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Looking for Pattern Help
I am a relatively new knitter, and although I'm usually decent at reading patterns (most of the time I crochet so I can read patterns, but there are obviously differences between knitting patterns and crochet patterns), this one leaves me unsure how to continue.

I'm working a sweatshirt, which starts at the bottom of the front, then goes up and over down the back. I'm stuck at the waist of the front because of this section:

Next row (RS) Slip 1 st, k to end.
Next row (WS) Slip 1, k 5, p to last 6 sts, k 6.
Repeat last 2 rows 7 times more.
Work even in stockinette stitch for 3".
Next row (RS) K 1, k2tog, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k 1.
Repeat this row once more when piece measures 4" from last dec 91 (101, 111, 121) sts.Work even for 5" more.

I understand through (repeat last 2 rows 7 times more) but with the (work even in stockinette stitch) I'm unsure whether to simply use stockinette or continue the pattern of (k to end / k 5 p to last 6 sts, k 6) back and forth in stockinette fashion. It seems like if I did that I would have to k 6, p to last 6 sts, k 6.

So that's the question I guess: only stockinette, or continue in pattern?
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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