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That reminds me of my first child. When I was carrying him, we chose the name Joseph Aaron, because it means "increaser of brightness". We were going to call him Aaron.

But when he was born, he just didn't "look" like a Joseph Aaron, or an Aaron. We called him that for a few days, but it just didn't feel right.

So, we changed it to Joshua Lynn, and that felt perfect. When he was little, he always corrected everyone that tried to call him "Josh". He would say, "NO! My name is JAH-SHOO-WAH!"
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We went with mostly family names for our kids.

David Lee Jr. --dh goes by David, and ds goes by Lee

Lightal Michelle -- dh's grandmother's name was Lightal but nothing sounded right with it. in the hospital i decided on Michelle. it is the only non-family name.

Laura Ellen -- my mom's first name, and several others in her family is Laura, and on the other side of my family, Ellen was my great-grandmother's name, and my grandmaw and her sisters have been trying to get a baby named Ellen for years.

Our other boy name was Carson McBride after both of our dads.

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well from your list i like Samantha and Daniel. For a boy i like Adam but for the girls i can't help...i don't know why but i'm not good at thinking up girls names. Totally understand the whole shortening of the should also watch for the spelling too. My name is Kristine (with a K) and people always got that wrong when i was younger and spelled it with a CH. Then when i said it's with a K they would change the ending letters of my name to TEN instead of TINE i dunno why:scratchinghead:.

No one really called me Kris except for my dad and members of my Dads side of the family ONLY which is really weird...and whats more weird is that if somone is calling me Kris i won't turn around or even hear that person calling me unless its my dad or in a voice from someone on my dads side of the family...not that i'm being rude or ignoring them i'm just not paying attention and i just think someone name Chris is being called not me.
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I used to work with a girl named Kris, and her husband's name was Chris. They had the same last name, of course. The funny part was that they worked for the same company, and I was the receptionist. Whenever anyone called to ask to speak to them, I would say Mr or Mrs? They would be AMAZED every time. Ha!
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