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100% wool okay for socks?
DH wants some woolen socks and I have some good 100% wool choices in my stash. They are pretty soft, but do I need something with more stretch? I hear people talking about sock yarn, but didn't know there was specific yarn just for socks. New to the whole sock thing (well, not true, I knit some for my baby, but he's not walking around all day in them). Thanks!

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I made myself a pair of 100% wool, worsted wt. They felt wonderful and were very warm. Unfortunately I wore through the heels in a very short time. I'm making another pair now, but am using 2 strands for the heel, and knitting more tightly. I hope it makes a difference. I'm still on the lookout for some worsted weight wool with a little nylon in it.
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losnana, you can just buy nylon sewing thread in the same colour as your yarn and knit with both threads for the heal section...

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Originally Posted by five_six
losnana, you can just buy nylon sewing thread in the same colour as your yarn and knit with both threads for the heal section...
Some knitters claim that nylon thread will actually cut through the wool, defeating the purpose of putting it there in the first place. Others swear by it. I try to stick to blends just in case there's anything to the first claim!

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you can also do that afterthought heel can't you, so that when you wear through the heel it can be replaced. at least that's my understanding of the afterthought heel.
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thanks for the replies. What's an afterthought heel?
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I've made 100% wool socks in worsted for hanging around the house socks. I have a pair of slippers that are a liiiiitle too big so I wear the socks with those slippers so the socks don't wear out so fast. (I haven't tried dbl stranding the heel. Do you need different size needles too? ) Just use a yarn that's not too delicate, unless you're just going to wear them in bed (which I have done too. Oh my toes feel so yummy!!!) I've also done worsted weight superwash and it holds up a little longer. Whatever you decide I say go for it. Nothing better than warm yummy socks
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I made my dad, FIL, and getting ready to make my dh a pair out of Paton's 100% Wool.. I used the nylon thread my LYS sells for socks.. even though I had one friend saying don't and another saying do I hope they hold up... I think both pairs are just being worn around this house right now.. to warm for them still to wear in their boots...

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I would recommend that you buy some regular sock yarn that has nylon has one of the fibers. It will be much stronger than regular wool yarn. There are lots of different brands:
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there's special reinforcing yarn with nylon in it that you carry with the rest of the yarn just for sock heels too.

I have only seen it a couple places though. and i'ts strangely hard to find on google. I think jaeger makes some.
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