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Knitting Socks Class: Were My Expectations Too High?
I began learning to knit in May after many years of crochet, so I'm familiar with tensioning the yarn and with manipulating things with my hands. (former exp. also with hand embroidery, counted X-stitch, and needlepoint)

I took a class in the Moebius scarf (Cat Bordhi cast-on), foliage hat, and knitting hats in the round. Those were May and July. Then I signed up for a three-session, For Beginners, socks class.

Almost everything that could go wrong for someone in a beginning class has gone wrong for me. I am so far behind the next person in this six-student class it's not even close to funny.

The class is on Wednesday evenings.

Here's the run-up to the FIRST class:

1) I called the Monday before class was to begin, just to *confirm* (!) my interest in the class, as I had been asked to do. Telephone...the shop answers. "Hi, this is ___, and I'm calling to confirm my registration for the Socks class this week." [confusion by shop] The clerk had no class listing for a Socks class, no info or informal notes about a Socks class, no idea who might teach a Socks class, etc. She suggested that I call again the next day, when someone else would be there.

That was cutting it pretty fine, in case I needed to purchase supplies--I have a job, sometimes, which can inundate me, so I need to prepare things in advance.

2) So, the next day, after more "fun," I get a call back from the owner. Yes, there is a class. It's from 6:30 to 8:00. "What?! When I was in the shop a few weeks ago, I wrote down what you told me, to make sure I could attend and be on time, and I have 6:00 to 8:00." Having done some teaching myself (eight years as a full-time teacher, as well as academic tutoring and quilting/other textile/fiber arts), 1.5 hours for beginners is barely enough time to show them the ropes, but not enough to let them start work. This was Strike 2.

3) I showed up on Wednesday a little early, since I still needed to pay for class. I had also written this amount down in my notes, $35. I figured it was a "loss leader," and that by encouraging beginners to take this class, the shop would (in their eyes and plan) be gaining our loyalty to take future classes at market rates. Made sense to me, anyway. So I arrive for this too-short beginners' class and get out the wherewithal to pay and my notes. OOPS! THAT'S WRONG, TOO! $45 for the class.

Whereupon, I said, "OK. The class time I was given was wrong, the person I spoke to the other day didn't know anything about the class, and the fee I was given was wrong. Can we confirm the DATES of the class meetings?"

So the whole thing began on a bad note.

Classes themselves haven't been much better: whenever I have a question, others--more advanced knitters whose questions arise *after* mine--are helped not only once, but the other night TWICE before the teacher gets to me. She said she would email us the pattern (correct: there was no handout at the first class), but what she sent was an outline of the general subjects we would cover at each class.

And it goes on and on. It goes so far on that I'm wondering whether this woman, who by her skill is definitely an excellent knitter, has *ever* taught this class before.

Was I expecting too much? Or are most LYS's flakey like this?

Thank you, everyone, for what I hope will be some perspective.

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