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I know what you mean. Well, I don't have pain exactly, but I'm well over 30.5, and I can feel myself aging, whether it be digestive changes or fatigue from a day of work, or exaggeration of common illnesses like the stomach flu, or whatever.

As for your condition, I agree that burning is an odd symptom that may indicate something different. As a pharmacist, I can tell you that Aleve and ibuprofen are in the same family, that is, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), so you may or may not get better relief from the Aleve. But all NSAIDs have the main disadvantage of being hard on your stomach (ulcers, etc.) when used long-term. You may be better off with acetaminophen or opioids (codeine, morphine, etc), or many of the other products available with a prescription. And if it turns out you have something like fibromyalgia (not that I think that you do, just that some of these weird conditions are treated with weird drugs), you'll probably be treated with something really wild, like some drugs that are traditionally used for seizures, depression, or newer versions that were specificially developed for "weird pains."

Here's hoping you feel better soon!
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I have arthritis in both knees and sitting in one place for too long really makes the pain awful. Need to get up prn and walk around. I use Advil Liquid Gels and FlexAll 454 gel, works great. Doesn't smell real good when you first put it on, but the odor goes away quickly. My cats hate it LOL I got it at Walgreens. If you can get a generic brand with the same ingredients, it will be cheaper.
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In your 30s!!!! You're a baby! That's interesting what SuzieQ you said about tight muscles... I used to do Pilates but had to quit the club coz of $$ and man do I have tight legs now, which only fuels my ever present back pain.

That's amazing how in tune your body is with the weather...
I have a bad knee too now but not every day and it's nothing like my shoulder pain. (I also have two fingers that are starting to get crooked like my mum's did) My right shoulder kills me esp in the morning, it's unbelievable. I sooo do not want it to interfere with my knitting.

222s! Yup you Canadians get the right stuff. (I'm jumpin around her with my references as to who posted without copying...) We used to always stock up on those when we went up to Montreal/Quebec.

I've also heard that the best remedy for arthritis is exercise... just recently read an article on that. That's the problem though, now I'm suffering from pollen related allergies and can't go walk in the park! grrrrr

Mrs. WildChild... I'd like to ask you a question but I'll post it in a seperate thread.... if you have time...

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Yep, if there's pain in a joint, it can be from the muscles above it being tight. The muscles are attached to the bones and if they're contracted, they pull on those bones and joints, causing pain.
sue- knitting heretic

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Originally Posted by VictoiseC View Post
In your 30s!!!! You're a baby!

Oh, that makes me feel soo good....Sometimes I sure don't feel like a baby though! LOL! Waking up with stiff, swollen hands and feet, an aching back and neck pain...hahaha...And, our mattress is only like 2 years old! We bought it brand new, a couple years ago, out of our tax return because our old bed was hurting my back so much but the new bed ain't no better! It's one of those memory foam mattresses...I totally do NOT recommend memory foam mattresses for anyone with a bad back!

I know most of my back pain stems from all the car accidents I have been in (and none were my fault!!! And, I was the driver in only 3 accidents...One I was hit by a drunk driver, another I was caught in a 5 car pile-up on the highway, and another I was stopped dead in traffic on the highway when this moron entering the highway thought it would be a swell idea to just fly on the entrance ramp, despite traffic NOT budging, and rear end me...not to mention the roughly 7 other accidents I've been yeah, that's where the back problems stem from...I just got so totally off

But yeah, lots of all sorts of the knees aren't bad unless the weather is going to get bad...They get kind of achy sometimes but that's usually when I've been standing all day...When the weather is turning bad though, my knees KILL! Seems like the amount of pain also depends on how severe the storm...The other night when we had that bad storm, my knees hurt like never before...But, if it's a light rain, they ache but it's not unbearable...

Man, I'm really rambling on today!
--The member formerly known as Demonica

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi
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Try acupuncture. It's great for pain, and other chronic problems.
sue- knitting heretic

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I love Advil but, when they thought I had stomach ulcers, doc said no more aspirin. It is really bad for you. She said it wouldn't even be allowed if it was invented in today's time. I am on to Tylenol and although it doesn't work as well, it will do. If you get to where you can't get up from a squating position because of your knee, it might be fluid on the knee which will need draining. You will know it if you get it. No fun!
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