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2nd Sock, I Rock
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I call DH (real name Chris): Bubba, Bubby, Phil (our last name starts with FIL.....)

He calls me: Bubba, Booba, Flipside

We call Peanut (dog): Pini, Peanuptial Agreement, Nups, Grande, Peanups, Grande Kapooster (not sure how to spell that one :rollseyes: )

We call Jasmine (cat): Jazz, Jazzy Jeff, Jasmanian Devil

We call Ursula (cat): Urs, Fatty

Like many previous posters, we never call each other by our real names
Knitting (Hardly): Nashua Surplice Lace Top, Clapotis ,RPM socks in STR (Cobalt Bloom), Blue Sky Wrap in BS Alpaca and Silk Champagne
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No chorus?
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Working the Gusset
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I've been called HoneyBuns, Kitten, Poo, Cutie, Sweetie, Skinhead (my dad called me this since I was a baby), Jellybean, Jella

I've called my boyfriend Baby Seal, Teddy bear, Tub of love...

My cats have all been given "last names" by my boyfriend who adds "poo" at the end of all their names. IE: "Toga-poo, Thunder-poo, Dago-poo" who, in turn have all been collectively known by him as "the poo kitties"

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Turning the Heel
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Because I've always hated my name, I wanted the Perfect name for my daughter. I knew I was having a girl and so for 5 months I tried endless combinations that would be Beautiful! I finally decided on Lizabeth Kathryn. Perfectly beautiful. She would never have an ugly name and carry around alot of terrible nick names. We brought our darling home and introduced her to her big brother (he was 8 yo); He promptly christened her LIZARD BREATH!! 21 years later, she's still Lizard Breath.

The best laid plans....

Gladys in Michigan...(whose nicknames over the years have been unglorious).
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Instepping Out
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Originally Posted by TwoLeftNeedles
My oldest son was Booga, boogaboy, boogalatch, or just boog. When I first came to KH, I wondered why everyone was knitting him a bag!
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-I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens.
Reading: Barbara Kingsolver
Knitting: socks

I'm Femmy on Ravelry
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Turning the Heel
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DH, Honey

Current dogs: Pomeranian Maggie - Gorgeous, Princess. Yorkie Pepper - Sweat Pea, Baby Doll, Doll Baby, PigPen (because he's always getting dried grass, leaves, and seed heads caught in his hair - the dirtiest little dog we've ever had, LOL).

Previous dogs: Yorkies Dusty and Dickens - Sweet Pea. Cindy the lab/chow - CindyLou & Cindywoohoo because a sound she used to make when happy.
Always a beginner...sometimes I even finish.
Every project is a new beginning.

Gen 8:22

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease
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Instepping Out
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I call DH:
MATHEW when I'm p/o'd, when I'm not it's Poopy, Pookie, Pook, Poop, Dear, but his official nickname is Woobie.

DH calls me:
Bright eyes (when he's in trouble or trying to be persuasive), Dear, Hunny, Love Bunny, or my official nickname - Pooter.

our cat Binky:
Kitty, Stop It! Kitty, Get Down! Pooper, BinkyKat, Binkster, BellyFur, Smelly, CryBaby (when he begs for food), StinkyBinky

My dad called me Sugar Bear, or Shug, sometimes Doodle Bug or Doodle, Doodles. Nobody else calls me Sugar Bear, but a good gal pal called me "Sugar" one day, I coulda cried as I hadnt' heard it since my dad passed away 3 yrs ago
Come to think of it, my mother has never called me by a nickname, other than "this one here" (and my brother was "that one there" when she told my dad if we did something bad)
I call her Mommie, it's a joke she and I share...
My aunt/godmother adds Lou to the ends of most of the girls' names in the family, so I am either JodieLou or "Child of God" to her.
One of my uncles called me Jodles

Most people/friends call me JoJo Jode, Jodes, Jodeen (my given name, but said, "Jodeeeeeeeennnn!) HeyHay (they think my last name is funny )
Mean kids called me Jodeen Bodine (Jethro's wife) or Grodie Jodie
(ok, I guess not terms of endearment) college in the dorms I was Snoopy or 'Noop

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Knitting the Flap
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Originally Posted by Andrea
Peanuptial Agreement

I love it when nicknames are way longer and more complicated than the original name. Now that's dedication to the nicknaming cause!

As I mentioned, my brother calls me "Face" - this being a shortening the alarming original: "Rachie-face-head-face-head-head-face." He was just a squirt and was figuring out that the way to insult someone was to call them a [something]face or [something]head - like "poopieface" or "stupidhead."
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Turning the Heel
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For my youngest I usually call her "Bees" or GenBees". Her name is Genevieve, but my oldest couldn't say it when she was born so she called her GenBees. It stuck.

My oldest I used to call Joey, but she told me to stop (she's 5 :crying: ) so now I just call her Jo all the time. Sometimes I call her Banana, but than I get a dirty look and it shames me.

My dh...I don't really have any nicknames for him other than the general "Honey".

My pug puppy, Baldrick, has many nicknames...all said in an annoyingly high-pitched baby talk voice because, yes, I got a puppy to cure my baby fever. I'm even collecting patterns to knit him clothes. (In my defense, I started knitting after my children were babies, so I am just making up for it. That's my story. )

No, I am not ashamed that I have a major crush on a man who dressed in tights and made faces for most of the 80's, and now plays a crippled drug addicted doctor...and is almost the same age as my father.
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Instepping Out
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My brother's name is Jeff.
You can't do anything to his name to make it insulting.

Until my Dad started calling him Gomer 'cuz he liked Gomer Pyle as a kid.

He was nicknamed "Helge" by his buddies (as was my dad) and I was "Li'l Helge" by my brother's friends.
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Lindsey H
Knitting the Flap
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DH calls me Boo which is funny because my dad and grandfather both called me Lindsey-Boo when I was young.

Ben still calls me Mommy which I love. After his first sleepover he told me he was going to start calling me Mom. I said okay but he had to call me mommy at home so Nat would not call me Mom. I guess he forgot and went back to Mommy.

I call DH Bobby which is what his family and oldest friend call him. I can always tell the people who have know him for a long time because every one else calls him Bob. He's a big guy and doesn't really look like a Bobby so people are always surprised. I also call him Honey.

Ben will always be Ben-Ben. But we also call him Buddy, Brother when I am teasing him I call him Baby Boo-Boo.

Nat has become Nat-Nat (what else would he be)which one of friends thinks is just hilarious. He is also Baby Nat and Baby and Baby Cakes(my mom's contribution). We need to stop using these :rollseyes:

I almost forgot my mom still calls me Puddin' :rollseyes:
Wife to dh Bob
and mom to Ben & Nat

For success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential. -- Hans Asperger
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