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Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
if it is your first time and you want some advice, I'm happy to share what I've learned...
DITTO!!! I'm actually going through it right now. I THINK we pretty much have #1 taken care of and are working on being consistent with that. #2 is taking a bit more patience though.

"Potty Prizes" (aka BRIBERY) is the way we went. LOL. Talk about being bad. LOL.
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What a great idea! I wish I would have thought of it when I was doing this! And as far as being a bad mother? Pshaw! You are creating a relaxed atmosphere for yourself and your child in which to learn this new skill. If you are relaxed and not totally focused on the child, they can realx and not get too uptight. Sounds like the perfect solution to me!
You sound like a great mom to me!

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You are not a bad mother! Take your knitting , take a book if you wish.

As long as she has you in the room and she knows you are there . I do not see it as a problem.

I have often done it when my son wants to sit in the bath for an hour lol
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Originally Posted by MrsDavis3 View Post
My first reaction is to think that you live a sheltered life if it has even occurred to you that the behavior you describe could even remotely be considered bad mothering.

My daughter is now 8 and I routinely say, in response to her requests for help, "I'll be there when I get to the end of this row." She has learned to accept it.

A friend of mine says, "Families work best when everyone's cup is full." So take your knitting in to potty training sessions and keep your cup full when you can. You'll both be happier, I think.

Us too, only ds is only 5

To the OP, knit away. I do lots of stuff int he bathroom whilst waiting for my kids to decide they are done while PTing. I knit, read a book, watch the younger ones unravel entire rolls of TP (hey it keeps them entertained!) crossword puzzles, grocery shopping lists, to-do lists; all KINDS of stuff! The PTer doesn't usually mind, I think they just like your presence, not necessarily your attention
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You are totally NOT a bad mother. My first daughter pretty much trained herself...and I can't really remember how that happened, lol! She is now 11! My youngest took alot longer, which is typical for her. It was frustrating...I sat and thought about it, and I think she:

1) Just didn't understand fully what she needed to do.

2) didn't recognize her body signals telling her when she needed to go.

Soo.....and this is likely the bad mommy thing, I had her go pantless one day when sister was at school and it was just us two. She would start to go, and noticed something wasn't I'd say "oh oh! Time to go sit on the potty!" and she would run to it. It took less than a day, and she was so proud.

Now if you choose to go this route, and you have carpet, you will likely have some extra maintenance to do, lol. But it was sooo worth it for me.

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i had to potty train 2 boys... i took my crochet in with me while they "read" a book while on the potty.

is she staying dry all night? does she tell you she needs to potty? if she's not, she may not be ready for potty training yet. and expect her to back slide a bit too and have accidents. when that happens, just have her help you clean her up and say nothing more about it than next time she needs to try and get to the potty faster and that everyone just learning has accidents sometimes, she'll already feel badly and be ashamed, no need to make her feel worse.
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way OT, sorry
Originally Posted by astonh View Post
DITTO!!! I THINK we pretty much have #1 taken care of and are working on being consistent with that. #2 is taking a bit more patience though.
We had a huge problem with the second function. She was actually AFRAID to use the potty for that. A friend of mine confessed that with her first child, she actually had to push her down onto the potty at just the right moment. Nothing I had tried worked, and one day when my daughter was crying and yelling "Put a diaper on me, put a diaper on me NOW!!!" because the phenomenon we're discussing was imminent, I took her into the bathroom and literally pushed her down on to the pot. Success was unavoidable at that point. Once it happened, she was elated! She was free of the terrible fear! She bragged about it for days! And I think she has forgotten that I pushed her.
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That's a great idea and totally appropriate. My daughter sometimes wants company while soaking in the tub so I knit and she plays in the water and we visit. She's 7 almost 8.
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I have not pushed anything on her (I hope). She tells me she either has to poo or push, and off we go to the bathroom. Sometimes she does her thing, and back to playing in the living room she goes, but other times, she just sits there doing nothing but staring at her toes. I do not want to force her to do anything, but just sitting there is boring me to tears.

She does not stay dry all night long, not that I expect a 2 year-old to stay dry, but she usually tells me during the day when she thinks she needs to go. I guess I need to find some books on potty training. Means I have to put the pattern books down for a bit. Very sad thought, but my children have to come first.
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I loved reading this thread, reminded me of when my DS, now 28, was going through PT'ing. He kicked off his diaper one hot summer day when he was about 20 months, and never went back to a daytime "diappy". Miracle child! My husband had taken him in with him enough that he knew what he was supposed to do. Night time was a different matter, at that age he just was not developed enough to have any control.

No, you are not a bad mom! As a (former) nurse, I've heard horrible tales of frustrated parents attempting to train their kids with methods you wouldn't use on a dog.

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