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Turning the Heel
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Well here it is. Thank you guys for listening to me when I finally post comments and for letting me keep up on your posts (in the background).
You helped me to keep going at this knit thing. I love it.
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Knit your troubles away, You will feel better.
I am gonna catch up, really
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Mare, your sweater looks GREAT!!!!! WTG!! It looks TONS better than my first sweater!
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Lady Violet
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Don't die of shock , but I'm knitting a sock I'm actually going to finish!!! As soon as I post this I'm going to start the heel flap. And did I mention that I only started it yesterday at midnight? So technically I've had less than 48 hours to work on it, minus all the time I've spent helping dad collect money for the fundraiser at his school. I'm using Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport in Buckbeak. I can't say enough about this yarn. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

So here's a couple pictures. (You know you want them, and I want to go knit my heel flap! )

I just love the little bronzy bits. I'm using the Sell Your Sole Socks pattern.

Now I've finally discovered why you ladies like doing socks on magic loop so much. The last sock I started was on dpns. I tried to try it on, but there was no way those needles were going over my heel. Ah, the bliss of magic looping! I wanted to check the leg length, and it slipped right over my foot and my ankle. My nickle tips aren't a problem, either, surprisingly. I used magic loop for my Fetchings (which I tried on as I went), so I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that I could do the same thing with socks. I guess my feet are too far from my brain.
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Marilynn, great sweater.

Lady Vi, I love the sock you're knitting. It's a nice yarn.

I knitted a bit on my brocade leaves cardigan again. The sleeves now come over my elbow (bottom up), so I think I'm about half done with them. I don't need to increase a lot anymore, the sleeves start rather small on the wrist and stay small for a while (not to small) and now they're starting to get quite wide, so I'll stop increasing every 4th row and I think I'll go to every 10th row. I'm knitting them both at the same time, in the round, so I can try them on and adjust the pattern as I go.

Today is another warm and sunny day here. My tutor forgot to send me her notes on my masterpaper so I can't do anything today. She won't work until tomorrow, so I've got a day off and I intend to enjoy it. Maybe I'll take a walk and take some knitting with me to knit on a bench in the sun. I really need some relaxation, my neck is still hurting.
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good Morning Socksters!!

Mare~It looks wonderful, great job!

LadyVi~what is this s word you speak of? The socks look great

Gina~ I should cast on to a sweater...but I keep getting sidetracked. I hope you can talk to your boss and get her to understand

Sue~I always found the Amish fascinating as well, till I moved here where they are almost everywhere, and almost nothing like I thought

Chris~How are they in PA?

Lieke~I hope your neck feels better and hope you had a great day of relaxing

Carey~That's awesome they let you try out the yarn first, I can't wait to see it!

Julie~I hope your grandmother is feeling better today

Christine~How are you feeling?

Hi everyone!

I heard back from the person who knit the blanket on ravelry and she said we could use her charts . I'm thinking of posting a KAL for it

Last night I went to knit night and worked on a sock that I had in a bag since last summer ...didn't get much knitting done but had a good time.

The knittingzone is going to stop carrying yarn and right now all yarn/books/pattern/etc are on sale at good prices. The site is running slow though, oh Koigu sock yarn is not on sale yet and I don't think the downloadable patterns are 'cause I think they will continue to carry them ...I wanted to get some Baby Alpaca Lace, it's so soft and great to work with

I hope you all have a wonderful day of knitting

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Hello all,

Well I have a day off today. I'm on-call at work, but we have been so slow lately that my manager said I won't get called in

Lieke- Enjoy your day off- you deserve it, as does your neck.

Lady Violet- Great socks. I just recently learned Magic Loop, so I'll have to try it for socks.

Mare- Great Sweater It looks like it really fits you well.

Julie- I'm praying and sending good thoughts to your grandma. She doesn't have Alzheimer's or anything, does she?

Carey- Sounds like you have an amazing LYS! Very jealous!

Sue- I have only read the first Blossom Street book, but I loved it. I have had some trouble finding A Good Yarn to read next, but I already have the 3rd one. Is the one coming out at the end of the month another Blossom Street book?

Gina- It definitely sounds like your boss isn't a true knitter. If she was she would understand that you can knit while doing something else AND that you are probably just knitting while on break etc.

Dustina- What are you going to cast on? We should start a sock KAL...wait....we already have one! I'll have to check out that site for some deals!

I started a sort of memorial shawl/prayer shawl in memory of my mom. It's the Forest Canopy Shawl and it's a very easy lace pattern. I am using Malabrigo Silky Merino, which was a gift given to me when my mom died and it is just gorgeous to knit with.

Here are a few pictures of my progress...
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Name:	FCS2.JPG
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OTN: Corona, Miter square blanket, Charity blankets
FO: Forest Canopy Shawl, Easy Baby Bootees, Kitty Pi, Ms. Marigold, Twinkle Toes, Josh's socks, Hedera socks, Spring Beret, Ashley's Birthday socks, Socks for the DBF's mom, grey socks for the DBF, my first socks, reversible cable scarf, ribbed hat for the BF, Manos Del Uruguay afghan, and a whole bunch of dishcloths!

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Morning all! Just a quickie post for me to check in with you all.

Ann~That shawl is very pretty! Love the color of the yarn Hope you don't get called in to work and can knit on it today. Congrats on passing your driving test!!

Marilyn~The sweater looks great and fits you well! Congrats on getting it finished!! What sweater are you going to do next??

I'll try to get back later for more personals. Work is crazy this week. I did start this wrap on Saturday and have about 4 inches done. It's a very easy pattern, only 4 rows to repeat.
Hope you all have a great day! Hopefully check back in tonight!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Finshed: Nothing lately
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Ann~That is so pretty, and I love the color! ...I need to cast on today for the 3rd block in the GAAA for tomorrow night...but I should also really cast on for dad's sweater too

Lisa~I made that shawl for a friend at Christmas...I also entered it in the fair, great pattern and very fast! I had trouble parting with it same as Cozy from knitty, it's on my I'll knit it again for me some day.

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Good morning, everyone!

Julie, thanks for the bonnets! How is your grandma this morning?

Carla, do we get to see the dishcloths? It's nice to see you around!

Dustina, glad you had fun at knit night. YAY for sharing the charts! I can't cast that on right now, too many things on my list, but I LOVE it and really want to do it at some point.

Gina, let me know when you're coming, I'll meet you at the LYS!

Marilynn, your sweater looks great! I cast on my first sweater over a year ago and still haven't even finished the first panel...

Lady Vi, wow, a sock? What an unusual thing to knit on the sock KAL! It looks great, and that yarn is gorgeous! Next you'll be doing 2 at a time on ML!

Lieke, enjoy your day off!

Ann, the shawl is gorgeous! Enjoy your day off, too.

Lisa, can't wait to see pics of your wrap!

Here's what I have so far on the hanky... terrible picture, but here it is. I'm about 1/3 of the way done, I think.

OK, just got called by my boss, better get to work. :P
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Hello Sole-mates

Mare - Your sweater looks wonderful, great job! A few more Hoe and I want to do a sweater

Lady Vi - Be very careful coming over to the dark side of socks. You can't knit just one, or even just one pair. You start out top down, then its I'll just try one toe up and then your hooked and you have to try cables, lace, and even the dreaded knee high. Run get out now before it is to late.

ha ha he he ha ha he he ha ha that's a nice jacket why are the sleeves so long and why are there buckles at the end of the sleeves?

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