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Turning the Heel
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I crocheted off and on for a long time, and a few months ago got REALLY into it. I decided to try knitting again (which I had tried many times before with no success), and I finally "got it". It was kind of like playing guitar...just when you are about to give up you can change chords. I taught myself using this site and a copy of S&B.

I haven't crocheted except for fringe for a bit, which is a shame, so I may have to get a crochet project soon. I've been a knitting fiend since I started in November, and I want to try EVERYTHING!

No, I am not ashamed that I have a major crush on a man who dressed in tights and made faces for most of the 80's, and now plays a crippled drug addicted doctor...and is almost the same age as my father.
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1st Leg of the Journey
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phrytes, your avatar is lovely!

i thought everyone started knitting with pregnancy. haha. i did. i became obsessed with natural fibers and couldn't find enough baby clothes and accesories that were attractive and functional AND 100% wool/cotton.

also, knitting is a better alternative to bar hopping. tee hee
'the only currency is this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool'
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1st Leg of the Journey
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(GONNA BE LONG...........................)

I always wanted to learn to knit. I can remember wanting to learn for a good 10 yrs. or so, but never attempted it. I thought it looked to complicated. Why try it? Looks too hard. I had tried crochet in the past and learned 1 basic stitch that my husbands grandmother showed me. She lives far away so I only got 1 lesson..not to mention she only speaks spanish and I don't speak spanish. She's right handed, I'm left. So there u go. LOL! I found out then that most books were geared more towards right handers, and the lil sections they had in books etc. said to hold 'em up to mirrors. :x Ughhhhh...Anyway, I made a small blanket from that 1 stitch I learned. Eventually got bored and that was it. That was about 4 yrs. ago or so.

Then by chance.......I was at Barnes n Noble looking for a Vegetarian Cookbook. (Recently became a vegetarian Sept. of last yr.) Anyway...I didn't see anything I like so I went to find my husband...he was looking at bks. with my kids. I was all sad because I couldn't find anything I liked. Then I was walking by this "bargain table" and lo' and behold staring at me was a book about learning to knit. So I was like Hmmm?? :idea: I went to the knitting bks. section and looked thru a million bks. Then got a bit overwhelmed. :? OMG..sooo many books. Ugh....was starting to get intimidated, but yet I was curious. I thought hmmmm....knitting is with 2 hands maybe that would be easier to learn then crocheting being i'm a lefty. Hmmmmm???

After feeling a bit intimidated with all the books on knitting I told my husband let's go to Michael's. Which was in the same shopping center. I thought they probably had just a basic lil book with instructions. So off we went. I got a few lil thin books on knitting there, needles, yarn and I was set. This was this past Dec.

I'm now currently working on a scarf and a poncho.

I guess as people say, "the rest is H I S T O R Y!" :D

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I started because my sister begged me to take a crochet class with her, but the more I searched out patterns, the more I found that I wanted to be able to do the ones that were knitted. So, I taught myself. I am going to my first knitting class tonight and am so excited. I am the only person in my family that knits and have taken a lot of good natured ribbing about it because I am not an 80 year old woman like the stereo-type dictates, LOL. I love to knit and am so addicted. I just wish I was faster.

On the Needles: Calla Tank ( and a baby blanket for my co-worker

Next on the Needles: My own design!!!

Check out my blog:

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Instepping Out
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I posted this before but I'll post it again:

