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I usually knit while watching TV with DH, which works out because I can tune out everything... but music is so stimulating to me that I can't really listen while knitting. I noticed that when I was knitting in the car once... there were actually about 4 good songs on the radio in a row, and I got nothing done during them... having too much fun, I guess :rollseyes: air guitar and knitting needles just don't mix!!

JK, I do NOT air guitar... drum, maybe, but not guitar...
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I knit with music constantly. If it's not a CD is a DVD of a musical that I can listen to while half watching :-) (Tonight I watched/listened to RENT which is killer, surprisingly close to the actual show)

I have satallite radio in my car, and I get the best classical stations; two are orchestral stuff and one is all vocal music! And then there's the Broadway station... i wish I coul dget the signal in my house.... or learn to knit while driving...
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I'm always listening to music while knitting, whether it's death metal or country. And if I don't feel like listening to a cd, I'm always practicing a song that we're learning in Choir!
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I don't knit to music often as I usually knit either while watching TV, in the car when DH driving med-long distance trips with the kids, or when out at a family outing e.g. at park, picnic or beach, on the train or in the car waiting for my daughters school to finish , i.e. no access to music.

When I do get the house to myself I sometimes like to knit on or next to my balcony and listen to the BeeGees greatest hits at the same time, not very cool music probably but I enjoy knitting to it. :XX:
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Music means a lot to me, even when I'm not listening to music there's some song stuck in my head, I knit a lot to music (usually when I'm home alone) and knit to the tv when someone else is around. I find it's a lot easier to tune out the tv and I find myself having to count stitches when I'm listening to music 'cause I get distracted (singing and dancing with my cats, usually. they love it... really.) But I have to say, sometimes it's nice to knit with nothing else going on and just give yourself to what's going on in your hands (this works really well if I'm stressed about school, doesn't take long until I've calmed down).

Just my two cents,
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I just discovered this site recently

You tell it what type of music or whose music you like, and it will play that artist and "find" other ones in that similar genre, all streaming, nothing you have to download. You can even create different "stations" of different artists or types of music (depending on your mood, or type of knitting you are working on....the Stockinette channel...the Lace channel...the Sock channel... )
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Yes! Pandora is amazing! I love it. I use it to check out bands I've heard of but never heard. I've found a lot of good new music from it.
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I like knitting to Elliott Smith but my favorite is knitting to This american Life on NPR.
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