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buying yarn - the hard way
I placed an order with a discounter. I admit I bought for price and color.
This is a lesson in how NOT to buy yarn.

The yarn was too thin - Ill have to double up.
Place another order. It is no longer quite the same bargin. I have to wait another week.

The yarn is greasy and stiff. It will have to be washed.
That means I will have to wind it off into skeins.
I have about 3720 yards.
I dont have a swift. I dont have a niddy.

I do have a nifty rocking chair. 5.5 feet around, 202 wraps for about 370 yards each skein. 10-15 minutes a skein - about 10 skeins (and dang they sent me a few more yards than I ordered! More winding.
These are nice and tidy hanks. I am proud of my work and my arms only hurt a little. But I have only wound 1/3 the yarn.
I plan to get some washed and be able to knit while the rest is drying.

Now to wash.
I dont have a washing machine. I do have a dish tub. About 3 skeins to the tub. 2 rinses.
Ill have to press out the water by hand. Thats a lot of pressing and sqeezing. Im thinking of buying a salad spinner - will that work?
My hands are stiff will I be able to knit?

I hang the skeins in the tub on plastic tube hangers. They drip constantly and for the first few hours I go in every half hour and squeeze some more. They are finally dry the next morning.
The second batch I dry outside. More squeezing every half hour - but the skeins are dry in half the time.

Dang the yarn is still stiff. I used cool water the first time. Many people say to use hot. Wash again.
The wash water is the color of dark tea. Its natural color wool - thats a lot of dirt and grease. Yup hot water is the ticket. (please dont felt please dont felt!)
Rinse 2 times. More drying.
Still only have 4 skeins wound. Its enough to start knitting.

I dont have a ball winder. I dont have a noste. I have a stash of toilet paper tubes. I put the hank on a table and anchor the corners with soup cans. The yarn winds off easily - except where the hank got twisted.
For about 40 minutes I wrap my yarn around the toilet paper tube.
The ball is big - like a small grapefruit. I have to double it up remember? Wind another ball. I STILL have to knit the sweater.

I have not wound all the yarn into hanks. I still have to wash most of it.
If I had to charge for this sweater no one could afford it!
"I have PMS and ESP. That makes me a *itch who knows everything!"

"Never EVER give up."
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Knitting the Flap
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This story scares me. That's a lot of wasted time that could have been spent knitting! I sure hope you LOVE the end product. Then it will be just a memory and a good tale to tell when wearing your lovely sweater!
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Yes; bookmark this thread. One day (some day) you may actually laugh over this!
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knitncook there, too!

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Wow, the line in your sig is a propos of your yarn woes: Never EVER give up!

You're so patient! Faced with all that work, that yarn would sit in a bag for YEARS if it were mine...Hats off to you!

And yes, this sweater will be precious in so many ways--I can't wait to see your progress on it. Talk about hand-made!
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Knitting the Flap
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I dunno Angelia - Im almost at the done and well cooked stage.

The fiber isnt as nice as I would like. I am fairly disappointed. Not with the work - that would be cake if the yarn were as soft as I wanted.
But this was supposed to be my busy work while I save real dough for a spinning wheel. Ah well - Ill probably continue with it. It will make a very rough n ready outdoorsy sweater for camping. After 2 washings and several rinses it still feels a bit greasy to me. Perhaps I will get lucky and the stuff will be water resistant lol Still is the purtiest color ever though!
"I have PMS and ESP. That makes me a *itch who knows everything!"

"Never EVER give up."
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Is the greasy feel lanolin, or do you think it's just dirty still?

You're right that it will make for a nice outdoorsy sweater! You could swim in it and not get wet
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you might as well have started from scratch with all that work...bought a sheep, sheered it, washed the fiber, cared the fiber, dyed it, spun it, then knitted it!!!

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Knitting the Flap
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Im thinking I could have birthed the lamb too! :rofling:
"I have PMS and ESP. That makes me a *itch who knows everything!"

"Never EVER give up."
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I think that yarn would sit with me forever, too! Have you tried that Orvis stuff?
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