I associate Knitting with Feminism because knitting was part of my first feminist act. In 1990 I was working in a bookstore that operated in a discount warehouse style. It was originally a supplier to schools and libraries that needed books by the pallet full so the books were shelved by publisher and then title because that’s the way books come from the publisher. When they arrived in the store, we’d just rip the top off and put stacks of them out on the floor. School librarians would come by and scoop them up by the handful.
By the 80’s word had spread about this funky place to buy books at twenty percent off, but shopping by publisher was confusing to some. So the store stared making subject shelves, with everything from car repair to antiques. Some of the women I worked with got together and started reading feminist text and women who came into the store looking for this genre were passed on to us. We had to show these women around to different shelves throughout the store because there was no women’s studies shelf. After a while we started questioning this practice and asked the management for a women’s studies shelf. They adamantly refused saying it wasn’t necessary. If women had to search all over the store (which was as big as Powell’s) then that was their problem.
The like minded feminist women at the store would gather on weekend afternoons, sipping tea, eating yummy treats and eventually knitting. Most of us were younger, feistier and ready for violence if our demands were not met. But Melinda, much older than us with a son our own age, was always knitting and her work was proudly displayed on him while he worked in the shipping area. We all became interested in her knitting, which seemed to foster her focus, concentration and deep thought at these meetings. So we wanted to learn this skill too.
We started to bring our needles into the store with us and ask her to show us some complicated stitch or configuration but one or two of the managers would come up to us and tell us not to knit in the store. The manager of the store had forbidden us to “talk shop” on company time, even though he and the fellas argued about baseball scores all through the day. “Put that away, you’re taking up valuable work time,” they would scoff at us. We saw red but kept up our knitting sessions, deferring to Melinda and her calm wisdom of working toward a resolution. Her lesson in restraint paid off. We developed a plan: We would go to the management as a group. They could refuse each of us individually but not standing together as a group. And of course it worked. We got our shelf.
I have been knitting and plotting revolution ever since.
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Well, I too am a crafty woman. I've always done something. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a kid, but I drifted more to crocheting. Over the years I've also done needlepoint, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, a bit of sewing. On vacations, we tend to shop for souveniers at thrift stores and I started picking up wonderful yarns to make an afghan. Also started getting knitting needles. Last summer I was on vacation visiting friends in colorado and she and I ended up at the local craft store. We bought a book and now I can't stop. My knitting bag goes everywhere with me, which is why I love knitting, it's a take-a-long, it keeps me relaxed and I get to be creative everyday!!
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Casting On
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Sorry...this one's kinda long, too. :-)
My uncle and his family were stationed in Germany when I was little. One Christmas, they got to come back home for a couple of weeks and we all stayed at my grandparents' house. One morning my aunt (who didn't have any daughters) called me over to the couch and handed me a crochet hook and some yarn and taught me to crochet. I was about 7 or 8, I think.

Well, of course, she had to go back home and I had so many questions that I just put it aside. I could do a basic chain, but that was all.

Then when I was 13, my other grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer and we were living with him and grandma. Before he became really sick, he began trying to teach my mom to crochet and showed me the things I needed to know (single, double, turning....).

So I became proficient enough to turn out little pieces here and there and crocheted off and on for years. But I broke my arm when I was little and it caused me to have limited rotation in my wrist, so it was hard for me to crochet for long periods of time without my wrist beginning to hurt.

So I found myself working for the local police department as a clerk in the Arrest & Booking section and part of my job was being on the radio checking subjects for warrants. Well, I wanted something to do during the downtime on the radio, so I brought some crocheting stuff one day. I got to see everyone who got arrested and the officers, so I got to know the officers pretty well. One of my favorite officer buddies came in and thought I was knitting and just started talking about it (in a positive way!!).

I thought, hmmm, maybe I could knit. (I had tried a few times before with disasterous results--my problem was I was trying to make it really complicated. No one in the family knitted so I had no one to ask.)

Anyway, I decided to give it one more go. I bought a "Learn to knit" kit at Michaels and some varigated yarn, which helped so much because then I could differentiate between the parts of the stitches. This was before Amy's wonderful site, but I did find another set of knitting videos on the web and that helped, too. And now, you can't pry the needles out of my hands. :D

So I guess I can say, it's the cop's fault that I knit.
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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My best friend started knitting Fall of 03. Since I generally have an "anything you can do, I can do better" attitude, I made her teach me, and made sure that I learned to purl before she did
I'm back!
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Casting On
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I began knitting when I worked at a law firm and did not have enough to keep me busy. A yarn store opened a block away and my coworker and I walked past it everyday. So I decided to stop and get the stuff to learn how to knot. I am not overly crafty. I have tried crochet, counted cross stitch, sewing, painting, you name it and I have probably tried it but never found anything that I liked doing. Now I knit all the time and my husband in constantly teasing my about my habit, although he does benefit from it.
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Knitting the Flap
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How did I miss this thread?
I have been quite crafty as long as I can remember. My mum always made us do something and animated me to try out everything I wanted-from oil painting to silk painting to plaster to window color etc
Actually almost anything in my room is altered in some way :D .
I have been crocheting before, but only did some doll clothes(aka rectangles turned into skirts with safety pins) and some scarfes.
Then last year I learned to sew cause I couldn't find a pair of trouser anywhere! Not that I weight to much, but all those low cut ones look stupid on me.
Last summer me and my mum went to a fleamarket. I was searching for some fabric and then saw some knitting needles. I asked my mum if knitting was easier then crocheting and she asked me back if I wanted to learn it. Then we just brought the knitting needles. Later I got some more from my grandaunt whom we visited that day.
Well, unfortunately my mum couldn't really remember how to knit so I had to teach myself!
That doesn't really answer the question what made me start knitting...
I think it was out of curiosity, if I could master it. Also when I saw the knitting needles I had all these projects in my mind. Like cool scarves and sweaters nobody else wears!
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