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Working the Gusset
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WIP: EZ sweater aka the fractured fairy tale
Ever start a project, work at it awhile and say "Meh - I don't like this because <insert a reason>. I've got to fix this, it's a hot mess." Then chaos ensues...That's this sweater.

In another thread, this sweater for DGD started out just fine with a 2x2 rib at the bottom.

After 2 inches of perfectly knit 2x2 rib and 4 inches of bubble gum colored sweater I sat back, admiring my handiwork and really looked at the sweater. Now this is either a really good habit to develop, or a really bad one, because...

"Meh - granddaughter is more girly than this, I've got to fix this. But how??"

Can I give this to my grandson? Picture my 7 year old Batman aficianado dressed up in a sweater that makes him look like a demented Care Bear? I think not. %@#! Can't repurpose all of that beautiful knitting. And no other little girls to finish it for either...

Hmmmm - I don't like the ribbing, it needs a seed stitch border. Yeah, that'll work!

So, I happily frog and rewind yarn to start anew. Then chaos ensued. The road to Hades is indeed paved in good intentions.

Cast on #1: I miscounted and cast on enough stitches to knit a sweater large enough to fit a Wookie. Who would look like a demented Care Bear in that sweater if finished. Of course, I notice this about 10 or so rounds in.

Cast on #2: I miscounted again and cast on too few stitches. DGD is entirely too young to wear a Jane Russell sweater. Again, I notice this after about 20 rounds or so in. I begin to wonder who is demented by this point.

Cast on 3: Yay!!! Right number cast on, then a few rounds into it... %$!&!!! Foiled again! The cast on got twisted. As much as I enjoy topology problems, this won't work AT ALL.

Cast on 4: With my sanity somewhat intact, we arrive at the WIP in the photo. Just another inch of the body, then I get to start on the sleeves!
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