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Lord forbid...
[quote=Mike;1262141]What do you all think of these? (Don't get mammograms until you're 50 and don't do self-exams, for those that haven't heard.)

I think it's just a small taste of what Obama "care" is going to be like. Lord forbid our country goes down the road this current administration wants to take us.
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I don't like it that this Obamacare is being forced on us when most people don't want it. It is very fishy that they are changing guidelines for tests at this time. I for one can see right through their plan to cut costs by limiting the screening tests. What a mess this whole idea has become. Nobody seems to care that people don't want this right now.
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Originally Posted by catwitch View Post
I am concerned as breast cancer runs in my family. I looked up what the policy is in the UK (I am not sure this is true, as I don't live there or know anyone who does), but just by looking into it on a few websites, I read that their Gov't healthcare system there has guidelines of offering mammograms only to women aged 50-70 and only every 3 years!! I read that they were thinking of extending this to aged 47-73 year olds. Is this what we have to look forward to with Govt healthcare?? There is a diffence between having to pay for it yourself and having it not available at all.
I would like to do some research into what exactly is offered in the UK and Canadian Govt healthcare system in regard to mammograms. Does anyone have knowledge of this?
I live in the UK and I can confirm that our healthcare system does not offer mandatory screening until you are fifty years old...however once you are fifty I think that you get yearly screening.

However, it isn't as cut and dried as that....I unfortunately come from a high risk family and therefore have been considered eligible for yearly mammograms in my late forties.

Our system certainly isn't perfect, but it isn't quite as all or nothing as you might imagine...personally I am more worried about the infection rates and poor standards of hygiene in our hospitals at the moment.
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Just to throw this out there:
Mammograms May Boost Cancer Risk in High-Risk Women

I can understand the logic there, however, I do not understand the logic in urging women not to self check
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SusanAnn (12-04-2009)
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I had my yearly mammogram yesterday and I have been waiting to ask the dr's there about the new guidelines. I was surprised how angry they were. I go to a special breast care center that only handles breast cancer at a the well respected Scripps Hospital. They advised me that the new guidelines were "dangerous and ill advised" and the death rate for breast cancer has decreased by 30% since 1990. (more mammo given) some other things they told me
75% of breast cancer happens in women that are not at high risk.
If screening does not begin til age 50 more women will die of cancer
The new guidlines will not screen women over 70 because "the shortened life among women that age makes it more likely she could die from another cause before cancer kills her.
The USPSTF is motivated by cost savings. and constitutes rationing
the cost of saving women 40-49 is too high
the risk of cancer in a 40 year old woman is 1 in 69
The USPSTF is a govt sponsored body that will be recognized by us govt and they ignored peer review that contradicted their advice.
many more things like if you catch it early lumpectomy is better than
total masectomy etc
bottom line is get your mammo each year.

USPSTF is US Preventative Services Task Force = rationing board
remember that the women age 40-49 who have died from breast cancer are silent for obvious reasons.
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FYI: Breast Surgen Recommends for Monthly Self Exam
I saw the breast surgen for a lump -- not the Big C. She recommends that when doing your self exam you make sure to cover an area that begins at your collar bone and down a rib past the bottom of the breast. From the middle of the sterum (sp) to your pits.
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I had very early stage breast cancer eight years ago. Had not had a mammo in several years but after having a tumor in my parotid (salivary) gland, they recommended a mammo. (The tumor was diagnosed as cancerous but when removed turned out not to be, thank goodness!) The breast cancer was in such early stages there was no lump and they told me it would not have been detected six months before. Noone in my family had had either salivary or breast cancer. I never smoked. The whole thing was such a shock but I am doing well now. I was given a choice of mastectomy or lumpectomy with radiation, which is what I chose. I urge everyone to get their mammos and there is a low cost alternative most places you go. One program is BCC through the government if you have no other health care.
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