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Originally Posted by Victoise
There was a hawk yesterday however and I ran around screaming at it... (how neat you have hawks hedgehog!)
Yeah, they're pretty fabulous. Red-shouldered hawks are VERY loud when they circle which is really cool to hear during the day. I'd be VERY sad if they left, but hope they're sticking to feeding on frogs, snakes and *cringe* squirrels instead of the neighbourhood cats. :|

I know for a fact that my older cat (whom i affectionately call "Skeletor" due to his newly sinewy, elderly body), would be scooped up by a hawk with no problem. However my other cat has been cursed with the chubby gene (i tell him it's not his fault - it's all genetics!) and i honestly don't think a hawk could get him off that ground easily!! LOL.. :rofling: ... Although i'd HATE to see one try :(

Those net pens are kind a cool. Too bad they don't have a big plastic ball for cats like they do for hampsters!

Ahhhh, healthy obsession.... How i love thee and seek thy comfort....

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Hedgehog.... my dad lives on this 'greenbelt' in Chandler, Arizona, like the houses are all on this nice big strip of green and the hawks just cruise down that and pick up cats here and there.
Can ya imagine!!!! ?


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I think a cat can be perfectly content living indoors if it's done so all its life, but can be spoiled if it's spent substantial time outdoors before and might not be happy indoors after that. I always had happy indoor cats in the city, and would go that route in the city, certainly, or if there were roaming dogs in my neighborhood, or if I lived on a busy road.

When I got my current cat from the shelter, she was age 5 and had clearly been an outdoor cat, because she ABSOLUTELY would not tollerate my attempt to keep her indoors. She became absolutely a "problemed cat", peeing on the carpet often to express her discontent. I finally gave in when I was forced to recarpet the livingroom, I didn't want her behavior to continue! Sure enough, since I've allowed her outside, she's been a great cat, and I have to say, it's been nice to not have to change a litterbox!

The shelter I got her from, here in the country, makes folks sign something saying they won't allow their cats to stay outside OVERNIGHT. But has no restrictions about a cat being outdoors in the day.

I am absolutely against de-clawing.

Feministmama, I'd say feed it, but TRAP IT and get it SPAYED!!!! It's GUARANTEED to get pregnant and soon you'll have the same delimma but with a LOT of cats. I had an opportunity once to capture a friendly pregnant ferile cat, and I didn't do it, and I've always regreted it. All of her kittens would have had the chance to be spayed and live happy lives with owners, and now there's probably 100 or more of her decendants (a statistical guess), and I worry that there's not enough food for them!
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When I was growing up my dad felt all animals should be outdoors but then a boy broke my heart and dad got me a cat that was allowed inside LOL they have had them both since then. Some cats are happier outside then inside and its a battle if you try to keep them in. We have two cats one that my son was given by my parents when I had my daughter and she stays inside all the time. I just can't have anything happen to her cause its HIS cat that would be awful having to tell him something happened to her but its a battle. Plus we live on a farm and she keeps the mice out of the house. She was an outside kitten and we have to watch all doors if she can she will run out as fast as she can cause she knows when we catch her she goes back inside. She stays in the windows and meows and she has been inside for almost 2yrs... Then we have another cat who just came out of the woods one day the sweetest cat you have ever saw.. He won't come in and doesn't want in just lays in the sun on our porch all day and keeps the mice out of my garage lol I don't worry about him cause he has prolly been outside all his life. I am against de-clawing we had a cat that mom's friend told her thats what you need to do so mom took it to the vet not knowing what de-clawing was exactly horrible.. i think its all a personal decision no right or wrong way just what you are comfy with... Please spay/neuter them if they are outside though so many cats in our local shelter its so sad...

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