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Courtney- a cold room is a very useful room in your basement that you can keep patatoes and apples and wine and beer in because it's always cool and dark. They are located directly beneath one's front stoop (generally). I love watching those shows too, expecially Property Virgin's because it's Canadian and they often show neighbourhoods I know. Also because the host shops at one of the locations of the store I work at.

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oh my, where did all that time go...

Well, I've been busy, had my graduation party and birthday party and in between did a lot of fun stuff with DBF. My house is really neglected and so is my internet-time. I didn't neglect my knitting, I really need it in these busy times. I really keeps me sane. I've finished all the stranded knitting of my brocade leaves cardigan and I'm now working on the REALLY BORING front-and-neck band. (it's 150 st-stitch over 14 stitches...sigh, I'm thinking about learning to knit backwards as I feel like I'm only turning the work) I've also knitted socks and I finished the first herringbone rib sock.

DBF gave me "knitting socks with handpainted yarn" for my birthday, and tonight he'll take me out on dinner. Looking forward to it.

Happy knitting all, hope I'll be able to visit you all a bit sooner and I really hope I'm able to catch up with the reading then...
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Ann that sounds so nice. I woulnd't worry about the laminent floors, you can always put in hard wood later if you wanted to. Sounds like a great starter home, to say the least. A cold room, that's a great idea.

We got to "meet" our cadavers on Thursday, that was a sobering experience. The cadaver room isn't smelly at all either, thanks to great ventilation.
Our male is an 88 year old & very skinny.
Our female is a 90 year old and plump, not obese, but not skinny. And I'm not sure that they have her age correct because she has no wrinkles.
Currently their faces, hands and feet are covered up & wont be uncovered for a while; I guess not until later in the sememster when we study those parts of the body.
I finished part of my lab homework yesterday, the assingment was to draw a person in the anatomicaly correct position, pic posted below, and they needed to be anatomically correct...I'm not a horrible drawer, but not very great either & I'm really proud of how my man turned out. Hands are the hardest to draw, esp. porportinate to the rest of the body, as are feet and the head. Noses & mouths are hard to draw masculine ~ my guy sorta looks like michael jackson (not on purpose). The back side was the easiest to draw & I'm really proud of his butt. If I could get my scanner to talk to vista I'd scan the pics in, blurr the 'part' and show you, but I can't so maybe I can photograph & put a post-it over his 'piece.' If you're interested lemme know & I'll show ya.

not my drawing, computer done, but this gives you the position that I had to draw him in.

Today Bailey has her first soccer practice & she is SO excited! She loves school & so does Jacob.
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sue in canada
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Hi everyone.

The grandsons have gone home, so now I can get back to normal. It is lovely to have them here but very tiring for us oldies. The weather has been great so we were able to spend a lot of time at the pool which they love.

Christine: So glad to hear that you are progressing well and were able to go outside. Will speak to you again soon.

Lisa: Max is so cute, quite a handful I imagine.

Rache: Seen anything funny at the hotel yet?

Emily: What an exciting time you are having.

Dustina: I hope Roo settles in to school soon. It is so hard to leave when they are like that.

Julie: Hope you are feeling better.

Ann: Glad you are enjoying the house hunting. Just don't rush into anything unless you feel it is perfect for you.

Chris: Is the kilt ready yet?
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Hi everyone,

Nice to hear Christine is doing well. Still sending positive thoughts.

I won't comment on the hotel except to say that I am looking to get another job as soon as possible.

In knitting news, since I have a job and figure I can spend the money I went to House of Fraser in search of a nice wool to make Owls. I was expecting to spend a good amount of cash but as it is a treat for myself I was willing to do so. Then I found Patons Inca on sale. It knits to about the right gauge and feels quite nice. I bought 11 balls at 1 a ball, reduced from 3.85 a ball. I've just finished decreasing for the back shaping.
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Hello all !
I couldn't possibly catch up, but I read back over the last page of responses.
I did read of Christines's horrible accident a while back and feel so bad for her ........... life can just change on a moment's notice can't it. Prayers go up for you Christine........heal quickly, by HIS stripes !
After 2 months of having the Germany-based grandkids with us, the house is mighty quiet. But they're back "home" now, on the German army base, enjoying their 3 month old brother, who grew a ton while they were away. At times, I didn't know if this "oldie" as Sue called herself, would make it through all of their energy, but that's forgotten now, and I miss them like crazy.
I just finished knitting a carseat blankie for my niece, who is expecting her second child in about a week. It is the first finished knitted object for me in about 6 months, atleast. I don't even try to start a new pair of socks, as I won't finish them if I walk away from them UNfinished, and life is too crazy to know that I have that kind of uninterrupted knitting time right now. I am trying to get some quilts done for the family babies........I seem to be able to accomplish that, somewhat.
My blog is updated fairly frequently, so feel free to stop by and let me know what you're up to too !

