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List your New Year Resolutions here!
This seems like a strange thread for me to be starting right now because I havent started my list yet, but Jenelle got me thinking while reading her blog, many people have trouble keeping their resolutions... whether its they dont have accountability or whatever but here is a way for those of you who wish to make your list (or partial list) public to do so.

As an added thought, if you wish for us to help support you with those goals, throw a copy of this post into your blog and let us know about it, so we can visit your blog and check in, give support, etc.

Happy New Year everyone... (Once I figure out my list, I'll probably post it here and in my blog.)
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I've already put this into my blog since I've been thinking about it for the last month or so. I'm declaring 2006 to be a UFO extinction year at my house. I have so many large UFOs that I want to clear out, that I'm promising myself to finish or frog at least one a month. I know that at that rate, I'll have enough for the next 10 years if I never start another project, but at least I'm making an effort, right?
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All of mine are in my journal also(as you seen Joel ).

Here they are:

1. Spend less time on the computer and more time doing something else like knitting, or going outside.

2. Try to get caught up in school because I am behind a tad bit.

3. Knit a big project for myself.(If anyone has any ideas about one, send me a PM )

4. Cut back on the coffee.(I explained this one in my journal if anyones curious )

This year I didn't want to make a huge list, I usually tend to just, lean away from my resolution. I could say something and then do the total opposite Like if I were going to drink less coffee, then I probably would drink MORE.

And I have to agree with you Joel, keep us posted on how everyones doing with there resolutions!
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None for me
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Here are mine:

1. Breathe (it's so very important)
2. Eat (ditto)
3. Sleep some (might as well)
4. Wake up from sleeping (so no one will mistake me for a corpse)
5. Create (because life's too short to just exist)

I believe in making resolutions I know I can accomplish. :D
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knitncook there, too!

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None for me, either. Oh, actually, I tell a lie: I do have an ongoing time-management struggle, so I'll keep working on that. My teaching schedule fluctuates so much from term to term that I have a difficult time adjusting. I'd just figured out fall term when it ended! :rollseyes:
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1) advance my knitting skills and stick with it.

2) get out of debt--I'm close.

3) want less, appreciate more.

I usually do pretty good w/ resolutions--hopefully I can accomplish these...The debt one is really important b/c I would really like to channel my money into a house. I personally think that most of us need to want less and appreciate more--so that's an ongoing goal for me. The knitting--right now I'm so frustrated w/ it I'm surprised I can even look at this forum. I'm afraid that I'll continue to get frustrated and give up--I want to be good at it but right now I'm knitting alone w/ only this site as help. I'm in a big area (a little south of Atlanta) and I've been working on setting up a southside of Atl. SnB which is working out nicely so far...I hope it'll help keep me motivated. Seeing other peoples work does that to some extent--especially if I see them as a WIP.

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Those are wonderful resolutions, Cristy!
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Casting On
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My New Years Resolutions
Well I am hoping just writing these here will force me to remember I have said them aloud.

1. Lose weight. I have gained so much over the past couple of years. This needs to be my main concern.

2. Get fit and lose weight and begin to ride again. I have a horse who I spend a significant amount of money on to not ride her. *laughs* I need to lose weight for health and myself but also for my mare. Even though I guess I could ride her now-- I feel too much of a lard to even consider it.

3. Begin to take the CPA by the summer. I only have one more class to go and finish before I can be eligible to sit for the CPA. I hope to actually put a lot of effort into studying and pass as many parts as I can on the first try.

4. Apply for graduate school for a masters in accountancy. I never thought at 28-- I would still be in school and I never thought I would be in school until my 30s... but it will prove to be valuable for the future so I need to just suck it up.

5. Get out of debt. I am very close-- I need to finish off what I have left so I can buy a home.

6. Make fitness an integral aspect of my day to day life

7. Do not friviously eat out. Bring my lunhces to work and not be tempted to go out for bad food. I have been doing really well with this for the past month-- it needs to continue. When I think about how much money I used to spend with friends and coworkers going out to eat every day is so sad when i think of what I could have bought or used it for instead.
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And I forgot
To actually cut down on the amount of UFOs I have lying around the house. All of my needles have something on them... none of them close to being finished. *LOL*
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