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Originally Posted by KellyK
*KellyK admiring the way Ingrid sticks to her convictions*
I'm often so unsure of myself, that when I'm sure, I'm really sure.
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Originally Posted by Ingrid
I will reiterate over and over (how's that for redundancy) I have never done nor have I heard of skipping the first row of any pattern, ever. If the patterns wanted you to, somewhere, some pattern would have said to. Why on earth would they assume that people would know that their cast on was row one?

Patterns say cast on XX stitches. Begin pattern: Row 1
The only time I have heard of counting a CO row is if you use cable cast on... If the first row is a knit row then you CAN skip it. Some do, some don't. Otherwise No. You don't count CO row.
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Re: Easy question: regarding counting stitches
Originally Posted by D
This is a newbie question but, I've read conflicting answers on different sites. When counting stitches do you include the one that is your slip knot?

I'm a very new self-taught knitter.. I'd be utterly stuck if I didn't find this site. It's very helpful
My 2 cents=

When I use a slip knot, I always count it as as st. And I don't count my co row as a row either

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I'm with Ingrid here too. And just so I understand...

...never count the cast on row. The only time I would count row 1 with my cast on, is if I were to do the double cast on and that is because a double cast on means that I would be casting on and knitting row one at the same time.

...I also agree about the row on your needle. If you have knit in stockinette stitch and have done 5 rows, you will be able to count 5 rows of "v"s and row 6 is waiting to be started.

...I would never skip row 1 from a pattern either.
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Personally, I NEVER count the cast on row as a row. The pattern says cast on, then knit row one. Why would I skip the row unless it says to?

As far as the stitches on the needle go, I count it as a row, but it counts as the next row to knit. So if I count 6 rows, I know I'm ON row 6.

Although in reality, I hardly ever count rows anyway. I use a row counter.

The most important thing is to know which is the right side and wrong side of your work. Say you started knitting row one, that was the right side. If you count your rows and count 12 knitted rows, and the next row is on the right side, you know it's row 13. All odd numbered rows are on the right side.

Unless for some reason you started with row 1 on the wrong side, then all odd rows will be on the wrong side. ... Or unless you're knitting in the round.
Ah the complexities of this simple, relaxing craft.

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Technically, if you do a long-tail cast-on, it is just as if you did a backward loop cast-on and then knitted a row. So I do, in my video say "hey you've already got a knitted row!" And this is factual, compared to backward loop cast-on.

On the other hand, since this is the most common cast-on, one can well assume it's what the designer used, and that they didn't count it.

Both ways are right!

I don't worry about it. In some cases I will count it, if it's then convenient to count it. My habit is not to count it generally, but that's mostly because I don't think about it. Basically, I change my mind, depending on what's convenient! I say, as with anything in knitting, do whatever you like, and don't sweat it!
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:XX: I'm baaaccckkkk LOL

I asked her again for any pattern if you use this type of cast on do you skip Row 1 as long as its a knitted row she said yep you have already knitted your first row...

sooo.... I'll prolly go on not counting it.. because I'm to afraid of messing up :D

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I think it doesn't matter, as long as you are consistant with your counting. And you don't have to be consistant from project to project, just consistant in the same project. Make sense? I might not count it on my scarf, but i might count it on my sweater... as long as I don't start switch in the middle of the project, who cares?

BUT back to the counting the row on the needle thing... KK, I think you're right! When you knit row 5 of a pattern, for example, that's the row ON YOUR NEEDLE, so you have to count it! If you don't count the row on your needle, then when you start knitting again, you'd knit row 5 a second time... which doesn't really matter for somethings, but in lace patterns or cables, or other intricate 24-row-long panels or whatever it DOES matter. I'm surprised there was controversy over this... the row on your needles counts, yes, always.

As for the CO row, I think that's a personal preference. I count it if I do long tail, or cable CO, but not if I do provisional or backwards loop.
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But when you knit row five on your needle, its the row you just slipped off. The stitches on your needle are row six waiting to be knit.

Lets assume you cast on (and don't count it as a row since the pattern doesn't tell you to), then row one is the first row you knit, right? That's the one that gets slid off the needle. Row two is the next one you're going to knit. The loops are on the needle waiting to be knit for row two.

Even better, lets say you did a backwards loop cast-on so that doesn't look like a row. You knit row one and look at your work. There is one row of knitting on the front of your work under you needle. You haven't knit the next row yet. When you do, you'll have two rows under your needle.

Am I making sense here?
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OK OK ...I see where we are miscommunicating. This is a LANGUAGE problem we are having, not a knitting problem...

Ingrid, if you took the words "to be knit" out of your statement, we would be saying the same thing.

Let's not even call them rows anymore....if I put my knitting down and picked it up again a month later, I would have to count the stuff on my needles to figure out where I was in the pattern.

HOWEVER, if I was trying to gauge my PROGRESS, I wouldnt count the loops on my needle, I would count what's UNDER it, and say this is how much I have DONE.

(and, fer cryin' out loud, if we still dont agree, then INGRID WINS just because I cant stay on this emotional rollercoaster any longer! )
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