Love and miss you guys !


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Dotty what a pretty baby blanket! I think life's hectic for lots of us right now. no worries. we post when we can.

I finished Jacob's socks last night, the second sock only took me 2 days (well nights) to make, total of about 4 hours, give or take. Anyway he's unaware that they are done because if he knew I wouldn't get them off his feet and he'd have holes in his before I get the girls knit. THink I'll do the girls 2 at a time.
I also ordered a pattern from the loopy ewe for Deck the Balls with texture. That way I can use up some sock yarn scraps & make Christmas gifties.
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...dotty... (09-10-2009)
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Hi everyone!

Dotty, great to hear from you!

I have not been posting much this week because it was a marathon knitting week for me. I knit a Luna Moth shawl for my friend who had the twins- started it Sunday and finished it Saturday. I haven't had a chance to deliver it yet, because sadly she lost the other twin this morning. I hope to get it to her Tuesday if she's up for a visit. I'll post pics of the shawl on Tuesday, hopefully.... I've taken them, but my usb cable is at work. Anyway, I'm back to my regularly scheduled knitting now.
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OTN: Cabled Sweater, arm warmers, kids' clothes
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Carey~aww how sad, I'm so sorry to read that she has lost her babies...that has to be so hard. I know she will love the shawl though and hope that it brings her comfort...she is in my prayers

Julie~I did the ornaments like that last year but I bought their lace and cable pattern... YAY on finishing his socks!!

dotty~it's so good to hear from ya, please post when ya can...the little blanket is soo cute!

Thanks guys for the wishes on Roo she doesn't seem to like school as much as Isaiah. He likes to go to learn she wants to socialize and well the teacher cuts into that....

Rachel~I love the Owls pattern

Lieke~It's so good to hear from you too...I know you are busy but we miss when ya can

Ann~I love those shows too and noticed that a lot was up that way and wondered if they were near you guys. I like the idea of a cold room that would come in handy...I wanted a mud room but most houses around here don't come with one. Just remember if ya like the house and will be there for awhile you can change the easy things like flooring or counters. I hope you guys find the one right for ya'll.

Courtney~Hope you guys had a wonderful time

Chris~Thanks for posting the update

Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!

JD's parents came up late on Friday night and went back yesterday morning...then Jackson came down yesterday afternoon and spent the night. Roo is battling her allergies this time is always hard on her...well all of us really...but the rest of us seem to be having more issues with sinuses rained last night and hoping for more today...the last time it rained was 2wks ago and that was quick pop up thunder storms.

We found out that there is a boy up the road is in Isaiah's class so he played here on Friday and Saturday. He seems very quiet and I think this will help both of them...he just moved here too and is upset about leaving his ol' friends behind as well.

Isaiah played his game on Saturday and did very well...had some good stops but couldn't get any good runs...there has been "drama" with his team. Seems the others got mad that his team won by so much last weekend so they wanted the team broke down and switch/swap players. The main guy said no 'cause he had stats of all the players but they decided to pick and choose who they knew or had seen play last the team we beat last week was practicing with the team we played Saturday...which I think is unfair 'cause they really did know how we would run and who to watch out for...they double teamed Isaiah from the get go. Then the ref called any little thing on our team, I know they need some rules but at this age they never heard of some of the calls. Thing is he wouldn't call it on the other team though and so he really took the fun out of the game for our boys...they were getting frustrated not knowing what they were doing wrong but the other team could do no wrong...the coaches were getting annoyed and the parents 'cause the game just went on and on with all the flags. We still won though

Ok now that I've wrote ya'll a book I'm going to go work on a shawl that I need done for the fair...hope you guys have a great day of knitting

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glad to hear that everything goes well here.

Welcome to my blog

FOs - In my blog
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