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Should Off-Topic posts get their own forum?
I've thought that having the OT posts mixed in the general forum makes for a friendly, chatty main room. But I know there's a lot lately, and I'm wondering if people think it's detracting from the general room at this point.

My general theory is that less forum categories creates a closer-knit community, and that too many forums might make us feel scattered. Other forum categories will be added at some point, so we need to choose new categories only when absolutely beneficial. Is this one of those times?

EDIT: For more accuracy, I've added a neutral option to the poll, and changed wording. Previously the neutral was grouped with option #2, so the first 10 votes for #2 includes neutrals.
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I think the OT's add a bit of fun! Keep them here!
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i agree with your assessment. i think that the "general" forum is a good place for off topic discussions. there may be other topics that need their own forum at some point but i think moving the OT stuff could potentially "kill" the general forum. i would leave it.
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I voted to keep them as they are for the same reasons you said. I like having different things pop up here and there. If it were all in one category, I don't know that I would always go looking, and would miss some pretty interesting stuff. If a topic is not one that is of interest to me, I just don't follow it. It's presence is in no way negative, though.
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I agree. I like them all together. I think this happens a lot on a forums... you come together for a "reason" and eventually you start to get comfortable with the people and share more. I also think if you seperate the OT and the General section up some of the newer people might feel a little uncomfortable jumping right in. I think if you keep the thing we have in common at least others can jump in with a little more ease.
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I belong to another, non-knitting related, web forum and there are.......let's see, I'm counting as we speak......FORTY-EIGHT different forums broken up into seven different forum categories and I don't like it at all. Everytime someone suggests a new forum, it is created. It is MORE distracting to have that many forums than it is to have a few OT discussions in the general forum. I like this forum because it is simple and easy to follow.
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I'm totally FOR an OT forum.

Although I do enjoy OT topics, I don't particularly like sorting through to find the knitting topics. I also think that if there were a forum dedicated to OT, it would encourage more people to post new topics. I think when you have to designate a topic as "OT", it gives the impression that it's not necessarially supposed to be here, and therefore may discourage someone new from posting. At least that's what I felt at the beginning.

OT forums are my favorites at other forums I've frequented. It's kinda like a coffee house, where everyone can talk about whatever they want, from their new puppy, to complaining about a husband, without feeling like they're intruding on a "Knitting" forum. OT totally brings together the friendly atmosphere, even creating a family like feeling.

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I have to say, I'm in agreement with Silver. I hesitate to post OT threads, especially if I see a few (or more) already there, fearing others might reject the emphasis being taken away from knitting. I think a forum for chatty type subjects, or even serious ones, would keep the knitting forums about knitting.

I don't have as much time to spend here as I'd really like, so when I am here, I often find myself trying to locate the knitting threads. I do think being able to talk non-knitting is good, and a good avenue for helping everyone to get better aquainted, but I think I'd enjoy it having it's own place.

However you decide to do it, though, I'll be pleased. This place is fantastic!
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Although the OT threads aren't interrupting to me, heck I've posted a few of course... I sometimes feel that my OT's might be distracting to someone else. I'm kind of a person that is very interested in what everyone else has to say, but worried that my blather might not be interesting to someone else, even if I have the guts to post anyway. I will try to perhaps keep my off topic items to my blog, that would help I bet.
Soooo, I would be fine with a seperate OT forum. Heck, it would still be easy to go to it for that reason. I have explored other forums on other sites, and I agree, they are really confusing and overstimulating in a way. I find this one the best and most comfy to visit!
I usually hit refresh from time to time and have myself set on "view posts since last visit" so I get all the recent posts and they're mixed anyway. If I want a particular topic, I search for it.
Ok, that is definitly my 342 cents! Thanks for listening!
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I would LOVE to have an OT forum! Especially since there seems to have been an explosion of OT posts lately....

And, Im all for the close-knit (hee hee) community.
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