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Help with Sirdar pattern
Hi! Iím new here, having never registered until now, but visited when I was shopping around for interchangeable needles. Iím struggling with a pattern and having seen this forum has a special section for pattern questions, thought Iíd post here and see if anyone can help me out. I apologize in advance because I know this is going to be lengthy. Thanks to everyone who takes a look and can offer me any suggestions. Before I get started, let me say Iíve been to my local store where I bought the pattern and yarn, and they too are perplexed. The pattern book is from Sirdar and from a simple search I did, I found other people have had issues with their patterns. I e-mailed them directly and got no response other than an automated ďthank you for your e-mail Ö weíll get back to you.Ē Onto the problem at hand.

I have 71 stitches. I have 12 rows that set the pattern. In the first row of this pattern, the instructions state: K1, pick up loop between last and next st and work into the back of this loop (this will now be referred to as m1). At the end of this row, it again tells me to m1. That said, and now this is where Iím stuck, the instructions continue as follows: Keeping continuity of patt as set (throughout) proceed as follows: Work 25 rows inc 1 st at each end of 1st and every foll 12th row, working inc sts in patt. At this point Iím to have 77 stitches.

In my mind, I will have to go through my 12 row pattern twice, plus one additional 1st row for a total of 25 rows. I also take this to mean that my increases (the inc 1 st at each end of 1st and every foll 12th row) will always be done in the 1st row of the pattern because after the 1st row, every foll 12th row will be the 1st row. Correct? That means I will have three rows in which I will have done the increases. Two increases in each row times three rows puts me from 71 to 77 stitches, which is what I should have. BUT Ö if I do that AND do the m1 as the instructions for row 1 tell me, that will give me 83 stitches instead of 77. Do you think where the instructions tell me to ďinc 1 st at each of 1st and every foll 12th row, working inc sts in patternĒ, they are really talking about the m1 already there???

My final problem is this: At the end of row 1 it states: *k5, yfwd, s1, k2tog, psso, yfwd, rep from * to last 1, m1, k1. When I did this the first time, while I was making my original 12 rows that set the pattern, this came out fine. But now that Iím doing it the second time as part of the 25 rows, it doesnít come out at the end. I believe I have 5 stitches left. And itís obvious the ďholesĒ in the pattern arenít lining up. Should I just knit those to the last 1, then m1, k1? But shouldnít the holes in the pattern line up?

Iím so sorry this was so long. Iím just so frustrated. Iím making this for my daughter and itís the third one Iíve tried with no success. The first two were crochet patterns, but I got stuck on those too. Thatís when I decided to stick with what I know (!?!?) Ė knitting Ė and get a knitting pattern. Plus, I thought that way if I ran into problems, I could go back to my local yarn store for help. As I stated earlier, theyíre stuck too. Quite honestly, Iím a little frustrated they would even sell me this book. From what Iíve read on this forum, the British have a different way of saying some things than we do, and thatís fine, Iím in no way bashing the British, but I would have thought my local store would have known this and cautioned me before suggesting I buy this book.

Hope someone can help.
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