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Knitting the Flap
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O/T If knitting is just pulling loops through other loops...
what is crochet?

Is it making knots?

Is it also pulling loops through other loops?

Or something entirely different?

I'm curious because if I ever get time (ha! ha ha!) I think I might like to learn crochet...

but something about it doesn't seem as obsessively therapeutic as knitting, for some reason.

So, I guess I'm asking what crochet is like compared to knitting?
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Crochet is technically pulling a loop through a loop, too, but sometimes you're doing it more than once in a loop. That's why there are single, double, and treble crochet stitches. Crochet only has one stitch on the hook at a time.

I've done both in the past. I picked up knitting over and over again, and now permanently, but I never felt inclined to pick up crochet again. I can't explain why, except the logical explanation is that I like the knit product better. But to be honest, if they both looked the same, I'd still pick knitting.
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My mom is a fantastic crocheter- she's been crocheting forever (at least it seems that way). I never learned from her, partially because she is left handed and I am definitely right handed. Around the time that I started knitting, I tried crocheting also- and found that I really prefer knitting. I'm not exactly sure why- something about using 2 needles vs. one that I find more relaxing or something.
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Hello! I avidly crocheted for about six years before I learned to knit. I've made MANY afghans, scarves, sweaters, etc. etc. ... I agree, there is something more soothing about knitting. I can't explain it either. (Maybe it's the little clicking sound? :D ) But I'm sure someday I'll crochet something again. Generally speaking, crochet is thicker than knitting, so I think it's better for afghans, but not as good for things like sweaters (which you want to be drapy and not be so bulky). Well, that's my two cents.
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I've crocheted for well over 15 years, and just learned to knit {for good this time!} about 2 years ago. I will have to admit that most of my projects right now are knitted, but that's because it's still "new" to me. I love to be able to combine both of my talents in a project. Crocheting offers a wide variety of finishing options for even the plainest knitting {see my FO post about my Elegant Knit & Crochet cardigan}.

If you use the same product to crochet something as you knit, generally, the knit fabric will have more drape. Knitting uses less material, and takes longer. I find many of the stitch patterns in crocheting to be much more intricate in crochet than in knit, but there are many techniques in knitting {fair isle for example}, which also take a high degree of skill.

Crocheting has gotten a bad name, in my opinion, largely due to some REALLY horrid designs in REALLY horrid yarns. There is a serious lack of good crocheted clothing patterns. Until the designers {myself included} start designing more clothing that people will want to make and wear, knitting will still be the first choice for people that want wearables.

Another problem with crocheted wearables is that because crocheting does take up more material, the cost per project also increases. I could never consider making a crocheted pullover out of the Sirdar Denim I'm using for my Skacel sweater. I paid over $120 for the wool just to knit it, and would be looking at well over $200 to do up something similar that was crocheted.

Anyway... to sum up your questions, crocheting *is* pulling loops through other loops. Just in a different way than knitting. I find crocheting to be very soothing, especially when I'm working in thread. Crocheting something mindless has gotten me through many rough times. And one of my favourite things about crochet compared to knitting is two-sided... I can stop in the middle of a row and not worry about a hole appearing, and I don't have to worry if my hook falls out of my work, as there's only one loop on there at at time... no trying to get a row-ful of stitches back on to a needle.

Personally, I think that everyone that knows how to knit should learn the basics of crocheting, and everyone that crochets should learn the basics of knitting. The two complement each other very well, and you will learn a lot more about the way a crocheted or knitted fabric behaves.
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crocheting is technically slip knots...which i just read yesterday!
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