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help w/ Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap
I just started this pattern from and have a question about the portion of the pattern I copied and pasted at the end of this post.

When I do the wrap & turn should I always only be wrapping one stitch? Or should I wrap 2 on row 4, 3 on row 6, etc.?

If only one stitch is wrapped, should I slip the other stitches purlwise onto the other needle and on the odd rows treat them as regular stitches when I follow the pattern? or should I just keep slipping them from one needle to the other without knitting?

Please help! I read the other thread on this pattern but I'm still not totally clear on what to do. And it's such a great hat!


Row 1: (Wrong Side) *K2, P2* (9 times). (36 st)
Row 2: Inc 1 st (i.e., K1, then K1 into the back loop of the same st), *P2, K2* (8 times), P2, W&T (Wrap, slip the wrapped stitch, and Turn: (37 st; 1 on left needle, 36 on right needle)

After working the last P st, move the yarn between the needles to the back of the work; slip the next st on the left needle to the right needle; move the yarn between the needles to the front of the work; slip the wrapped stitch back to the left needle; turn).

Row 3: K2, *P2, K2* (8 times), P2. (37 st)
Rows 4-29: Repeat rows 2-3 for 13 times more.

Tip: You may wish to use a small plastic marker. At the end of each odd numbered row, move the marker over one stitch to be between the last P2 and the wrapped stitch. At the start of each even numbered row, one stitch has been added to the R needle.

Row 4: (38 st; 2 on left needle, 36 on right needle)
Row 5: (38 st)
Row 6: (39 st; 3 on left needle, 36 on right needle)
Row 7: (39 st)
Row 8: (40 st; 4 on left needle, 36 on right needle)
Row 9: (40 st)
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