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I got 85.

I don't rapidly cool my food.
I don't take my wedding ring off.
I don't check my food for foreign objects. Who actually does that? Generally I'm cooking it and can see what's going in it. And yes, every now and then, one of my hairs ends up in it. Oh noes!
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Casting On
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I be at with 82B at present I normally clean the kitchen once in 15 days and i put all the sufficient stocks required for 15 days. I know it's not good but i have not not able to pick time out of my official works.
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Woe is Me.
I'm not the primary cook, but have you considered a barbecue grill?

So, I did my best and for our indoor cooking, "[My] kitchen has received a "C" with a score of 78." You know, I put the food in a bowl or container with a lid or plastic wrap over it and pop it in the frig. It just cools on the stove in 30 to 45 min. with a lid on.

Sanitize a sponge daily? Well does a 3m scrubber count as a sponge? The dish rag we hang to dry and swap out every 1 to three days or so.

Oh, we don't have hermetic seals on the doors and windows as we have four children and the doors are often left open (for only G@& know why) and flies can get in the house.

A thermometer in the fridge? Well I can tell by the feel of the containers as I retrieve or move them. Besides left overs just get tossed once they begin to grow again.

Well, with two teens and 2 pre-teens there rarely are any leftovers to worry about.
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I scored a 92A! I'm shocked cuz I'm not that great of a housecleaner...I'd rather be in my sewing room making a mess!

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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
I got 100%, but that's because of all the years of being a nurse, except when I owned or managed restaurants. This stuff is just second nature.
Wow! You're amazing Deb!
You should start a cottage industry out of your kitchen. Make jams and jellies and baby food!
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Jan in CA
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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
That was fun!

I got 100%, but that's because of all the years of being a nurse, except when I owned or managed restaurants. This stuff is just second nature.
Wow, that's awesome! I'm actually pretty good. There was just some things like cleaning the walls and ceiling??!

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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Wow, that's awesome! I'm actually pretty good. There was just some things like cleaning the walls and ceiling??!
Yeah, the only reason our walls and ceiling got cleaned recently was because of the remodel... I'm sure my score would have been significantly lower if that wasn't the case

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I could have a clean and tidy house, if I locked the kids in the attic, if I didn't knit and crochet, if I banished the OH
GEEZ I'd be miserable.
Happy being messy. Thats why I have an immune system.
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84 here.

Mostly on the same things as others.

*Don't take off my engagement, wedding, and inherited family wedding ring from 1898. Those things have come off once since I was married --- and that was during my last three weeks of pregnancy when my hands swelled and my husband told me I had to remove them. He gave me no choice, and I cried because they're my wedding rings.

*Don't cool things down using an ice bath. Who on earth has time to do that?

*shrug* I can live with that. I will admit we may let dishes build up a bit longer in the sink than we ought to (like, by a day), but when that happens, it's usually not anything disgusting or super gross laying around --- usually sandwich plates and the like.
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Oh Jan, I don't succumb to tests like this anymore. I figure this one, though, will give me a much better score than my blood pressure or my golf game. (Must be something good in that)!

Ahem! Where my hairs end up is my business!

Thermometers in fridges?! Didn't you already pay a couple grand for a thermostat that controls that with your energy star, government approved, ice and water dispensing, huge, stainless steel atrocity in what used to be a warm and inviting kitchen?

You know if the temps are not good when the food in your fridge is green - even the things that are supposed to be white or brown. A no brainer. When you take out a little plate of some leftover and think, "Might be meat . . . might be cake" — toss it! Who needs a test for that?

You ever check out a whole lot of bad stuff that can get into those water lines that produce instant ice and cold water. I'm so glad I haven't forgotten the recipe for homemade ice cubes.
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