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OT: dogs
As some of you may remember, we had to put down our dog this past fall.

Now she was kinda a big dog - german shep/husky.

I'm really missing a dog around, and was wondering about what type, if at all, should we get?

Small dogs tend to be too annoying? aren't they? Jumping all around and stuff.

But I don't want a big dog either - they need SOOO much exercise and we don't have a fence yet and after our last dog's health/hip problems...

Any helpful hints - maybe just a regular ol' mutt (but with what breeds of mutt-ness?)

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Really small dogs can be yappy and annoying, but I think most dogs can be trained. However maybe a medium size dog is a good idea. Since a dog is a family member for so long you might want to invest in a book or check out some from the library. It's always good to know what breeds have the most health issues, grooming needs, etc.

Here's a few websites to check out.

Pet Place
Dog Breed Info

Terrific Pets
Animal Planet breed selector

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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I come from a large dog family. The smallest dog I can remember having (until recently, that is) is a Boxer. (Which, for the record, is one of the sweetest breeds EVER.)

In the last several years, though, having gotten a start out on my own and all that, I've fallen in love with sighthounds. I'm not too picky about the size, although I'd suggest sizing them to stay proportionate to your living environment. (Which is one reason we didn't even try to rescue a greyhound when we were looking for a dog a couple years ago... Can you imagine a greyhound in a small apartment? That would be sacrilege!) We decided a Whippet was our breed of choice, and she is just a perfect fit for our family.

And she gives me an excuse to knit. I'm determined to knit her more than a handful of sweaters before her first Ohio winter next year. So if nothing else, look for a dog with short hair. :XX:
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Sorry about your dog. I cannot imagine it. Our dog is a dalmatian mix...She is totally dalmatian (looks, behavior, etc.). We got her from the pound, and she is medium size (40 lbs.). She is still VERY hyper (at about six years old), and needs lots of exercise. But you could NEVER find a more affectionate, eager-to-please dog! I would definitely visit the local shelter and ask lots of questions about the dogs there. Our dog was in the pound for a long time. So you'd think no one wanted her, which made us wary. But, as I said, she is the sweetest dog in the world, and absolutely perfect for us. (Maybe the jumping up on people put them off? :rofling: )
So, depending on your lifestyle (do you walk a lot?, where do you live?, etc.), you may just find the perfect dog for your family at the shelter, too! Mixed breed dogs make great pets, and are generally less prone to certain diseases/disorders that pure bred dogs inherit. Good luck, Carol, and let us know what happens!
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I grew up with larger dogs but personally and I know we all think our furbaby is the best lol but I think Shelties and Shih-tzu make the best dogs.. My grandmother has a Shih-tzu, My dh's grandmother now has 2, my mom just lost hers back this summer due to age, and I have a rescued shih-tzu.. They don't yap much only when something is odd or strange to their enviroment... they are not hyper and are pretty calm.. and all of ours love/loved cats Mine loves my little girl and he sleeps under her bed.. Shelties are another breed I love and make great dogs!! Both dogs require grooming though shih-tzus do not shed... Shelties require more exercise but Shermee is ok with a walk or running with the kids outside...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your furbaby its hard when we lose them...

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Unfortunately I would suggest a lab and I realize that is not what you are looking for size-wise. I have been visiting PetFinders (I do this every spring during tax season - as if we have time for ANOTHER dog!) and there are some adorable lab-beagle mixes.

We had a small dog and while I loved him to pieces, he was yippy and bitey. He ended up having to be re-homed - now he lives on Kelley's Island and rides around on a golf cart all summer!!! What a life!
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Oh and I don't have a fence either, I use an electric fence and it works great. We are on a corner lot on the edge of a cul-de-sac. Cooper loves it - we call the kind we got the "death ray" as it doesn't have buried wires - it gets sent out from a box - he gets shocked until he comes back in.

My boy is getting zero exercise right now - much like his mama - once tax season is over he and I are going to get skinny!
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We had a Brittany spaniel and a more affectionate animal you couldn't find. Besides, they are natural hunters if your DH is into that sort of thing. But what I always tell people buying their first dog is that obedience training is a must. We took ours through a class given by our School District Adult Ed. It was the best time and money spent. Maggie kniew how to behave, never jumped on people, or barked excessively (dogs have to bark sometimes; but not constantly). She was a perfect lady and her training kept her in control. We could be out in the open yard and never have to worry about her chasing people or cars. (I hate taking a walk and have some big ole dog charge the fence; scary!)

We weren't into competition type training or show work; I just wanted a well-trained, polite dog and I didn't want people complaining about my dog. Too bad they didn't have similar classes for my kids. :rofling:
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I have Boston Terriers, great little dogs. My male is pretty small, 12 lbs at almost 2 years old. They have their moments of hyperness... commonly known to boston owners as the BT500 LOL. Mine dont bark much, the female will do the barking and its usually at strangers in the house (oddly enough its usually a man in a hat as well)

I would suggest visiting a local shelter and looking around. You never can tell what might catch your eye there. Maybe you need a big dog in a small body .. corgi, basett hound, something like that.

Good luck in your search.
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I love BT's and I love Corgi's! If I didnt have a lab, those would be my next two choices! BT's are such little tough guys they have no idea they are little, and Corgi's are just such busybody's and are so smart and clever!
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