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Ribbing the Cuff
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Errors on Pattern???
Oh Yikes! I'm working on the front of pattern

Once again, this is my very first project, but I believe there are errors here. I emailed Berroco, but I'm not holding my breath. Wondering if I'm right and if anyone else out there knows how to get this right?

With smaller straight needles, cast on 158 sts. Work in ribbing same as back for 4, end on RS. Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 30 sts across 128 sts.

Short Rows: Establish Twining Vine Pat: Row 1 (RS): K39, place marker, work Row 1 of Twining Vine Pat across next 50 sts, place marker, turn.

Row 2 (WS): Work Row 2 of Twining Vine pat across center 50 sts, p4, turn.

Row 3: K4, work Row 3 of Twining Vine pat across center 50 sts, k4, turn.
I don't think I should K4 at beginning of this short row. If I do, I over-shoot the amount of stitches, 128, when short rows are completed. Besides, if I add 4 stitches on each side, instead of just at the end as in all other rows, it'll look plain goofy.

Continue in this manner with Twining Vine pat on center 50 sts and working 4 sts more each row before turning 8 times in all, then 3 sts once, and 2 sts twice until all 128 sts have been worked. Work 6(4-2) rows even in pat as established, end on WS.
On the back of sweater, I end up working 51 rows at this point, but on the front only 40. Does that huge difference seem correct before starting armholes on each side???

Shape Raglan Armholes: Dec Row (RS): K2, k3tog, k to 1st marker, continue center 50 sts in Twining Vine pat, k to last 5 sts, SSSK, k2 118(126-134) sts. Rep this dec every 4th row 16(20-22) times more, then every 6th row 3(1-1) times 40 sts. Work even until piece measures 24 1/2(25-25 1/2) from beg when measured down center of piece, end on WS. Bind off.
On back, I did this same decrease, losing 4 stitches each decrease row - w at start and 2 and end. But as you'll see here, if I start with 128 stitches on the first row, how can I end with 126 (I'm making the medium)??

Then, doesn't this throw off the amount of rows I work over the decreases? I'm really worried that the back is going to be so off kilter from the front regarding armhole placement for this poncho type sweater.

I've completed the back, and and working the short rows on the front. I really hate to toss the project because of the pattern. Especially since it's the first one I've tried.

Since I've enjoyed so much amazing help out there to get me this far, I'm hoping someone can come thru again.

All my thanks,
Lee Lee
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