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Experienced knitters advice to Beginning knitters
This has happened to me on several occasions and it's something that's starting to bug me.
I'm a beginning knitter..probably beginning advanced. When I ask questions anywhere when I'm around other knitters/knit shops/on raverly/or online/in knit groups..etc. There always seems to be a knitter that says 'Oh,it's EASY'..well,hello...what your easy is is not necessarily MY easy...and when I don't 'get it' the first time,or second time,or how many only makes me feel dumb,and frustrated,and stressed. Please teachers..those that offer help and instruction, the word easy can and is used all too frequently when showing someone new how to do it. I knit for the love of the yarn,and as a destressor,& for the community of women...I want that to continue.
Thanks for listening..
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The other side of that coin is when a newish knitter is overthinking and making something harder that it actually is. Sometimes it really is that easy.
sue- knitting heretic

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I think this can go both ways. I've had instructors say that something is difficult when it was easy for me - and then I start wondering what I missed. When you're an instructor, you never know when a phrase will encourage or discourage someone and it takes a while to figure out what works with each particular student. (I've had the same thing happen when I supervise employees - some of them are very sensitive to criticism, and others don't seem to realize that you are criticizing.)

And who knows, maybe someday that lightbulb will go on and the new technique will click and then it *will* be easy.
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I don't think they intend to frustrate you or even make you feel inadequate...I believe they are simply trying to convince you not to give not get frustrated with what you are attempting to do.
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I agree with the others. I can see why it might upset you if one person always does that, but I also think you should tell her that her saying that makes you feel dumb and less than adequate rather than what she intended. More than likely they ARE trying to help you not be condescending.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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Point no. 1: I don't think that most people who take the efford to explain to a new or learning knitter are actually trying to show off their superior skill by "easy(for me, you dummy)".
Point no. 2: when I am confronted with a problem by someone, I sometimes squeeze my brain out until it hurts to find a solution for that person - and may still not be adequate or able to explain in words what I mean.

So when a problem is asked and it is easy for me to find a solution or explain what I know I may shout in joy: Oh, that is easy (to help you out of that tight spot).

So, don't worry, the "easy" is not even meant for the person asking at all. I mean teach an adult to knit and day one the knit stitch is a problem. Really. So what's easy anyways.
I consider myself a pretty good knitter, really. And I am willing to learn all the time. But that makes me ask and try to follow instructions and sometimes I am confronted with something that I really can not deal with just "easy". Well, I either ask some more or give up. Often I just get back to it later on. (like the "tracks" fingerless gloves for me... just didn't see the pattern, so next try soon with a fresh brain.)

Just take it easy (sorry, no pun intended)...
Continental Knitter with passion, pretty busy and always onto something new.

I have been away from the forum for a bit, but I am still around!
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I think they just want you to know that you can do it. I think they mean it to build your confidence, not belittle you.

Some people find knitting socks easy....I am an intermediate/advanced knitter and I do not find them easy at all. But I finished one pair.

I'm Bambi-M on Ravelry
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RuthieinMaryland (10-05-2010)
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Congratulations, Bambi!
Originally Posted by bambi View Post
I think they just want you to know that you can do it. I think they mean it to build your confidence, not belittle you.

Some people find knitting socks easy....I am an intermediate/advanced knitter and I do not find them easy at all. But I finished one pair.
Hey, Bambi!

How awesome! Your first socks!

I'm such a sock-a-holic! There are so many of my friends and family who have warm tootsies because of my "partiality" (or is it obsession?) for knitting socks that I'm always happy to see others get bitten by the sock bug, even a little!

In the beginning, knitting socks was truly "rocket science" to me! My first pair are so pathetic, but I couldn't get rid of them so I keep them in my nightstand for bed socks. I have to laugh every time I put them on - one is bigger than the other and the other is shorter than the bigger one!

But I persisted and have had many happy knitting hours making socks, wearing socks and gifting socks!

I could say it's "easy" - and it IS!

So hang in there, "wholycow", and if you persist in learning and getting practice, no matter how tempted you might be to throw the needles and yarn out the window, you will succeed and have a tremendous amount of satisfaction. And a wonderful art form to enrich you the rest of of your life. (By the way, great AVATAR!!!)

The folks on here are wonderfully generous knitters, always ready to help, and you can believe that if they tell you something is "easy" it's only meant to encourage you, not make you feel dumb!

Happy knitting,

In progress - designing, knitting and writing a knitting book, "Design Your Own Gourmet Kitchen Cloths and Accessories".
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Lisa R.
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I agree...try to take it as encouragement, not a put-down.

For instance I had a friend who was afraid to try cables. Frankly, the LOOK really complicated, and I remember being a new knitter who was afraid to try cables. But when I finally did, and I finally got the hang of it...well, it WAS easy.

So, I told my friend, "Cables are easy. You can do them." The opposite view might be to say, "Cables are really, hard. Are you sure you're ready for them?" That seems less encouraging to me.

Although, I did know a teacher of 5yo's, who, whenever they were trying something and the kid succeeded, she'd say, "Great job! That was really hard!" to encourage them in thinking they'd really accomplished something big!

I guess it's a matter of perspective. I'd say if you have someone in your life who really seems to have a condescending attitude toward you, to speak up and let her know that it's bothering you and making you feel inadequate. But if you're just talking about people in general, I'd say try to overcome your reaction and consider that maybe they're just trying to be encouraging.

(Most of knitting is complicated and difficult to the beginner...but in the end it becomes easier, and once you get it, it's "easy." Just like learning to walk or ride a bike. It's all a matter of perspective).
Lisa R.

I'm Knittermom9 on Ravelry
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RuthieinMaryland (10-06-2010)
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Thanks all for your feedback and viewpoints. I think 'this is easy' is objective..easy for who? ...and that's more my point. I'd like (in my dreams) to have more of a grading system of difficulty. Easy/moderate/difficult doesn't work for many patterns for me as well as I'd like...and after I've bought the pattern that's labeled and open it to find it's way beyond what I'd hoped it's disappointing. Oh I know..the opp. to learn something new etc.etc.,and that's great too if that's what I think I'm buying. However when I buy a pattern called easy I guess I expect it to be beginner level easy as opposed to I've been knitting 20yrs.and it's easy. I won't expect that anymore,and I'll have to read the whole pattern first b4 purchase,which takes the online buying out of the picture...knit on;o)
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