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Hobby Lobby Ads??
Please correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you say crochet hooks are an implements? :thinking:

Here I was all excited when I read the ad cause I wanted to buy myself and DD10 a set of Susan Bates crochet hooks. BUT NO, they are not considered an implement. What are they considered?

Oh well, I did buy some other things that were considered implements. I just wish I had my 40% coupon with me. Another trip to Hobby Lobby and I'm sure I won't leave with just the hooks. (Oh, knitting is still my first love but we are learning to crochet.)
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i assumed they were when i read it...i believe the ad even mentions Clover which i know they make other stuff but Hobby Lobby has never separated the "notions" from the Needles before from my experience.
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From Websters
Main Entry: 1im·ple·ment
Pronunciation: 'im-pl&-m&nt
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin implementum action of filling up, from Latin implEre to fill up, from in- + plEre to fill -- more at FULL
1 : an article serving to equip <the implements of religious worship>
2 : a device used in the performance of a task : TOOL, UTENSIL
3 : one that serves as an instrument or tool <the partnership agreement does not seem to be a very potent implement -- H. B. Hoffman>
A crochet hook is an implement. You need to call the manager is a cashier told you otherwise.
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it must be different at different HL. I went to mine yesterday and bought knitting and crochet needles for 1/2 off. That is too bad it is not the same at all stores. I would ask the manager about this.
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Yup - an implement.

Honestly how can you implement crochect with out it? :thinking:

Deffinately call the manager!
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Very strange about your HL. I was just there today, and they even had a sign posted about 1/2 off "implements right over all the needles & crochet hooks. I bought a bunch of knitting notions, but I'm certain they would have extended the sale to crochet hooks, too.

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ill find out what my HL say tomorrow and tell you. maybe you could go in adn say HL in x y and z states are including hooks and needles under definition of implements

also, that moda dea yarn, half off at HL this week... is so fabulous. who cares about the nylon/acrylic issue. its soft and scrumptious and in pretty pastels. im about finished with a hat made in the minty green color. its like green bunny rabbits!
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I've had this argument with HL about their vaguely worded ads. Once it was over rubberstamps. The ad said "50% off Rubberstamps" Not "open stock" or "excludes sets" Another time it was on "Novelty Yarns" The cashier was only giving discounts on eyelash yarn. :rollseyes: This would not a problem if HL stores would go computerized with their inventory and check out. I've rarely run into a problem at Michael's or JoAnn's because they scan something and the computer goes, "Oh this falls into the sales category. I must discount it deeply for the customer." I've been overcharged several times at HL because the cashier will ring something in for $14.90 instead of $1.49. Fortunately I've always caught it before I've written the check. Check out takes forever at HL!
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knitncook there, too!

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I called
I did call yesterday and asked the girl who answered. She transferred me to needlework and they had to check for a sign and then said no. Even though there is a sign right above it. :thinking:

Oh well, it gave DD10 :XX: and I an excuse to go out last night again and use our 40% off coupon. We even went to the same girl that told us on Mon it didn't include crochet hooks. She seemed a little huffy since we both used a coupon for our new hooks.

Don't they realize that some people aren't out and about everyday and have the time to hassle with false advertisement and will just go somewhere else. :rollseyes:
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