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OT: This Funny World We Live In
Welllll. I just got home from a job interview with a knitting store.

Ha ha ha. Quite an experience. I want a job so bad coz I haven't had one for awhile and I'm a bit lonely not to mention broke! So I've been going round to yarn shops....

and got called in on an interview today. I brought a great big heavy bag of stuff to show. I waited just about 1 1/2 hours past the time my appointment was for I figured, it's ok, they're busy, get to know the shop.... knit a bit.

Finally I was interviewed. I mentioned that I was online everyday with a wonderful knitting forum, the best! And just to try to get the job, I also said I sometimes give advice when people ask for help with their knitting.


This was a problem. I was informed if I got a job in this shop I could no longer, ever ever, answer anyone's questions about knitting, not online or in person, because they have a reputation to maintain and there could be PROBLEMS down the line if I say something they don't agree with. In fact they had had problems already.

It's KNITTING! KNITTING! KNITTING. not secret government policies!

They didn't want to look at my stuff at all. They said they might 'try' me out for a day to watch me, but the owner has to be consulted because I am on a knitting forum. Can you believe this??

I've decided I don't want to work there not at all.

Thank god I had the pleasant experience on the bus coming home of THREE women wanting to see my work, and oohhhhing and ahhhhing
over my creations & colors & ideas. THAT was REALLY NICE.

What a day. :rollseyes:

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RUN do not walk from this job. The owner sounds PARANOID! Besides you wouldn't want to work anywhere where they might exclude US? Do you? DO YOU? :rollseyes:
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What ever happened to "Go ask at your LYS if you need help?" Are they afraid they'll be sued if they answer a question wrong? What reputation could they have if they don't give advice? Oh. It's in Manhattan. I get it.
"Trust the pattern!"

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okay i don't think i would even want to shop there after that!.....and to think all the business that they could potentially get from all the people you talk to here!

i wonder if the owner really is like that! have you shopped at that store before?
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What the heck kind of bizarro store is this???
Is knitting top secret now?
Or do they have expensive malpractice insurance against incorrect knitting advice or what?
I don't get it.
Don't work there!
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That is freaky beyond expression. If you told me that yarn store was located near me, I'd be boycotting it right now, and encouraging my companions to do the same.
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wow - that sounds like quite an interview for selling yarn. LOL

seems like they're a little up-tight and you're better off.
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That is the freakiest thing I've ever heard! What is WRONG with those people?

"We do not encourage the use of the m1 increase; you should have told the customer to kfb, which we find much more suitable. We'll be docking you a day's wages so that you will learn your place, plebian."

Since Kelly's sick, I'll say it for her:

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Oh brother.


They need to get a life, and find something real to worry about.

You are better off without them. If they feel that way about something so harmless imagine what other "rules" they will have. tsk, tsk, tsk.


There is a time to be born and a time to die. A time to laugh and a time to cry, but there never seems to be enough time to knit.-Anon. (or to visit KH!)

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