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Originally Posted by Sunshine's Mom View Post
Why doesn't she use the cruise as their honeymoon? She doesn't have to lose any money on the deal. If he's cool with his family being on his honeymoon, then let them go on vacation together.

LOL we talked about that! Her mom apparently pushed for it too! She is of the same mind...actually she even said "a girl gets married at home" Which was more about her getting married here in Toronto, rather than in Edmonton where all his family are from.

From my knowledge I think his family is covering their expense, So I am not sure that they have to worry about debt. I could be wrong, I really didn't ask.

@melmac51 - there is absolutely no guilt coming from her mother. She wants her daughter to have what ever she wants, but more so because of all the drama with the cancer. I think she is extra relieved that she is around to have a wedding in the first place. But she has pushed for everything but a wedding away, as it does really cut out the family aspect.

I found out the fast way that a wedding is not at all about the Bride, it is about everyone else! Especially family. The grandparents just want to see their grandkids married, and families have all sorts of reason to go, even if for some of them it is to just sit back and gossip but really... is her day and she is intitled to have it any way she likes, but I know it is making it hard for me, and her mom was telling me it is causing a bit of a stir amongst relatives. I guess in the end, it really has to be about the bride and groom....but for me, it was more about trying to be a "good girl" amongst my relatives, especially since my sister disowned the large half of my family. Family my have its ups and downs, but I certainly feel more comfortable with them having my back.

To each their own. I wish it didn't have to feel like such a rock and a hard place.

I am having lunch with her on maybe we can hash things out a bit. Even if it ends badly...maybe I can get some sleep!
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