing that helps is Amerg. I can't wait until I outgrow them.
I hope you find your answers. But this thread should help you, because others can maybe trigger something that you will notice you may have experienced and can research it better with you doctor. Because I think migraines are different for everyone. Good luck.
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I too have migraine syndrome, both classic and common. It can just come out of the blue without any warning signs at all, or at times I get a warning........auras of flashing light right dead center of my vision. This center of light will slowly start to spread out, forming a ring of flashing zig zagging light until it reaches just the very outer edges of my vision. Once it's gone that far I know within 20 minutes a serious migraine will hit me. Those with the aura are the worst for me, sound doesn't really bother me but any light is a problem. And, once that aura disappears I know better than to eat because I will be sick eventually.

They started back when I was 15 or so, and I used to get 2 or 3 migraines a week, but now that I take Neurontin every day (neurologist started me on this 9 years ago) I get maybe one migraine once in about 4 - 6 months, and these aren't the ones with the auras. I think the last time I had an aura migraine was probably ..........well, it's been that long I honestly don't remember!

Triggers for me are oversleeping, eating chocolate for 3 days in a row, allergies, and overstraining my neck.

Debra in NC
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I too have migraines. Sometimes I have an aura (my vision tunnels, or more weirdly, I get an olfactory hallucination that I'm smelling exhaust). Sometimes they knock me on my butt, sometimes they are fairly mild. The helpful thing is that I can usually tell when I'm getting one either by the aura or because I just don't feel right.

The two things that stand out from your post that make it sound like migraine to me is that it's on one side of your head and that it's a throbbing pain. Those sound like classic migraine symptoms to me.

One thing about medications--a lot of the meds they use now are triptans (like Imitrex). They work well for a lot of people, but I personally can't use them--they make my blood pressure skyrocket. There is another medication called midrin that's been around forever and that works very well for me. It's also quite a bit less expensive.

I would go online and get a list of the migraine symptoms and circle the ones you have to show your doctor the next time you go in. There is no reason why you should have to suffer with it, there are excellent treatments now.

ETA: I was also going to say something about triggers. Everyone who has mentioned that is absolutely correct. You should keep a "migraine diary" for awhile. Write down what you eat, how much you are sleeping, etc and any other environmental things you can think of, and also right down when the headaches are occurring. You might discover a pattern. I used to get 3 or 4 migraines a month, but now I only get them a few times a year and I believe it has a lot to do with learning what my triggers are. I've learned to avoid: red wine, any kind of meat with a lot of preservatives in it, cheeses that have been aged a long time (sharp cheddar), MSG, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much coffee (although a small amount of caffeine-about 1 cup of coffee actually helps my migraines).
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