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OT -- Any other gardeners here?
I'm getting excited for this growing season! Only 17 more days until the first day of spring!

My DH and I have a plant/shrub/tree nursery/garden center type business, we have about six acres and are hoping to buy another seven from the neighbors soon. My IL's started the business 20 years ago, and we moved down here and bought it from them almost 5 years ago. We mostly sell perennials, and my DH had been doing a lot of landscaping, but he recently got a job with a nearby city as their parks foreman where he will be supervising all the city's parks, (needed health insurance and the like, as we found out when I had to have a C-section last October!), so with him gone more, he said I would be able to quit one of my medical transcription contracts that I work at home so I can devote more time to the farm...which will also hopefully mean more time to knit. I can't pull weeds at night you know (well, I could get a lighted miner's type hat...). Last summer I was pregnant and wasn't all that excited about getting out and doing stuff, but this spring I really have the bug for it!

I also will do my big veggie garden again, I like to can tomatoes, beans, carrots, and have peppers, onion, tatoes, corn and broccoli to freeze. We also grow a lot of herbs and flowers for cutting; people can come out and cut flowers in our gardens, a lot of gals do that for their wedding reception flowers.

So what are you growing in your garden? My favorite flowers are delphiniums. One year I ordered seed from New Zealand and those are the most spectacular flowers I have!
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I had a really nice garden in our first house, second house I didn't get around to it. My next one I hope to start up again.
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That sounds really great! I'm excited but right now I have nowhere to garden! Waa!

We are getting ready (God willing!) to move to a 4.6 acre property, but we won't actually be moving before mid-May I suspect.

I am actually kinda nervous, because we really want to go all out and grow a veggie garden, plant new trees and bushes, and of course lots of flowers and bird friendly plants! We live in South central TX and our property is completly covered with cedar trees-these are considered weeds to be eliminated down here, they cause major allergy attacks for a lot of us, myself included! But we've been told our soil is very good, which is rare down here-I hope they are right!

Anyway I don't have what you'd call a green thumb, sigh. More like a mottled green and brown, I'd say, lol! But I so want to learn!! I have *no* idea where to start. I got a book from the library called Tough as Nails Flowers for the South (I think thats it) and it's got some great ideas. I would love to start maybe growing some seedlings now to transplant when we move, but I am not sure how to begin! I have a lot of research to do! Right now I'm hoping to plant some lantana (practically un-killable), mountain laurel trees (from my mothers yard), and maybe some nandina bushes which I can probably dig up around this yard. The birds eat the berries on them and "plant" new ones all the time, so there's plenty popping up here and there that I'm pretty sure our land lady won't mind if we take.

We are even thinking of starting some honey bee farming, on a very small scale. Again we have no experience, but I've heard my current landlady's brother is experienced in bee keeping (he lives next door to us right now) and would be willing to answer questions and offer advice. We have a bee hive in our back yard now and she said we could move it (obviously we will hire somebody for the job, the hive is about a hundred feet up in a giant oak tree!) if we want.

It'll be great to get the kids involved, too. With three boys I should have lots of help! And our two yrold dd will be in heaven, running around outside (her all-time favorite activity, next to tormenting her 3 older bros that is, lol)

I'd love to hear what exactly you're going to plant, I can live vicariously at least, lol! And *any* free advice would be greatly appreciated. It must be fun to own a nursery, I think that would be a very rewarding business.
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Wow! That sounds awesome, Kristen!

Let me say first of all that we have a tiny yard...our whole lot is only 60x100 ft and the house is sitting on it, too.

That being said..we live in southern CA so we have lots of flowers year round although more in the springy months. Right now we have these:


Orchids and Impatiens


Daffodils and Iris

Not pictured are the camellias, rock roses, rose and a few others. Let me know if these are too large and I'll make them smaller. Enjoy!

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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Jessica, what a beautiful little garden!! Pretty flowers, it looks very nice!

What kind of flowers do you have planted?

I can't wait till I can plant something, lol. My "garden" is all in containers at the moment, and looks rather worse for the wear.
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ok, y'all keep posting pics and I have to respond again! LOL

Jan, Those are *GORGEOUS*!!!!

Wow. them!!
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I love to garden!! As far as flowers go, I mostly have annuals. We want to expand our front flower beds and put in a low stone wall, so I keep putting off buying perennials until that is done. I do have some astilbe, peonies and bulbs planted. We also have a large vegetable garden. This year, we plan on growing bush beans, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and cantaloupe. Last year wasn't a very good year for our garden- we were so busy that we didn't have enough time to devote to it, and the weeds took over!! I am OFF for the whole summer this year, and so I'm hoping to be able to spend a lot more time out there.
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Jan, you should print those out and frame them! Do a "series" of flowers from your garden -- they're gorgeous, and so are the pics!

We live in North Dakota, where the growing season is about a minute long. Two years ago, we got nine inches of snow on the 22nd day of May. I'm from the South, where we had LARGE gardens and started VERY early in the spring. I'm having a hard time dealing with how to garden here, but I'm hoping to have more success this year. Just ordered a bunch of organic seeds that I plan to start in the basement and then harden off and transplant outside. We shall see.

I am so jealous of those of you who live in places where you can actually grow things year-round!
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I've been planting for hummers and butterflies for a long time.
I do some large containers on the deck too, so they come up close.

The monarch picture wasn't taken with a zoom lens.

I managed to take a picture of the sunflower before Mr. Squirrel chewed it off the stem.
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Jan, you already have Azaleas? Dang! Ours won't bloom until a bit closer to Easter when the Dogwoods pop. However, my Lorapetalum is covered with tiny purple buds that are starting to flower! (flowering Japanese shrub with purple leaves and flowers in the spring!) The Bradford Pears (aka Fish trees) are in full bloom and stinking like crazy. :( The Tulip trees look fantastic but won't last long.

Your photos are fantastic! I second the motion to do a frames series - you've got the talent!

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