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From cast on to bind off - I learned it all here 50 30.86%
Knew very basics... videos got me moving! 55 33.95%
Knew beginner stuff, videos helped me with advanced techniques 41 25.31%
Pretty much had it all down, used videos to refresh my memory, but learned a new skill or two 14 8.64%
Naw, I am an old pro! I came here for the company 0 0%
Huh, Amy has videos?!?!?! 2 1.23%
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Turning the Heel
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Amy's Videos
I love Amy's videos, especially Increases & Decreases. I've been knitting for forty years and had done intricate cables and Fair Isle patterns, made sweaters, hats, scarves and afghans, and even designed some of my own sweaters including modifying existing patterns to add sizes (like XXXL for a very rotund friend), but I'd never made a sock.

Somehow the directions for turning a heel always baffled me. Well I'm halfway through my first sock - thanks to Amy - and I finally understand how to do the heel! It's great to be able to actually SEE in motion what you have to do and not just try to decipher written instructions with drawn pictures. Ever notice how the drawn pictures never look like your knitting?

The increases and decreases all in a row are really helpful too! Other fun things I hadn't known before: Provisional cast on, Three needle bind off, and double knitting.


(Now if I could just figure out how to use the emoticons - scratching head.)

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Turning the Heel
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My mother taught me to knit and crochet, but it wasn't until my dd asked me to teach her that I rediscovered the joy of knitting. Amy's vids taught me to continental, the long tail cast on and other goodies. I go back to them whenever I get stuck, sit in front of the monitor, needles in hand, vid running over and over until I get it. It's like sitting at the knee of a pro for help. The vids are incredible.

I stalk the site, add a few comments here and there whenever I feel I have any expertise on the subject matter, frequently ask questions, and get wonderfully helpful responses. The only problem is this site taught me what a "stash" was. Since no knitter worth her salt can be without one, I spent a fortune on yarn and now have a respectable stash. Wahoo!!

As my son would say, " is da bomb!" I KH.
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Knitting the Flap
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Originally Posted by Julie
I must have watched her videos 3 times each
Only three times??

I referred my friend here and we both agreed that one of the best things about video is that you can watch them 1,000 times, or until you "get it." Whereas when a live person is teaching you they might get irritated if you ask them to do somthign for the 1,000th time.
I meant that night. Since then, I can't count the number of times I've watched them.
"the butter wouldn't melt so I put it in a pie"
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OMG, this is the best thread ever! Thanks Nik!

You all are so great! Pass the tissues... *sniffle*

I can't believe how many of you learned from the beginning here! That is SOOOOOO cool!!!! It makes me wonder how many people I've actually taught to knit! And how many people I've taught to make socks, and advanced things. I get all warm and fuzzy inside to think about it, it makes me feel even more connected to you all (who knew it was possible?), it's like I've sat down next to you and we've knitted together, to hear you say what you've learned here.

I love hearing your stories!!! :sunny:

KnittingHelp Queen Bee

“It is not because things are so difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
— Seneca
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Working the Gusset
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I suspect without Amy's videos, played over and over and over again, I might have given up!!!! :XX:
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Turning the Heel
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Amy, you truly started something special, be proud!
I have been knitting more years than I care to remember. I took a rather extended detour into the land of Needlepoint. With the resurgance of knitting, I dusted off my needles and jumped in. Your web site was one of the first I happened upon, and I am very grateful that I did.

Thanks to you and to all the special knitters who make this my first stop when I turn on the computer.

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Sock Yarn Bliss
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Originally Posted by amy
You all are so great! Pass the tissues... *sniffle*

it's like I've sat down next to you and we've knitted together, to hear you say what you've learned here.
Isnt it SURREAL that you can feel HUGGED by people you've never met??
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Grafting the Toe
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1st, allow me to admit the truth; and it's VERY EMBARRASSING !
I knew that there were 'helpful knitting' tips here #1 because of the name and #2 because I had heard about this website when I was on the knitting forum over at, yes, :rollseyes: I am a biforumual and PROUD OF IT! and #3 I never even looked at any of the 'help' areas when I 1st joined; I just came to talk about :XX: . I had completely forgotten that there were all these helpful diddies happening all over the site; I was too busy talking, yep, me....jabber, jabber; :XX: :XX: #4 When Amy sent me her cd's I was then AMAZED at all of the helpful videos all over the place... duh; where had I been?!....TALKING..LOL!! Now, I begin tomorrow (finally) to try to learn continental knitting now that there's that wonderful video with Amy's great, easily understood explanations (that were always at my fingertips before, but; Imagine That!!) After the continental knitting I intend to learn how to better accomplish color work; and the list goes on!!
After my embarrassing confession about my inability to read beyond the word 'forum' on the toolbar (or whatever it's called) I would like to say: THANK YOU, AMY! Since I've received your cds I've learned all sorts of cool things and you, my dear friend, are an EXCELLENT :XX: teacher; you are indeed my Yoda
Addicted to the Knit is Becka

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Knitting the Flap
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The video's here are the absolute best!!!
I knew one basic cast on (knitting on), I could knit and purl which allowed me to do simple things like seed stitch and ribbing.

When I mentioned I was looking for other explanations and simple patterns, bummble pointed me to this side and I haven't left since

Things I've learnt: to knit righthanded (I'm a leftie by nature but it was easier to not have to mirror the videos :D), knit in the round with DPN, how to do long tail cast on, in- and decreasing, cabling etc.
and I'll soon try to make my first sock.

Oh and I've learnt a TON of new English words Somehow the subject of knitting never really was covered in my highschool English classes. Nowadays I think I can read a patterndescription better in English than I can in Dutch and I write my own ideas out using the English abbreviations aswell.

Best thing though is this forum!!! If I had wanted to, I could have learnt most of the knitting from my mum eventually but I love having "met" so many of you on here
I know I don't post that often but I do read most of the posts as often as I can and I love it.

so, Amy: you're inspiration is actually traveling the globe; thanks for taking this idea and running with it!! I hope that this baby isn't growing too big for you though; I hate to see either kill itself or "kill" you by its own success
(a big yay!! to all the mods is in place here too I think, for helping to keep this forum up and running )

Hmm, ok I kind of expanded on just the "how did the video's help you" subject so I'll get down from my soapbox and let you all continue with the regular program again.

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Originally Posted by KellyK
Isnt it SURREAL that you can feel HUGGED by people you've never met??
I feel VERY HUGGED , it's so wonderful! :sunny: I'm loving it!

Rebecca, you're too funny! Well the videos can take a long time to download for slower internet, so don't feel like you're the only one who didn't watch them until you got a CD! I'm SURE you're not alone!

Simply Kaar, I agree, the forum is the best part!! It was an afterthought, if you can believe that, when I made this site. "Hmmm, I wonder if anyone will post to a forum if I put one up?" Yeah, within minutes!! DH says he's never known of a forum to take off as fast as this one did! We were very lucky, because some poor wonderful forums never even get off the ground; it takes people to post, to bring the wonderful energy to it! You all are what it's all about!! Thanks everyone!!

And YES, THANKS TO THE MODS!! for keeping my job fun for me. Don't know what I'd do without you ladies!

Don't worry SimplyKaar, this site's not going be taken down for ANYTHING! It's been a great blessing for me too, and gives back to me in every way. It's been a huge help to have the mods. If you all can do without me for occasional periods, then you needn't worry about me burning out! It's a great joy to be a part of this community, and to add to and have fun with this site!!
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