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Originally Posted by KnittingElf View Post

Honestly, though. Does this myth still exist widely? Ever have someone act like you're weird for knitting? He's lucky I didn't have my knitting needles with me is all I'm saying...

Yes, and yes. But I'm proud of my eccentricities, and grateful that I'm in fine company with this knitting eccentricity of mine. At least we're old enough to know better...


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"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." Except carpal tunnel.
- Elizabeth Zimmermann
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That's funny
Originally Posted by KnittingElf View Post
I fell in love with knitting late last year, but due to school I haven't really been able to knit much. I have some time now, though, and just started my first afghan I was at lunch with my family the other day, and I was trying to hurry my family along because the knitting store closed at four. My brother looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Knitting is for OLD people!"

I actually have met many younger knitters since starting. Besides him acting like being older was a "bad" thing, he acted like I was some weird cat lady for wanting to knit. Well ha! I'm actually a dog lady so there

Honestly, though. Does this myth still exist widely? Ever have someone act like you're weird for knitting? He's lucky I didn't have my knitting needles with me is all I'm saying...
That's funny! I started knitting & crocheting young also and I got the same reaction from some people. What's crazy is I found myself doing the same thing only it was with guys. I have ran across several men that knit & crochet. So the stereotype that knitting is for old people or just women for that matter is soooo wrong. A lot of people pick this craft just as a hobby, therapeutic reasons or just to create projects. I learned how to crochet when I was 9 yrs. old. My first crochet hook was a pencil with a knotch in it and a strand of yarn. Then I started learning to knit. My brother would make fun of me too. Good luck with your projects and enjoy.
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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I just met my new neighbor. She's probably not older than 25. She must be OK, she wants help improving her crochet and maybe learn to knit! She has a plarn rug she works on sometimes, she said. I think I won't tell her knitting (and crocheting) are for old people.
I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a young girl. I just recently learned what "plarn" was. I was impressed at the fact that someone actually came up with a way to use plastic bags to crochet with. I save those bags and have a ton of them, can't seem to throw them away. I use them for several things around the house, just never thought that I would ever think of using them to crochet with. Great idea!
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Right on!
Originally Posted by KnittingElf View Post
Antares, I remember reading that in a knitting book my mom got me! I'll have to mention that to him next time I see him.

What gets me about the assumption is that it doesn't even make sense. You don't get to a certain age and automatically become a great knitter, lol. Obviously older people who are fabulous knitters most likely didn't just "start" knitting.

I have two friends who crochet quite a bit. They even crocheted their prom dresses, which is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I'll have to show him my knitting needles and maybe he'll show more respect
Absolutely! i started crocheting at a young age and now am pretty good at it. Once people see the end result of what I am doing they are impressed. But like you said, I didn't just start doing it, it has taken years of practice to achieve what I do today. I would absolutely love to see a picture of the prom dresses that someone crocheted, that sounds awesome.
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Originally Posted by Strooper1 View Post
I'm a 25 year old guy. I recently fell in love with knitting. I think younger people are creating personalized and old school clothing again. I started knitting because I wanted a beanie in a certain color lol! I was shocked to find it was addictive and relaxing!
That's awesome! Yeah, I have met a few guys that started crocheting hats. Being a crocheted (mainly) I notice things like that. Hats are a big thing now and a lot of people are making their own. It's personalized and they have the satisfaction of saying they made it themselves, it's cheaper than buying them as well. Good luck and keep up the good work!
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I imagine there are still people who see grandma in the rocking chair with a ball of yarn, knitting needles and a cat in her lap, but I have been astounded at the number of young people who love to knit. I am thrilled they have taken up this hobby.
Now, I AM an old lady and I knit, though I actually learned when I was 13 and in 4H, so I guess I am the stigma, but never a word comes from my kids or grandkids about me being an old lady knitter. They like getting the goodies I make for them too much!
On another note, we used to have a great big beautiful Grand Marquis. Our dd told us when we bought it she knew we were old now because we had a big a** car and a little dog (we have a yorkie)
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Wow, brothers can be pretty annoying sometimes. My twin brother actually thinks knitting is cool. I think he thinks that being able to create something is neat. His friends also think it's cool, they actually wanted to follow the progress of my baby cardigan (which I posted in the Watcha Knittin section). Crazy, 16, and 17 year old guys actually not making fun of me. Maybe there is hope for them....
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I am enjoying reading this post!

Stephanie Pearl McPhee (YarnHarlot) talks about this in her books (I have three of 'em, and planning to buy all her books). She's very funny, a natural comic, and talks about knitting a lot, esp about this very topic.

She's coming to my LYS this summer and I signed up for a one-day with her, knitting with silk cocoons (Not the class I would have liked, but it was the only spot left on her 3-day course). Yikes, and I went as soon as I saw the advert. Her classes fill up fast!
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Oh I would love to go to a class or talk with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee! She is hilarious and I love her books. My favorite is probably Knitting Rules because her patterns are clever and fun, too.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

NEW! KH knitting video archive

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