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Originally Posted by amy View Post
Hi Jeanette, welcome!!

First, you should know that the only way you'll have perfection with this, is if you're grafting the top of knitting to the bottom of knitting. (That is, if you've exposed live stitches on the bottom edge somehow, for instance with a provisional cast-on, or by cutting out a row of stitches and exposing the work that way.) If you're grafting two tops together in ribbing, they'll be shifted 1/2 stitch relative to each other, and you'll see that the virtical grain of the ribbing doesn't match up, so it won't be perfect. In that case, just follow the instructions in the first quote, and ignore the rest of my specifications, which are about achieving a perfectly seamless join.

Perfection on this can be complicated, so be warned! I've found this to be challenging and fussy myself. In figuring this out, I had to actually break the rules I read in a book, and change the pattern for it to work out. The book didn't address certain factors, so I was left to my own devices, and I only add my ammendments here because they can be paired with the additional information that is needed to go forth with confidence. Perhaps some brilliant person can work out how to follow her instructions as they are, and achieve perfection (anyone? I'd be grateful!), but in the mean time, I'll tell you my alterations. So I'm first going to quote the book in it's integrity, assuming she's the expert in it, and then quote it again, adding my modifications which I found I needed to make it work.

The quote is from the Principals of Knitting. "Near" refers to the knitting needle closest to you, "Far" is the other needle. Watch my kitchener video if you haven't already. It's a bit confusing at first, but similar enough to how I explain it in the video, that hopefully the instructions are clear. I like her original instructions, because basically, you're doing plain kitchener stitch on the knit stitches, and reversing them for purl stitches.

The missing info, was that when you're including the "bottom" of work (live stitches exposed on the bottom of knitting), the stitches you put on the needle from the ribbing are actually the strands between the original stitches, and are offset by 1/2 stitch. (It fixes itself once you've grafted, but it's confusing at this stage!) So, holding these exposed bottom stitches above the exposed top stitches of the piece your grafting to, you have to then decide whether you need to shift the top piece to the left or right relative to the bottom piece before beginning. I found it necessary to shift to the right, so that the first stitch you're working of the exposed bottom stitches, is actually the strand between the two knit stitches. These stitches are used as the ones on the far needle. I had to alter the pattern in two places to make it work, but then it worked perfectly:

Sorry I can't give you an easier answer on this one!
Hi Amy
Please accept my apologies for asking for clarification on a matter that is now ancient history! During a desperate search for information on grafting the two ends of a cowl with a 2x2 ribbed cable running down a garter stitch background ('Millwater'), I came across your wonderful, detailed, informative post. I realise I am waaaaay out of my league here, but I wondered if I could just check a couple of things with you:

Near on two knit: knit/drop, purl
mean: when the stitches on both the front needle (nearest you) and the back needle (further away from you) are both knit stitches, go into the stitch on the front needle as if to knit, drop that stitch, then go into the next stitch on the front needle as if to purl, but leave that stitch on the needle?

Similarly, does:
Far on one knit, one purl: knit/drop, purl
Mean that the far needle has a knit stitch nearest the tip, and a purl stitch to the left of that knit stitch?

The thing that is totally confusing me is the description of the sequence of the stitches. I can't tell if one knit, one purl means that the stitch nearest the tip of the needle is a knit stitch and the stitch to the left of it is a purl stitch, or if (as in my clumsy 'explanation' in example 1, above), it refers to the stitches on the front needle and on the back needle.

I am sorry to burden you with these questions, but I am at a total loss and would appreciate any help you might be able to offer.

The other question I wanted to ask was how I could watch your video on this complex subject - I can't seem to locate it anywhere.

With a million thanks in anticipation,

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This is such a handy technique that it's wonderful to see it surface again. For the k2p2 rib, following the directions for steps 1-8 works for the ribbing. So, yes, you're starting with two knit stitches on the near and two knit stitches on the far needle. Watching the Kitchener video may help as well as this video on grafting garter stitch (you may have seen one in your searches).
One knit and one purl refers to the sequence of sts near the needle tip on the front (near) and back (far) needles.
It may help to test this out on two swatches with garter st and some stockinette to represent you cable. It's well worth doing and certainly Amy will be able to better explain the technique.
Knitting Help Videos Here!-
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