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I'm dreading spring. My 'winter allergies' (dust mainly) have been bad this year... and to make matters worse, my usual OTC allergy medicine is now _behind_ the counter. Apparently the Patriot Act won't allow pharmacies to put pseudoephedrine out on the shelf, you have to ask for it now...because someone in Washington decided that meth heads = terrorism or some such.

Whatever happened to "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"?

So our local pharmacy is selling a 'similar' product now - looks just like my old medication (which is why we accidentally bought it), only it's phenylephedrine hydrochloride. When I first realized the change I thought, okay, shouldn't be a big deal.

It is a big deal. This med gave me side effects the original never did. Dizziness and insomnia.

I am so sick of big govt. meddling in my health affairs.
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I call this Dry Mustard season. Actually, the worst of it is over here in south Florida. It happens twice a year. The pollen gets so thick that I have to use my windshield wipers. I can actually see it the pollen bursting off the pole pines in a Poof! Poof! sort of mini-explosion. My contact lenses last about half a day while this is going on. I can't even cook without re-cleaning all the kitchen surfaces. Blech.
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Ugh!! I haven't noticed any pollen inside. We don't really open windows in Spring so that we can keep ourselves as pollen-free as possible. I'm not sure how well that's working, mind you!

Re ephedrine: I hate taking it! I only do so when I'm desperate. Even if I take it in the morning, it keeps me awake at night. And it's a tired-awake, which is just miserable.

I'm torn on gov't intervention on ephedrine products. On the one hand I don't like them regulating OTC drugs (I mean, they're OTC!), but we have so many crystal meth busts around here, mostly involving children who live in the same houses/mobile homes where the crystal meth is being cooked, that I'm happy about the limited accessibility that the drug has.

It's just another of those cases of a few people ruining the lives of the rest of us. I needed a painkiller desperately a few months ago--I was weeping b/c the pain in my shoulder was so severe--but neither of my docs (GP or specialist) would give me any painkillers. "We only do that for people who have had surgery." GAH!! So instead I got supermega-doses of ibuprofen. The result: it's okay that I could get liver damage, because apparently that's far better than the remote possibility of a drug addiction that might have been the result of getting a script for loritab or some such. I'm still really angry about that.
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