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Grafting the Toe
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learning to knit...
I can do just about any craft, I love to sew, quilt, embroider, etc. I taught myself the art of crochet and did that to death. How many afghans do I really need? Friends and family start to get that squishy look on their faces when you give them things...I decided to learn to knit, bought myself a book and ended up flinging the mess across the room in a rage. The wife of a fellow choir member volunteered to teach me, so I found a pattern for a "simple" sweater for my then three year old. I finished it in about four months time, too late for the sweater to actually fit her. I should never have made a sweater with a hood, the kid has a big head. Amazingly enough, I was hooked! I keep trying to build on my skills with each new project (currently socks) and I'm using the continental method for the first time and really like it (I'm left-handed) thanks to the videos on this site. Nobody has ever looked at me squishy for giving them things I have knit. I find that items knit are more functional than items crocheted.
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Re: What made you start knitting?
Originally Posted by Nuno930
For me, I am just crafty by nature and one day I decided I wanted to... so I went and picked up needles :D

What about you? Is it a family tradition? Did a friend teach you? Do share!
A friend was pregnant and I was determined to make her baby booties. So I learned to make the booties. And I liked it and learned to make more htings! LOL! But I originally thought I would make the booties and be done. Nope. I got hooked!! LOL!
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I have always been crafty. I cut, sew, glue, nail. I started knitting a couple of years ago when the cool scarfs started coming to the stores. I figured I could do the same thing cheaper. (Always the penny pincher ) I fell in love with knitting then and have stuck to it. The only thing that has taken me away is the creation of my new gardens last summer. I loved making them, but missed knitting a lot. This is one of the only crafts to really keep my attention. Although, I have recently started m&p soaping with my kids. We enjoyed it & everyone on our christmas list did too.
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wow your gardens are fabulous! What a lot of work... i'll bet it really pays off in the spring and summer though! I'm jealous!
I'm back!
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Wow, seems like everyone is crafty...I have to say I am not at all! I've tried other crafts, and knitting seems to be the only thing where I have some patience and the things I've made don't look horrible! Maybe because I had it demonstrated to me--first by my mom and then on this lovely site--and it's much easier for me to learn things when I see them in action.

I had learned to knit from my mom when I was about ten, and did a ton of dishcloths and little square purses, but hadn't done it in about 15 years. Then this christmas my MIL and SIL gave me cute stuff they had knitted, and I decided to learn again! I have to say it's very addicting.
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"Idle hands are the devils workhop"
The topic is a quote from my grandmother, that I am sure many of you have hear before....some how when I was growing up, I thought it was original with her. She did not knit but taught me to crochet when I would visit her in the summers....along with singing (and reading) it was the only activity allowed on Sundays in our very large "southern Baptist".

When my family went on a vacation to the beach with my grandparents when I was about 10 or 12, we were told that we could spend about $3 (after all it was about 1960) on a toy when we went shopping. My grandmother bought yarn and I bought a little kit with wooden needles (about 5 inches long) with red balls on the ends, a spool knitter (red as well (to make tube rope)), an insturction book, and a small amount of yarn. I practiced and practiced pulling out many times and using the yarn over and over until I could do both a Knit and Purl stitch. However there were no directions as to how to yo between knit and purl on the same row. I bought more yarn once home and a pattern book and made everyone in the family a pair of stockinette and garter stitch. I then stopped because there was no one I knew who could help me with the questions that I had. When I was in high school a lady in my town opened a yarn shop and taught classes on saturday...I went to a classes for about a month and learned how to knit and purl in the same row and another method of casting on....that she called "knitting on the stitches" as well as some help on following pattern instructions. After that time I have knitted and crochets intermittantly as the trends in crafts have come and gone.

Lately, I have been lured back to knitting by the wonderful new yarns and the fact that my daughter has moved to a colder climit outside of DC (I have always lived in south east NC)---I have knitted her scarves and matching hats to match her winter coats and am now knitting scarves for everyone I know.

Now I don't really think "idle hands are the devils workshop" but I love having a project to pick up when watching tv or traveling and as a school teacher it is nice to have a project to help me relax.
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Turning the Heel
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My mother was an accomplished knitter, but she was very ill with cancer while I was growing up, so I barely remember her knitting. (I do have all of her old needles though).

In 4th grade I was in 4-H and learned to knit. Our one and only project was a pair of mittens. I think that was a bit much for a 9 year old new knitter and I suspect that the 4-H leader probably did most of it.

At any rate, I didn't knit again until 11th grade when I took a class in high school called "Creative Stitchery" and I learned to knit, crochet and embroider. For whatever reason, I became passionate about knitting. I will crochet or embroider rarely, but I don't love it the way I love knitting. Of all the classes that I took from kindergarten through grad school, I think that the Creative Stitchery class has been the most useful and brought me the most pleasure.

So that's my story.
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I started knitting when I was 5 or 6 because my older brothers (6 and 7 years older than me) were doing it...I always thought I should be able to do what they did . My knitting was so tight that I could barely get the needle in the stitches so never got beyond slippers and dishcloths and finally gave up on it because it was such a hassle. If I saw something I wanted I just said "Mamaaaa" and she would knit it for me :D . After her death I learned to cross stitch and needlepoint because she had SO many unfinished and unstarted cross stitch projects, and it gave me something to do.
Then about 10 years ago the owner of a LYS showed me how to knit continental style which kept me from knitting so tightly. Unfortunately she couldn't show me how to do much more than knit and purl so I pretty much stuck to knitting the occasional dishcloth, concentrating on my needlework. I have a close friend who is an avid knitter and I would buy yarn and patterns when we went to the LYS but never got much farther than casting on since I couldn't figure out how to do the advanced stitches continental style.
Because of health problems I can't hold my arms up to do the needlework right now so was going nuts with no hobbies. Then I found this site. With the help of the awesome videos I now think I can do anything with a pair of needles !!! I have finished knitting my first sweater (haven't put it together though...gotta figure out how to do that yet) and am almost 1/2 way through my 2nd one now!!!
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