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Glad you got a FREE older machine,those heavy,solid machines might not have all the fancy stitches but they are more reliable than some of the junk out there SO you can now use the money to buy fabric.

Meowmeow....I also sew a lot,I make all my own clothes and most of my gifts.I have an expensive machine with all the bells and whistles and it allows me to use my sewing skill to the fullest.Yes I could still do a lot of things with my reliable old Kenmore but now I can do more.Somtimes as you advance in your skills you want different equipment to be help you more creative.
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Great!! That is even better, getting your Mom's machine! I agree with Zina, definitely get it serviced, it'll be *well* worth the cost (it's really frustrating to sew with a machine that's not functioning quite as it should).

I admire people who can get by with just a very basic machine, and I agree its completely do-able..but, well...I really love my serger! And my automatic cheater buttonholes LOL! :D

Enjoy your "new" toy!
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I am real happy with my Brother michine which I got for less than $100.
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Originally Posted by globaltraveler View Post
MeowX3 -- yes, you can survive on a machine that only does a straight line and won't go backwards, but, um, why would you bother unless you like to suffer?
LOL! I really don't think something as simple as doing a u-turn could be considered suffering..Well, unless you're entirely new to sewing and don't know how to lift the presser foot and pivot work.Then again, that's pretty self explanatory...>_> Even my boyfriend knows how to do that.He's only sewn a pair of pajama pants.
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Singer Futura 900 circa 1965
Well, here it is. I took it out this morning and tried it out. It's kinda loud and slow, so I'll take it to get it checked out on Monday. I think my mom had it worked on, just before she put it in storage 15 years ago. I found a manual online at and printed the threading instructions. I am very excited.

My DD was intrigued by the machine. She wanted me to just jump right in and start sewing stuff for her...LOL

I was trying to figure out how to make it go backwards...I pushed something and I had a flshback of my mom working at it when I was very small. Kinda gave me chills...

Knit On...

I have three passions:
1. My husband
2. My daughter
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Congrats on the free machine !! Some of those oldies are in fact the best. My mother has an old metal Singer that is used daily - she makes clothing, doll clothing etc. She's had it my entire life !! My grandmothers old treadle Singer was still operational when she died about 8 yrs ago...if only I'd had a way to bring it home with me.

Anyway, I highly suggest looking for a good used machine. I have a basic Brother machine and got my serger I actually put an add on Craigslist saying that I wanted to buy one and what I was willing to pay and a seamtress sold me her 2 needle Pfaff for $30 and it works like a dream !
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I have a Singer and have had for 10+ years and have not needed it serviced yet. I do the oil and general cleaning out myself but so far it has worked very well for me and my family. We aren't big sewers (although I went through a stage of "need to sew") but it's nice to have it around for hemming and costumes, etc.

It's easy to use as my 11 yo son should me last night when he wanted to make a pillow. He learned to use a machine in school this year and new what to do. At 2:00 am he woke me to show off his finished project, which by the feel of it, felt nice as my eyes refused to open.

Try the machines out and choose what feels comfortable and easy to use.

Proud mom of two: Angelica 16 and Jonathan 11 and our three cats: Pepper, Oreo and Lilly.

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frogged: Log Cabin Stashghan - I'll try again but in different colors.

I'm jamn2knit @
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[quote=luvmykid28;1263532] I found a manual online at and printed the threading instructions. I am very excited. QUOTE]

If you have the manual, be sure to clean the bobbin case, (usually there's a little brush in the attachments box) & oil it wherever the book says. Only use machine oil (sometimes found in the attachments box). These two steps can save you on repair money now & in the future. Sometimes when a machine is really noisy - it's working dry (no lubrication for the gears & moving parts) not a good thing.

You'll enjoy this machine & it's even better 'cause it's free & will remind you of your Mom every time you sit down to use it.

My Mom passed away last year & I have her machine (the one I took sewing lessons on when I was 12 and it was brand new - 50 yrs ago). That old machine is still going strong. The 2 EXPENSIVE computerized ones I bought new are both unworking due to chips going bad internally. I'll keep my Mom's old machine and the used Bernina I just bought from a friend for all my sewing needs for now.

Good luck with the machine & get your daughter sewing too. Some smaller fabric stores or quilt shops usually offer beginning classes that she might enjoy. I made my own prom dress & saved my parents a lot of money on clothes growing up. Eventually I had a pattern design business that never would have happened if my Mom hadn't bought that first machine.
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I've been through quite a few machines from cheap to quality: White; New Home; Janome; Singer; Signature; Husquavarna; and three different Berninas. Once I found the Bernina I was more than satisfied (I have three because one of them is a serger, and one of them does embroidery as well as my first basic Bernina. The stitch quality of the Berninas surpass every other machine I've ever used and I would only recommend a Bernina to anyone who asked. An old used model would be a better choice than a cheap shiny new machine. People hang onto these machines so you might keep an eye out for estate sales as well as the common websites like Craig's list and ebay.
I hope your mom's machine works out for you. It is good that it's heavy (all metal parts, the newer machines with plastic parts break so much easier and aren't meant to last a lifetime), because if you like it it will keep running for a long time.

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Congrats on your "new machine" Sometimes the old ones work best. My grandmom gave me one and it got real old and could not be fixed anymore.. then for Christmas she bought me a new I believe..and I miss my old one..its yellow color and all lol
<3 Aimee <3

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and all are different colors....
but they all exist very nicely in the same box.

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