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Instepping Out
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I totally felt and many time still feel like you all! I tried several times over the years to teach myself to knit. No one I knew nearby did so I didn't have anyone to show me. Then, for some odd reason, a year and a half ago I picked up a Lion Brand knitting kit for a scarf with size 35 needles. I had it in my craft room for 4 months and then took it on a vacation with me thinking I could just whip it up in the car while DH drove. I have the shortest fuse and the worst temper when it comes to wanting to know NOW and have it be PERFECT. I got so mad at myself for not being able to grasp this concept. But....two trips to the craft store to get smaller needles, a book or two and some normal yarn, I finally got it! Although, hubby still runs for the hills when he sees steam comin' from my ears... I have learned you have to make mistakes in order to figure out how to fix them. It's actually easier that way -- it's so much harder trying to do it right and avoid mistakes. Honestly, I would skip the sections describing how to recognize a slipped stitch and what to do about it because it didn't make sense until I had no choice but to deal with it. :rollseyes:
Now, if only I could apply this rationale to the rest of life... hmmm :thinking: I need to notate how learning to knit can enrich my life in more ways than I imagined...
You'll all get will you will you will
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Casting On
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you may want to try this book
Hey Pinkish, and all those who haven't 'gotten' it- Don't despair! I PROMISE you can learn to knit!
You may want to check out the KLUTZ-brand book for knitting. I know it's written for little kids, but it really is quite helpful. Plus, it comes with materials. Also, when I first started knitting (I think I was ten or eleven so it really can't be that hard!) I just used a skein of yarn and knit in garter stitch, simply to get accostumed ot the feeling. It's hard to find the right feel, and keep from dropping/adding stitches, so when you start with something that doesn't have to look like a scarf, or a hat, or a sock, you don't feel pressured to make the project perfect. Really, I'm totally confident that you can learn to knit! Just practice and don't give up.
How many times did Edison try to make a lightbulb? Did the Wright brothers fly on their first try?

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Really grateful for all who wrote to me
I was very serious about whether or not I could learn. All of the advice is not only incredibly helpful but encouraging. I was telling myself that if just one single person said I could do it, then I'd get out there and really work at it again. I don't have a lot of sitting time except when I'm hostessing (wearing a long blue velvet dress and crown of hot-gluegunned silver cupids clutching little blueglass beads, (spirit of winter), while I give out free hot cider & cookies to credit union members as they turn up to do their banking). At Christmas it was the same only red and pine needles on head. Can't imagine Groundhog day. All this to say I didn't have a lot of confidence in whether or not it would work, perhaps somewhat due to the circumstances in which I am learning. There is a group at the university that I can join in good weather and another on alternate sunday's at a magazine store. I will post again when I've actually knitted an entire row of something. Very thankful. Pinkish (why? Because my name is Rose but it was taken).
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Rose, I'd love to see a pic of you in your seasonal get-ups! They sound adorable, but maybe that's because I don't have to wear them! :D

And yes you can knit. And yes, join groups--knitting with other people is really fun, and you realize you're not alone in your knitting woes. The people in the groups can give you one-on-one help, which is so nice. Plus, knitters are just plain cool!

When I first started, I had a practice ball of yarn (cheapo, really cheapo) and my needles, and I took them everywhere. I wasn't trying to make anything--just playing. That way I didn't stress over mistakes and such--I was learning. And playing. Try that, maybe, and see if it helps.

You can do this--and please do keep us posted on your progress!
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Grafting the Toe
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okay i haven't been able to sit and read all these posts cuz i am at work and have to have an attention span for people who are desperate for hammocks in january. i will say the same thing to anybody who says they can't that my teacher told me. i think i was on row two when i stopped and looked at it kind of puzzled. It was like she was sitting there waiting for it to come out of my mouth. "what's the matter brenda?" "it doesn't look right."

"Just keep knitting. you haven't been knitting long enough to know what looks right and what doesn't look right yet!"

that is all you have to do to get to the second row or even to finish the first row. just keep knitting. even if you have to take 10-15 minutes to just sit in front of the computer and play amy's videos over and over while you knit DO IT....and just keep going!

to steal Kelly's thunder a bit....

"Wearing a blue velvet "Spirit of Winter" dress while handing out cider at the credit union is hard....Knitting is just pulling loops through other loops!"
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Hey pinkish,
Learning to knit isn't hard... resisting the urge to put out somebody's lights at a truck stop for calling you names because you're knitting is hard. You will learn, trust us, we will help you.
self-taught knitter, because nobody believed a straight guy would want to learn
did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.?
I know the voices are trying to tell me something, but all I can hear is blah, blah, blah
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Knitting the Flap
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I've never had Trucker's problem, but I've had all the others so far. Stick with it, it's so much fun, and addicting. I tried to learn last year, gave up after fumbling around with the needles, and decided to crochet for a while, got the hang of that, and went back to knitting. Now I don't go anywhere without my bag, and I already have all my future patterns picked out!
You'll get it, and lyou'll love it! :D
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