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Toe up sock Question for toe-up experienced knitters
Nevermind... I figured it out. lol.

Ok so I'm doing this sock pattern and I'm starting the heel it says:

Row 1 of decrease: K21(23,25,27), yf, slip next stitch purlwise onto right needle. Turn work.

Row 2: Yf (wrapping the yarn around the base of the stitch that was just slipped - it should look like it has been lassoed by a noose), slip this just-wrapped stitch purlwise back onto the right hand needle, p20(22,24,26), slip the next stitch purlwise keeping the yarn in front of the work. Turn work.

Row 3: Yf (wrapping the yarn around the stitch you just slipped and returning it to the right-hand needle without knitting it), K19, yf, slip the next stitch knitwise onto the right needle. Turn work.

Continue in this manner described in rows 2 and 3, working one less stitch per row before doing the yf/wrap/turn. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE 11(12,13,14) STITCHES ON EACH NEEDLE.

Each row the number of wrapped and retained stitches (as opposed to "live" stitches) will grow by one. Eventually you will have only 8(10,10,12) "live" stitches - 4(5,5,6) on each needle. The remaining 7(7,8,8 ) stitches on each needle will each have a wrap around them. At this point the heel will look triangle with the top cut off. Along the left and right sides of the triangle will be the wrapped stitches, evenly placed.

The last row before you begin increasing again is the row in which you purl 8(10,10,12) live stitches. When that's completed it's time to begin increasing.
Ok, so my question is...for one, I think there's a typo where it says "K19" on the 3rd row, because I'm knitting the bigger size, so I think this would mean "K 25"...anyway, I've done everything up until the end of the 2nd row of the 1st repeat.

My question is ... well, there are two stitches left on the last needle, obviously from working one less stitch. Well, it says to slip the next one after knitting the appropriate amount, but my problem is that there is still one stitch on the left over needle that held the stitches beforehand. What do I do with that one? Am I supposed to slip it onto the right needle? and then what of that? Am I suppose to turn it around and wrap the yarn around both stitches and slip both stitches to the right needle?

I don't have a close up picture of one of these socks in progress the way the pattern goes, so I don't know how it's supposed to look. If I had a picture, I probably wouldn't be asking, but it confuses me here

The remaining 7(7,8,8 ) stitches on each needle will each have a wrap around them.
... Because it says "EACH"...I'm confused, because to me, this says that each stitch will be individually wrapped by the yarn. But maybe this means that as you go, more stitches will be slipped and wrapped across?

Anyone have a heads up? I REALLY wanted to finish the heel of one sock tonight, but I hate frogging, so I'd rather know beforehand than afterward and have to frog a few rows of knitting. Call me cautious *shrug*

PLEASE HELP! I'm anxious to knit! Is anyone up at this hour? (I know you other country folk are around someplace!)

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