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No, you shouldnt quit because if you worked on this for more than 1 year dont give up, i like to knit and i know i wont be a great knitter so I just continue because I like it a lot and its fun to do so you feel the same way why would you give up on knitting the first time i started to knit i automatically loved it so why give up now
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I don't think I've ever got to that stage with knitting but I did with cross stitch last year. I was making christmas cards and the closer it got to christmas the less I wanted to do it, I didn't make enough cards and had to improvise a bit then refused to even look at a pattern for the next few months. It got better but I have to say I'm much more into my knitting at the moment, maybe you could switch hobbies for a bit, find something else you enjoy that you haven't done for a while and give that a shot, you'll probably find after a little while that you want to get started on the knitting again. I learned that deadlines don't work for me, I'm a put it off til the last minute person so in order to convince myself to work on something I either have to be really motivated or not set a deadline and wait until the mood strikes.

I've had a really bad week too, between one thing and another I spent a lot of my time this week crying or really angry and I never really worked out why until I was talking it through with my mom yesterday. I figured out the biggest issue that was making me feel upset and angry and then the rest sort of piled on top of it and I was finding it hard to deal with. My poor boyfriend took the brunt of the anger unfortunately but he has been really good and really patient and I think he gets it now. Talking certainly helps if only to get it straight in your head and there are loads of friendly people on this forum willing to listen/read and offer support.
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tangled yarn is pure badness
I would just like to add that I can stand almost any kind of mistake I make in knitting, but when I come up against what seems like an impossibly tangled mass of yarn, I go absolutely mental! There is something about tangled yarn that makes me want to scream. I feel compelled to untangle it, but untangling yarn is the one knitting-related task I hate.

I can tink and frog nearly a whole garment without much angst. But if the yarn gets tangled in the process, I will be challenged to keep my composure.
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I know how you feel. I wouldn't quit knitting, but I'd put it down for awhile and then see if it's something you still want to do after the dust settles and things have calmed down for you.
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I haven't quite been as bad as this... but I know I would get a little frustrated with my knitting, so I would have to put it down and just vent a little (this was to my mom, who is not a knitter, and she made a comment once about how I enjoy something that just causes problems or something), which can feel very good. I've complained before about "ugh!! I just had to frog this stupid thing AGAIN!" and my mom would laugh at me.... and I would turn around later when my mood had changed and would try again.

I read earlier in the this thread (I'm sorry, I never actually read all the responses..) about not learning a new skill when other things in your life aren't going as smoothly as you'd like.. Well, I think that depends on the person. I know for me, sometimes I get frustrated and I'll just sit there and knit (and knitting is a fairly new skill, just taught myself in late January). Sometimes learning a new thing, even it if frustrates you, can be good. I'd rather be frustrated by my knitting than accidentally take out a frustration on someone that has nothing to do with my frustration (knitting can be put away and forgotten for awhile, which can be nice if it's causing problems, once it's out of sight, you can relax)...

Maybe you just need a brief knitting time out? Just put the needles away, don't feel like you have to do any of it, because really, forcing yourself to get something done by a certain time can be stressful. I know sometimes there are deadlines (birthdays, weddings, etc) but have a backup plan or something, or maybe make up a little card or certificate type thing if you don't finish a project on time for someone. Something that says "I am currently in the middle of making ___ for you, but unfortunately, I am wanting to make it the best I can as you are very special to me, and it is not quite completed yet" and let them know that as soon as you are finished, even an estimated how much longer, that you will give it to them. Better late than never! I'm sure your friends and family would like to see you happy and would hate that because you are making them something you are getting frustrated.

Wait until you feel ready to knit, if you're actually wanting to do it, then hopefully you won't feel as frustrated... The yarn doesn't have an expiry (sp?) date that I know of, so it's not like after a month or something it goes bad and you have to throw it out. It can wait for you....
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Tangled yarn, especially tangled expensive yarn, will send me over the edge too.
I, um, have to confess to getting so mad at one piece I was working on and trying to repair that I took scissors to it. The yarn wasn't that expensive though.
That said, if you're not enjoying your hobby right now, just stop. Not forever, but for a while. What good is a hobby if it doesn't give you pleasure and enjoyment? As a PP said, if you're knitting gifts the recipients can wait. Your sanity is worth more!
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Originally Posted by suecq View Post
Hey, $37 is not much to pay for a therapy session. If cutting up the tabgled mess helped you release pent up frustration and anger then it was $37 well spent.
That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Seriously, if it makes you feel better, I had the same conversation with *myself* last week! Although I enjoy knitting, it's definitely not my talent and I'll never be as good at it as I would like to be, but it does provide me with entertainment and maybe it will keep my middle-aged mind active and healthy. Maybe don't take it so seriously? Hope you feel better!
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That would drive me batty. I have been known to waste an entire afternoon trying to untangle a ball of yarn.
If this was a hank of yarn from a place I regularly buy from I would have brought it back. My LYS lady is so nice I'm sure she would have offered a replacement.
this weekend I was helping a new knitter wind her first ball of yarn. It was a great hank of malabrigo, and I made a point to show her that a few knots or tangles are ok and expected, but a mess of yarn is NOT your fault if you unwound the hank niceley, it is the person that wound the hank, and I have no hesitation in returning the yarn. The worst they can say is "no"
That said, I have also taken scissors to yarn and chopped away my frustrations!
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Poor Jodie!
I'm sorry the yarn company did you wrong. I think you should write a letter to the company, complaining about your experience. But don't mail it yet. Wait a day, then read it. If it sounds too argumentative, burn it. Then, write another letter that is more objective, and mail it right away.
I've done that when I had a disagreement with a friend or family member. I would write them a letter, saying EXACTLY what I felt. Then, I would wait and read it later. It was always fun to let it all out, and then burn it. I guess the burning was the most fun. Ha!
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Awa, forget about anger management! Just get on the phone to your best friend and you'll feel better, I always do. As far as being frustrated about knitting projects, you should try crochetting, I always have a crochet project going, then when I get frustrated with my knitting project I set it aside and pick up the crochet for a bit and when I get back to the knitting project I forget about how frustrated I was.
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