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Bad Mother?? Not OT
Okay, we are trying to potty train my 2 year-old. I was wondering if I would be a bad mother if I put knitting projects in the bathrooms (one up stairs, one downstairs) while she sits and pretends to do her thing. She can spend what sems like forever in knitting time just sitting there and does not want to be alone. Any opinions? Suggestions on potty training so I can get back to knitting.
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Potty training takes patience. Lots of it. I don't see a problem with taking your knitting into the bathroom with you when you keep her company. I used to bring a book.. that was before I learned to knit though.

Just make sure you don't get so enthralled that you miss the chance to encourage her or praise her for tinkling in the potty. I know some knits take ALL your attention. lol

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I'm in the same boat as you but I never thought of taking
my knitting in with me...that might make things easier
for me given that I'm not very patient with the sitting
there doing nothing thing! hehe...

Good luck....I know I need some!
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My first reaction is to think that you live a sheltered life if it has even occurred to you that the behavior you describe could even remotely be considered bad mothering.

My daughter is now 8 and I routinely say, in response to her requests for help, "I'll be there when I get to the end of this row." She has learned to accept it.

A friend of mine says, "Families work best when everyone's cup is full." So take your knitting in to potty training sessions and keep your cup full when you can. You'll both be happier, I think.
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I can't even begin to imagine how you would think it's being a bad mother to want to occupy yourself while waiting. As long as you're not ignoring your kid I don't see a problem.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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I say go for it! I used to give my girls books to read while they sat, just to get them to sit there longer.

As for the potty training itself- is this your first time? If not, I won't bore you with my advice. LOL but if it is your first time and you want some advice, I'm happy to share what I've learned...
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I say go for it too! There is nothing wrong at all with you taking something for you to do while she is sitting there. Potty training is time consuming and frustrating at times and it doesn't hurt for you to take along something that will give you some sanity.
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This is my first time potty training, and I just do not want to mess up. i just feel like a bumb on a log just waiting for her to decide she is done. She wants me in there, but does not want me to just stare at her. I guess the knitting will be going with me. Thanks for the advice, and if you have any more please share.
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Knitting is a great idea. Mine wanted me there too but just not to look. Wished I had had a portable potty then. Staring at the wall forever nearly killed me. I will say potty training was hard for me and I still don't know how I did it. My boys were way older than my daughter. And it only took her a weekend to figure out (her gm told her she would get her the pretty panties at the gap that I wouldn't buy if she would). It will happen and you will be thrilled but for now you get bonis knitting time. How bad could that be?
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I don't have kids and don't know the first thing about potty training, but it kind of seems like knitting would help the process. I mean, it is kinda hard to go with someone right there watching you. It is also hard to learn something new with someone watching you. Potty training is going to the bathroom + learning something new, right? But if you are focused on your knitting, maybe she will relax a bit and things will go more smoothly?

Or maybe I can justify knitting for any situation, lol (funerals, sales meetings, timed typing test).
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