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Just an update on the progress of my jumper..Im thinking about frogging and trying something different.

Edit: I've put this project aside for now, have decided not to frog yet but am working on a simpler pattern to get a better idea of how a jumper should all come together.

I did as you both suggested and slipped the main front stitches from the left needle to right, skipped the bold bit and carried on knitting. Then I realised I must have done something wrong because about 8 rows in I noticed my knit side had now turned into my purl side. I frogged back to the sleeve and started back at knitting the main front and main back on straights and slipping them onto the circulars again. Then I thought I realised what my initial mistake was before posting here for advice. I felt like such a dill. I was viewing the right side as the side facing me from the sleeve hanging off the cord, which of course turns about once that part is in the needles. So with my right side facing me on the needles and ensuring all pieces would be facing me right side once they got to the needles I noticed my working yarn was now on the left needle, as it should have been the first time round. But now I faced the next conundrum.

Salmonmac said previously : Your line up of pieces is correct and the wider end of the front and back are in the correct orientation (toward the hips end of the sweater rather than the underarms).

Well that wider part is on the inside lying next to the sleeve rather than the outside. Then when I went back to the pattern to read the next stage (that part that I had highlighted in bold in previous post). If I knit across, as it says, I wont be knitting across the mainbody back (their instuctions), I'll be knitting across the main body front because its on my left needle, which is the needle the pattern directed me to slip them on.....

Pattern telling me to slip front on left needle:

Main Body – Front Cast On
With 6mm needles cast on 15 sts.
K to last 4 sts, slip 1, K3.

Yadda, yadda, yadda (pattern).......

.....With RS facing, slip these
64[66:68:70:72] sts onto the left
hand point of the circular needle

This is the part Im upto in the pattern

On the circular needle, With RS
facing, K3, Sl1 and continue to
K across the 64[66:68:70:72]
sts of the Main Body – Back

I feel like a real twit with all this confusion, and you guys have been so helpful so far I just dont want to be a time waster, Im 1 step away from frogging this thing and moving onto something simpler. Heres a photo of how it looks this time around, I positioned it as if Im about to start knitting, the paper clip is on the rs.

current state by Mrs_Pilgrim, on Flickr

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