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I feel the same way!! And there's so many things I want to remember and come back to, but I find myself searching and searching for them and trying to figure out a way to remember all the posts, patterns, links and everything else I want to go back to later. (Any suggestions?!)
And I find myself saying, "I'm just going to check one post" and then two hours later I have to force myself away. I'm like margie, I must avoid the blogs ...I can't even imagine getting hooked on's like a bad try and your hooked! So therefore I must just say no! But then again...I could be missing some great knitting advice, info, stories, patterns...who knows.... :devil: hmmm...maybe it wouldn't hurt to just glance...
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well, oddly, i don't read the blogs unless someone specifically links to a picture on there or something along those lines. I can't get beyond the idea that it is like reading someone's diary and i know that is kind of the point it still makes me feel Plus there are just so many of them that i can't fathom how little work i would get done if i actually took the time to read that too!!!

i don't do the picture threads until i see that a new page is up and then i quickly do them all at once. So if i don't respond it isn't that i wasn't impressed, amazed, or amused (depending on which picture thread i am looking at at the moment) it's just that i am crashing through all of them at once!

i don't read threads where the subject line doesn't interest i am not interested in making sweaters right i rarely read those threads. mostly because whenever i have, i haven't known how to help or what was being discussed anyway! :rollseyes:

and all i can think is that if i did read alllll the threads i would probably have some ridiculous number of posts under my belt....ya know like...10k+! :rofling:
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Instepping Out
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I can tell you that I am addicted to this forum (really sad for a person as young as me). I always feel excited about seeing the new messages :rofling:

It's amazing to see everyones posts gradually get larger everyday(exspecially Ingrids!) :rofling:

I love these forums though.. Lots of nice people who actually like to hear about your knitting
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Well Kellys blog is almost like a community blog anyway! I always look for new posts there. since I work at a computer lab in fornt of a computer for up to 6 hours 5 days a week, I log in and start reading several times a day. Funny I don't know if I reply as much though :thinking:
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I've almost become a lurker. I love to read everything.
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lol I feel guilty somedays that I can't post on them all and worry that someone might get offended that I didn't.. crazy I know..

I do look at the FO and love everything you all do such wonderful work but again I'm afraid I will miss someone so I don't usually post over there just look.. when it first started I tried to keep up but now I can't lol I'll take this opportunity to tell you all how wonderful everything looks and what a great job you all have done!!

The blogs I don't tend to read unless something is pointed out.. I will read some of the pattern/how tos if its something I did or wondered about.. :D

Its hard to divide up the computer time while chasing 2 kids somedays I have more time and others I only have a few minutes...

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I don't post a lot of answers in the help section, it takes me too long to get the instructions just right and by the time I post it, Ingrid has already answered. :rofling:

I check in at least once per day. I delete more things than I post. I follow the blogs because you people are hilarious!!

I get inspiration from this site every day. I read about musicians to listen to, places to go, products to look into. I read some incredible stories from brave and honorable people. Oh yeah, and there's all this great knitting info, too.

So while it may seem silly to have hundreds of friends that I have never met, I am very grateful to everyone who contributes here. You all make my days happy.

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I'm more of a lurker too but I love reading what people have posted. Talk about being on here longer than you should, I was just going to pop in and have a quick look. I really need to get to bed and coffee won't help me, 'cause I can't stand the stuff!!!
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KH is very addicting, but so helpful that it's worth it. Plus everyone here is so nice you can't help but wanting to spend more time here. Besides, like Ingrid said, who else gets excited over your latest yarn purchase???
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Know what I love most about this forum? I have NEVER seen anyone flamed! Granted, we don't get to moral or preachy around here, and the OT posts are ususally just needing support, or sharing a laugh, but nonetheless, I've never seen a forum with such understanding and tolerant folks.
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