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Knitting the Flap
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I love both, actually...

I really love and wear the things I make. For some reason, getting real use out of something I made is really satifying to me.

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Turning the Heel
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Originally Posted by Ingrid
Once I finish a sweater, I like it
Yeah, I would too if I could knit as beautifully as you can!

I like the process best I think. I love knitting for other people and giving stuff as gifts. The weird thing is that as much as I love knitting, I don't particularly like knitting socks and yet, those are the only thing that I love wearing that I've made. I have a couple of sweaters laying around that might be nice to wear, but I haven't seamed them. They'll probably go out of style before I get around to it...

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Mod Squad
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For some of us its not even the process, its buying the yarn. :D
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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by Jeremy
For some of us its not even the process, its buying the yarn. :D

For me, I enjoy both the process and the finished product -- but, if I had to choose -- I'd say the process is more important. I can totally understand knitting things you will never wear or use, or knitting something and then ripping it out again. I certainly have knitted a few things more for the experience than the FO.

That said, it is very satisfying to be able to wear/use something I've created.

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Ribbing the Cuff
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I have found the process to be so therapeutic that I love making small objects. ( Though my pharmacy co-pay would be cheaper than yarn!)Someone else said it, that instant gratification thing. I intially thought I wouldnt be a real knitter until I did sweaters, but I dont feel that way anymore. I love dong smaller projects with new techniques. ( at this point everything is a new technique to me). I never thought I would make socks. The time and money invested in them didnt make sense to me. But I love making them.
Now I dont feel silly about my Manos stash either. I will hate to see it gone.
I just love knitting. Its a great thing to be addicted to!

Cindy :XX:
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Sock Yarn Bliss
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For me, its the WHOLE package.

I love using the things I have made, but will love it more so when I can find a sweater pattern that actually FITS me. I DO enjoy the yarn-buying VERY much ( :rollseyes: ) and I NEED the process....very theraputic, as mentioned above.
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Instepping Out
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Originally Posted by Ingrid
I have yarn that I love but hesitate to use because I'll no longer have that yarn. Silly, but true.
I have this too but with chocolate

I felt quite empty when I had finished Tubey and reading this thread has made me wonder if 'the process' is the reason that I am going mad buying loads of yarn - so that I always have something to do next :thinking:

However, I am looking forward to wearing Starsky and having people say 'You didn't make that!' and then I can say 'Yes I did - see these mistakes here ... they're mine!" I am wearing Tubey again today for the 3rd time, even tho I think it makes my tummy look bigger than it is - just because I MADE IT!

I also like giving the fo's away ... I have experienced the ' you made that!' and want to experience it again
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I REALLY like the process ...'cause it can scare the heebie jeebies out of me and yet I know all will be well. :D

But the product is part of the process. I'm making Mr. Bumble Bee (black and yellow striped cardigan with bumblebee pockets -Knitter's winter 2004) for a friend's baby shower in two weeks - never made (check that, completed) a sweater before - but every time I finish one set of section instructions I am just AMAZED! at what I've accomplished. It's just going to be so DAYUM cute and it's going really well...I can't wait to see it finished!

So... I love both the process and the product.
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Turning the Heel
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Definitely the process for me too. I think for me it's because I am not a crafty person at all. Drawing is like torture, I hate sewing and I enjoy cooking... sometimes. But for some reason, knitting speaks to me. The idea of shaping your fabric while you make it is just fascinating! There is enough complexity in understanding a pattern or a new technique, but there is also the "zen" aspect of the repetitive movements. So as far as the finished product is concerned... I don't really care that much.

Of course the satisfaction is higher if the result looks good. But because I am not a crafty person, I do not always know if it looks good or not. :D I can not sit back and look at what I did objectively and say "this looks good". What I see is the effort, the time spent on the project, the choice of yarn I made, the mistakes and the new techniques I learned! This is why I am a bit reluctant to wear what I made, I'm afraid it might look HIDEOUS! And this is also why I hesitate to knit gifts for my friends! :rofling:
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Turning the Heel
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I completely agree. I like the process of knitting so much better than the final product. BUT I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from finishing something. I usually knit for other people and that seems to work out best for me: enjoy knitting and finishing and then see someone enjoy wearing it!
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