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OMG! The needles make all the difference! (what do you use?
So I'm a novice knitter who learned from a book 3 years ago, and have inconsistently knitted ever since. When I first tried it, I bought some metal needles and found I couldn't work with them. They were too slick for me, and my knitting kept sliding off. I switched to bamboo and have used bamboo ever since. For some reason, I also got the impression that was the preferred choice among most knitters, so I thought they were the "right" needles for me to be using.

Then I read on one of Amy's pages here that she prefers metal. I was having trouble with my size 9 bamboo (maybe b/c one of my cats gnawed on the end? ) so I bought a pair of metal ones yesterday. OMG!!! The difference is huge. I'm knitting so fast now. I started a toddler scarf late last night and am already halfway done. I love the feel of the metal needles sliding against each other. And now that I know more of what I'm doing, I'm not having trouble keeping my stitches on the needles the way I was in the very beginning.

So now I'm wondering if I should switch all my needles to metal (just bought 3 sets of bamboo earlier this week!). What do the rest of you use, and why? Do you prefer to use all the same kind of needles, or do you switch back and forth? Inquiring minds want to know!
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I prefer the weight of metal needles and I like how my stitches just glide along. I can understand how they'd be difficult to start knitting on, but somehow I managed to do that. I find bamboo ones difficult to work with, especially at smaller sizes. Plus my dog eats them when I'm not looking. I my Denise interchangeables, which are resin - like plastic, but heavier and not quite as bendy. But I would have to say that metal needles are still my favorite straight needle. I absolutely will not knit with plastic, can't stand it - too light, they bend to much, they drive me crazy.
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I dont like metal either...denises or bamboo.
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My first pair was bamboo and I couldn't get the hang of them cause the yarn wouldn't slide!! LOL Now I use bamboo or homemade ones and jsut take wax paper to them seems to help.. Although I do have ALOT of metal needles and have the boye set and with some yarns thats what I go for the metals although after working with the wood ones I'm like woahhh slow down there come back here stitch till I get back into the grove of them LOL.. You'll prolly find out that it just depends on the yarn you are using on which feels more comfy :XX:

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It all depends on the yarn I'm using. I love the sound and feel of metal needles, and they're what I learned on. However, I'm using very slippery yarn for one project at the moment and wooden needles are the only way I can keep myself sane working with it.
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Metal for me, too. Addis preferably, the slipperiest. But I recently made something very small diameter and bamboo were the only dpns I had available, and was glad because they didn't even attempt to slide out when I wasn't looking.
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I like both Addis and bamboo...I choose based on the yarn I am knitting with. You're so right...the needles make such a difference! I had knit a scarf on 13s several months ago, and I thought I hated working on large bneedles...but really, I just had BAD large needles (plastic). I bought size 13 Addis and they are woooonderful! :D
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Currently, I only use bamboo, except for a pair of pastic needles that I am working on.. Crystal Palace Daisy. They are working much better for the yarn I am using. I have used metal, but not gotten the hang of it yet. I also just purchased a set of denise FINALLY, but am waiting for them to come, so I can't comment on them quite yet. I just also purchased a pair of addi circular because a lot of people rave about addis, but have not tried them yet either. I just really love my bamboo needles! :D
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I like metal/plastic cirs but i prefer bamboo DPNs because the don't slide out while i'm working on another dpn. but i'll work with bamboo cirs too.

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Addi Turbos, mostly. I like them for their speed. I'm a slow knitter anyways and - like right now I'm making a blanket that's gonna be 5'x6' - I need all the help I can get doing this fast.

but on these sock yarn scarves I've gotten quite used to Clover bamboo.
my DPNs are rosewood and bamboo, I don't mind those.

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