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Oh I hated the morning sickness. I had it with my second child for 3 months straight, morning night, and even the middle of the night. Then one morning it was gone.

The wristbands helped a little, but I had to wear them for a couple days first. I got on a type of prenatal vitamin that wasn't as strong or something and eased it up a little, but it never completely went away.

good luck to you! Most people get over it in a few months. I know it sounds like a long time while you are experiencing it. Lots of good advise here!

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I found that constantly eating helped a lot. If my stomach got empty, I got sick. Also those sour altoids helped. Anything with carbonation made things worse. So, ginger ale did not work. I also had to eat first thing in the morning.

You might want to look into Preggie Pops. I hear they help a lot. Destination Maternity sells them but you can get them online. Right now I feel great though, and I'm not sick anymore.
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Oranges were wonderful. It was the one food my body didn't immediately want back out. Milk was absolutely awful!

I had to switch prenatals...I took two flintstone vitamins every at breakfast, one at lunch. They have everything you need now, only in half the dose. It helped a lot to spread it out.

When I did that, I only got sick about once a day...for the first five months. Then it passed, and it was wonderful!


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Unsalted plain crackers... keep a pack beside the bed, eat a few before you get up in the morning, they absorb the stomach acid. Then when you get up, drink small sips of flat gingerale, at room temperature. Then once your stomach is more settled try some peppermint tea. It helps A LOT.
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Sorry to sucks! But, the reward is worth it.
I was sick all 9 months with both my children and the worst thing I ever heard was "rejoice in your morning sickness, it means your producing lots of good hormones."
The best advice my doctor gave what ever sounds good and you think will stay down.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by gamerchik View Post
but I've been lying in bed for hours feeling like I have to puke (I refuse) and now I'm eating gingersnaps because they are supposed to help and I just feel so...ugh.
I'm sorry, but that part about refusing to throw up tickled me. When I was pregnant with my son I had morning sickness all day long every day for my entire pregnancy. I tried to make myself not puke, but it never worked. LOL One day I was driving down the road and I was sitting at a red light. I had the horrible urge to vomit so I grabbed a full grocery bag and dumped all of the groceries into the floor board and threw up in the bag. There was a man sitting in the car next to mine at the intersection and he was staring at me with this horrified look on his face. I looked up, threw my hand in the air to say, "No! No! Don't watch me!" and threw up some more. I cried all the way home. It's funny looking back on it now.

My OB recommended the wrist bands, switching prenatal vitamins, eating candied ginger, etc. Nothing worked, so I just ate what I felt like eating (Jello Chocolate Pudding was my favorite) and puked when I felt the urge. I puked until I had busted blood vessels underneath my eyes and around my mouth, but my doctor said that unless I was vomiting blood or dropped a drastic amount of weight there was no reason to be concerned. I found that apple juice and cucumber slices were really helpful. Try and stay away from greasy or spicy foods.

Hang in there. It sucks, but I promise you - once the morning sickness goes away food will have never tasted better to you. And it's worth it. My mom always told me that once you've had your baby all of the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, labor and birth are gone. It's weird. It's like you don't even remember it really.
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Take vitamin B6... it helps with nausea and is found in most prenatal vitamins. If you take it regularly it should subside the nausea.. also as soon as you wake up in the morning eat a few saltine crackers. (I used to sell prenatal vitamins)

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gamerchik (10-17-2007)
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I feel your pain! I had morning sickness 24 hours a day, for the whole nine months, twice... but I was never really nauseous... I would just suddenly puke and then be OK again for a couple of hours. Very weird. Anyway, I got fresh ginger, grated it into a mug, poured steaming water over it and added some sweetner, and drank that all day long. It made me feel better, although I don't think it really helped with the puking.. LOL
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Thank you to everyone for your replies and suggestions -- especially to Mason for making me laugh about the hangover.

The gingersnaps actually did help me last night and I was able to go to sleep without feeling vomit-y. I am definitely going to try a few of the things you all suggested. I think I have some of those sea-bands around somewhere, and I love anything minty so the peppermint stuff might help too. I also have lots of saltines and apple juice.

I've started today off by eating some more gingersnaps, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks again to everyone!!!
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I feel your pain.
I'm right there with you. I find eating all day helps. I understand the refusing to throw-up thing too. I feel the same way. I never feel better afterward as some people say they do. Every 30 minutes or so, I eat a couple of crackers, and it seems to help. The biggest pain is that I thought it was getting better until Monday when it got the worst it has been. Just try to keep a steady flow of things into your mouth, and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you find something that's a cure-all, let me know. I'm thinking of trying the acupressure bands as well.

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